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3 of the Central Park 5 men just received honorary high school diplomas

  • Three of the men of color falsely accused and convicted as teens of raping a woman in New York City’s Central Park in the late 1980s received honorary high school diplomas on Monday. (New York Times)
  • Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana Jr. walked in a graduation ceremony with nearly 60 teenagers who received diplomas from Bronx Preparatory High School. 
  • The men are in their 40s, but they wore blue graduation gowns and received the pomp and circumstance they were denied while they served time in prison for a crime they did not commit. Read more (6/27/17)

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Lost Girl in Jerkassic Park

She hopes shame can fossilize
under heavy plate tectonic hyperventilation
backfiring on the cage trained prey
growth stunted awkward ostrich hand raised
head buried in the shit up everyone else’s
unevolved asses, pack hunting velociraptors
socialized in the wild among fellow predators
take steady downward gaze to indicate
an easy sadist’s feast of bitter
sweet masochistic meat.

Teacherannysaurus Rex validates their behavior
causing volcanic caldera beneath
earthquake crust of her pain’s invalidation;
eruption is the result of the core’s heat
and mantle’s tension, defensive spike plates
swinging Stegosaurus tail dream
discovered between giant jaws
archeological evidence of injustice.


H I G H  P A R K : a playlist to fit the farmer Paul McCartney aesthetic…

track listing:

  1. two of us // the beatles
  2. don’t let it bring you down // paul mccartney & wings
  3. martha my dear // the beatles
  4. that would be something // paul mccartney
  5. old brown shoe (anthology 3 version) // the beatles
  6. jenny wren // paul mccartney
  7. bip bop // paul mccartney & wings
  8. maggie mae // the beatles
  9. mull of kintyre // paul mccartney & wings
  10. why don’t we do it in the road? // the beatles
  11. every night // paul mccartney
  12. heart of the country // paul mccartney
  13. i’ve got a feeling // the beatles
  14. dig a pony // the beatles
  15. junk // paul mccartney
  16. get back // the beatles