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y'all be acting like Cartman’s the only bad kid

BTS Reaction - You being an exchange student and they develop a crush on you

A/N: You all are in high school, senior year! You came from the country England.


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The Losers Club Getting Drunk- Parks and Rec
  • Beverly: This vodka Richie stole is basically rat poison. everybody is wasted.
  • Eddie: I didn't even say ONE Thing- even say ONE thiNG na d he ask me the WHOL E thig and I didnt even do it ONCe
  • Bill: Im like.. a elephant. i-i-if-if i walk in a room is like.. o-okay! he's there!
  • Ben: I am gonna tell u.. that bitch over there *points to beverly* Imma gonna tel.. i have to brag
  • Eddie, finally calm: *giggles*.. bababooey
  • Richie: AY TURN THIS MUSIC DOWN.. *belts guns and roses and thrashes wildly*
  • Stan: *ranting loudly in hebrew with unlit cigarette in hand*
  • Mike: *laughing wildly* *slowly morphs into coughing fit*
  • Mike one min later: *dancing terribly to girls just wanna have fun*