high park


H I G H  P A R K : a playlist to fit the farmer Paul McCartney aesthetic…

track listing:

  1. two of us // the beatles
  2. don’t let it bring you down // paul mccartney & wings
  3. martha my dear // the beatles
  4. that would be something // paul mccartney
  5. old brown shoe (anthology 3 version) // the beatles
  6. jenny wren // paul mccartney
  7. bip bop // paul mccartney & wings
  8. maggie mae // the beatles
  9. mull of kintyre // paul mccartney & wings
  10. why don’t we do it in the road? // the beatles
  11. every night // paul mccartney
  12. heart of the country // paul mccartney
  13. i’ve got a feeling // the beatles
  14. dig a pony // the beatles
  15. junk // paul mccartney
  16. get back // the beatles

American Tree Sparrow @ High Park, Toronto  (early February, -11°C, partly cloudy).

Their breeding habitat is tundra or the northern limits of the boreal forest in Alaska and northern Canada. They nest on the ground. These birds migrate to the United States or southern Canada to spend the winter. 

The easiest species to confuse with American Tree Sparrow is Chipping Sparrow, but their ranges don’t overlap much in winter (the only time most people are likely to see American Tree Sparrows).  Usually, chipping sparrows are moving south around the same time as these birds arrive.