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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Four)

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So it became this thing, then.

Every few days Tony would ask both Bucky and Steve to come downstairs, and they would cuddle up on the couch until Tony was happy and purring, turning in circles between the two of them, head butting against their palms, his tail wrapping around which ever wrist was closer.

Then he would shift back into human form in his bathroom, and spend several minutes hugging both of them before going back to work.

It was helping, and the team noticed.

Tony’s cheeks were always lit with a pretty flush, his smile a little softer. He was more openly affectionate with the team members instead of being caring but sarcastic from a distance. In fact, he had gone so far as to let Wanda in Constrictor form loop herself around him when she needed to be held and Vision was gone from the compound.

Tony had happily sat on the couch and let her slither and slide until she was comfortable, smiling the entire time. Natasha had partial shifted as she watched, her own protective instincts kicking in seeing Tony wrapped in all those coils.

Tony had simply rolled his eyes and motioned her to come sit next to him, waving away the smoke as she huffed uneasily.

And Bucky and Steve watched with fond smiles on their face, holding hands beneath the table, lost in their own thoughts about their cat shifter.

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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Three)

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Things were… a little awkward between Steve and Bucky the next few days.

Bucky was sure he’d never been so aware that Steve only slept a few yards away, and spent most of the night trying not to think of how easy it would be to just jump on the other bed and do something. But he didn’t think he wanted Steve like that, so maybe it was just the idea of Tony wanting both of them that suddenly drew him to his best friend?

Steve was positive he had never noticed how thick Bucky’s thighs were, but when the soldier crouched to pull a pan out of a cupboard Steve nearly spit his coffee out when a jolt of awareness went through him. Never in his life had he had a thought like that about his friend, and those thoughts certainly hadn’t been there a week ago so… so where were they coming from? It had to be because of Tony.

Damn cat.

Everything was made worse, much much worse when Tony sashayed his perfect pert little ass into the kitchen the morning of day four and pinned both of them down with a stare.

“My honeybear is telling me that I need to shift more, to keep myself balanced. He is also telling me to make sure I don’t shift alone because my animal form is needy and suffers when it’s alone. Or some…” he waved his hands around. “–other spectacular bullshit. So here’s what we are going to do.” He cleared his throat.

“I will be in my lab, shifted, in about five minutes. I would like both of you to come down and sit on the couch with me. You don’t need to talk to me, just be there and available for some physical contact. That is all. Thank you for your time.”
And he turned on his heel and swept back of the door.

“Honeybear?” Steve questioned and Bucky groaned.

“Remember Rhodes threatening us? How much do you want to bet Tony calls Rhodes eight foot tall partial shifted animal honeybear?”

“Of course he does. Of course Tony has a stupid nickname for an Alpha level shifter.” Steve stood to his feet uncertainly. “So– shall we?” He motioned towards the door and Bucky stood just as slowly.

“I guess. So this will be sharing–”

“Don’t.” Steve’s eyes snapped closed. “Do not finish that sentence. Do not. We will talk about that if the time comes.”

“Been thinking about it?” Bucky asked as they headed down the stairs.

“Damn it Bucky. Shut up.”

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