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Prompt: Naegi instead of becoming the SHSL good luck, studies law at an early age and becomes the SHSL Ace Attorney (yes, I am on a Phoenix Wright binge.)

A/N you give me some of the wildest prompts and I love them. high five! I live off AA too! I had so much fun with this, thanks!

SHSL Ace Attorney - wherein Naegi has a different talent

My name is Makoto Naegi and I’m just some ordinary high school student. I’m as plain as they come appearance-wise and my interests are about as average as can be. There’s really nothing that special about me.


Sorry, uh, force of habit. Anyway! As I was saying, if there’s anything that’s out of the ordinary for me is that I’m enrolled at Hope’s Peak Academy, the most prestigious high school in all of Japan. What’s my talent? Well I think you can infer from my title, SHSL Ace Attorney. I’m not really sure why the “ace” part is necessary since it sounds redundant with “shsl” but oh, well. It’s not like I’m the one who decides on these things.

I know what you’re thinking. How could I possibly get a degree on law at my age? Is it even possible? Well it certainly wasn’t easy. I think I spent more nights awake and studying rather than sleeping soundly. It helped that I had some gift for it but most of this was earned through hard work. I’m not even sure what got me so determined to pursue law in the first place. I blame all those attorney games I played when I was a kid.

Although I’ve already earned my degree and even passed the bar, I was still scouted for high school. In all honesty, I could have turned down the offer since I’m way past studying. But then again this was THE Hope’s Peak Academy. Entering here meant I was set for life. Not that I cared much for that incentive. It sounded like a good excuse for me to take a break and just feel some semblance to normalcy before I go all out in the real world.

And so, here I was being a not so ordinary high school student.

“Look, dude. I’m not mad. Just pissed off.” Mondo growled. “If you fess up already then we’ll call it quits and I promise not to mess up your face that much.”

“Bwaaah!” Hagakure blanched and cowered in fear. “Y-You got the wrong guy! I swear it wasn’t me!”

“He’s scary pissed off, man.” Kuwata whistled in mock sympathy. “I’d confess if I were you. You’re already a goner.”

“But it wasn’t me!” Hagakure insisted despite him trembling.

“Yeah, right. You’re the only one here desperate for cash.” Enoshima pointed out with a toothy grin, rather pleased with the entertainment. “Face it, buddy. You’re totally screwed!”

“Plus you were the culprit last time as well.” Ikusaba added insightfully.

“Let bygones be bygones!” Hagakure declared, not quite ready to forfeit  his life. “And I just so happen to pick it up last time! I’m innocent I swear!”

“Looks like the people have spoken.” Mondo cracked his knuckles threateningly. “Pray you got insurance because what I’m about to do ain’t pretty.”

Hagakure yelped and raised his hands in defense.


It’s at this point that I decided to intervene. “We don’t know for sure if it was Hagakure who did it. We can’t jump to conclusions just yet.”

“Ah, I was wondering when you’d speak up.” Celes commented, amused with a polite smile plastered on her face. “I assume you’d like to hold a class trial then.”

“Yes, it’s within Hagakure’s right to go through proper procedures.” I seconded with a nod.

“As usual, your honor is something to be strived for.” Sakura commented approvingly.

“But isn’t a trial too much for something this small?” Fujisaki raised his concern.

“Nothing is too small in the eyes of the court.” I firmly declared as I then loudly slammed my palms against my desk. “Your honor, I request that we hold a class trial immediately!”

“Request granted!” Ishimaru yelled and saluted. “Justice is very much welcomed in the school environment.”

“That was surprisingly quick.” Maizono remarked at how smoothly the events unfolded.

“Nothing can hold back against Naegi-dono when his sense of justice switch is flipped!” Yamada dramatically shouted. “He moves the plot forward like a protagonist!”

“Naegichi! Thanks so much for saving my back!” Hagakure cheered and slapped my back.

“Don’t celebrate so soon, Hagakure. We aren’t in the clear yet.” I warned him. “We have yet to prove your innocence.”

“But you will, right?” He asked.

“I’m a defense lawyer. It’s what I do.” I smiled at him and then turned to the rest of the class.


And such were my days as a high school student who just so happened to be a lawyer as well.


Turnabout Class Trial

This was the final clash of hope against despair.

“It’s no use! Nothing makes sense anymore! We can’t solve this case!” Hagakure wailed in tears and pulled at his hair.

“Objection!” I shouted at him and then calmly explained, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth… no matter how improbable it may seem.”

“So does that mean that you truly believe that we are all innocent? Preposterous! Someone had to have committed murder for there to be a corpse.” Togami pointed out with a sneer.

“We never really know when someone is guilty or innocent. All we can do is believe in them.” I shot back, not backing down from this argument that could cost us our lives. “And in our case, I’m going to believe in us. In all of us.”

“But if it’s not one of us then… who? And what does that mean? I’m scared… I’m scared of what we’ll find out. I don’t think I’m ready to know.” Asahina quietly murmured.

“Our job is to find the truth, no matter how painful it may be.” I lowered my voice. “Just like how every time I point my finger someone always ends up getting hurt, finding the truth is inevitable. It’s what we must do in order to move forward.”

“L-Look at yourself all calm and composed! Y-You’re all b-brave now but I see through your f-facade! You always c-cry after the trial! Ha! H-How can we put our hope in s-someone like y-you?” Fukawa accused him with a trembling finger.

“It’s true. I do cry. I cry a lot. I always cry after an execution.” I admitted with a pained face. “As much as I want to cry right now, I can’t.” I continued with a somber smile. “That’s because the only time a lawyer can cry… is when it’s all over.”

“While it’s true that you can’t afford to shed tears, what intrigues me more is your attitude. How can you smile at a time like this?” Kirigiri asked in honest curiosity.

I simply wore my best smile yet.

“The worst of times are when lawyers force their biggest smiles.”

And this was just the beginning of the turnabout trial of hope versus despair.