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Hugo Simberg, The Garden of Death, 1896.

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I was watching a music video when in the background I spied some awkward noodle sitting in the background and I was like, "Holy crap, this is my 'I saw Buttons in reality' moment." The video is Lizzo - Phone at ~1:43; I guess he's checking out the dude in them sweet suspenders?

*snort* I see him
he looks like he’s missing his old suspenders

Did you see him in this scene though?

My Love’s So Strong

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Dad!Tony
Warnings: stalker behaviour, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, angst, fluff
Summary: You’re a very valuable team member of The Avengers and that means you have fans. Some fans just don’t know their boundaries.
Word Count: 2.5k+  
A/N: I deadass know nothing about Philly only that my mom’s real brother live’s there lmao


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General Min || Part 1

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Genre: Fluff | Slight angst | Army General!Yoongi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word count: 3362

Warnings: None ^_^

(A/N: F i n a l l y finished it, omg ^_^ And yes, there will be a part 2 to this one, there’s still more of the story left ^_^ Inspired by the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’, but you don’t have to have watched it to understand ^_^ ((Also this continues where the ‘Doctor Kim’ scenario left off! Please leave me feedback guys, I really want to know what you think! ^_^)

Urk = Fictional country ^_^

You sat at your computer, fingers breezing over the keys as you typed up some patient reports, when Seokjin poked his head through your doorway, followed by his girlfriend, a questioning look apparent on his face. Spinning around in your chair, you looked at him expectantly, a small smile on your face.

“Can I help you, Jin?” You asked, raising one eyebrow in a perfect arch, professional smile still etched onto your lips as you observed his expression.

“A man is asking if a teenage boy was admitted to the hospital today?” Jin finally spoke up, his broad shoulder leaned against the doorway, and you sighed, setting down your work, pushing a few strands of your hair out of your face.

“You might need to be more specific, Jin, do you know how many patients we get a day?” You tutted at him, rolling your eyes, and yet attempting to suppress a laugh at his dumbfounded expression, his girlfriend muffling her laughter, winking as she made eye contact with you.

Clearing your throat, still attempting to suppress the laughter bubbling up through your chest, you glared at Seokjin expectantly, and he threw his arms up in slight annoyance, only causing his girlfriend to giggle even more.

“All he said was, ‘Has a teenage boy, about this tall, injured, been admitted to this hospital today?’” Seokjin shrugged, unsure what to do about the situation.

“Jin,” you sighed, massaging your forehead in frustration. “I mean, I can try my best with the limited information you’ve given me, but there’s no promises.” You were about to turn back to your work, and yet realisation hit you, and you remained fixated in position, staring at Jin once again. “Who’s asking anyways?”

Seokjin simply shrugged once again, exchanging glances with his girlfriend, before the two of them stared at you expectantly, their eyebrows raised.

“Okay, okay, I’m on it, geez,” you muttered, pushing your paperwork aside and striding towards the door, snaking past Jin, but not before mumbling, “It’s scary how in sync the two of you are,” only causing them to shake their heads with a smile before following close behind you into the hospital reception. You nodded at the bustling receptionists answering calls as they gave you a small smile and wave, and you stopped in the centre. Your arms were crossed, your foot tapping expectantly as you glanced around, only to notice a blonde-haired man scrolling on his phone nonchalantly, his frame leaned against the wall, hood up over his head.

“That’s the guy,” Jin said from beside you, pointing at the very man you had been glancing at. You narrowed your eyes, your suspicions immediately rising, and your mind began racing, assuming all sorts of worst case scenarios. You mentally berated yourself, resuming your professional attitude and walking towards the man, who looked up from his phone, a lazy smile settling on his face.

“Hello, I heard you were looking for… a teenage boy who was admitted to the hospital today? As my co-worker told me,” you inquired, glancing over at Seokjin once again. “Who are you looking for specifically?” You crossed your arms, tilting your head to the side in a curious expression, and the man straightened up, pulling down his hood and running his hair through his blonde locks, a lazy smile settling on his face.

“Yeah,” the man finally spoke, his eyes gazing back at yours with a strangely curious expression, and you found yourself wondering just who this man was. He pushed himself up off the wall, self-consciously straightening up his hooded jumper under your watchful gaze, before saying, “As strange as this is going to sound, that kid stole my phone, and I’m going to need it back. Like now.”

Your eyebrows shot up in immediate suspicion, and you narrowed your eyes at the man, your senses once again on high alert. “I could’ve sworn I saw you on your phone just earlier, Mr…?” You asked, exhaling in frustration as you realised you still had patients to tend to, paperwork to sign, and an endless list of tasks you had yet to complete.

“Yoongi, call me Yoongi, and this is my work phone, he stole my personal one,” the blonde head responded, and as he looked down at his watch - Rolex, you noted - he seemed to grow more impatient by the minute.

You stared at Yoongi  in disbelief, throwing your hands in defeat, and beckoning to him to follow you. You strutted off quickly, the sound of your heels resonating through the room, and Yoongi followed behind in slight amusement, his head tilting to the side as he admired how your hair bounced on your shoulders, your head held high in a professional manner, your white coat swaying as you walked.

Pushing through a set of doors, you led Yoongi through a number of patient rooms, your pace quick, but his nonchalant and more of a leisurely stroll, causing you to grow more frustrated by how he peered into different rooms at his own pace. You didn’t have time for this. You had work to get to. And yet this strange man was strolling through, shooting you curious glances every now and then.

You spun around suddenly, expecting to take him by surprise, but he stood his ground, his expression simply amused more than anything.

“Were you trying to seem intimidating, Miss… (Y/N)?” He read off your name badge, a small smirk gracing his lips. “That won’t work on me, I’m used to… surprise attacks you could say.” He chuckled as you huffed, clearing your throat, and yet his words hung in the back of your head. Surprise attacks? Who was this man? Your suspicions from earlier began to rise again, and you glared at him, asking, “Would you be able to identify the boy? Seeing as you provided me with such limited information…”

“If I saw him, yeah,” he responded, still glancing around the building, and you massaged your forehead in frustration once again, willing yourself to stay patient. You beckoned to him once again, and pushed open yet another set of doors, leading him into a room with various young patients lying in bed, some conversing across curtains, others scrolling on their phones. Yoongi’s curiosity piqued as some of the teenagers waved at you, and you responded with a warm smile and a small wave.

“You’re supposed to be identifying the boy for me?” You reminded him, and he snapped out of his trance, peering down the room, before recognising one of the teenagers lying in bed.

“That one,” he pointed, and you sighed in relief, hoping to finally finish up with the matter, the two of you walking over to the bed the boy was currently lying in.

“Hello,” you stopped by the bed, addressing the boy who saw Yoongi standing just behind you, his gaze suddenly becoming ashamed as his eyes darted around. “This man tells me you have something of his?” You slowly turned back to glance at Yoongi, your own curiosity and suspicions rising as you noticed the boy’s ashamed gaze.

“I mean…” the boy mumbled, clutching the sheets in his fists as he looked down. “I might’ve…”

Yoongi scoffed, clearly annoyed by his attitude. “He didn’t seem shy when he stole my phone, hm?”

“Okay, okay!” The teenager finally blurted out, after something started ringing and vibrating vigorously in his pocket, Yoongi nodding at you in triumph as he held his other phone in his hand. The kid fished the phone out of his pocket, and the screen flashed with a caller ID, “Min Genius”. You noticed, and you slowly turned around to completely face Yoongi, your arms crossing over your chest.

“Yoongi, step outside for a minute with me please,” you commanded, and the man threw his hands up in surrender, amused smile still etched onto his lips.

The two of you walked outside into the empty hallway, and you glared him down, Yoongi watching your expression curiously.

“Still trying to act intimidatin-” He started, but you cut him off.

“Who are you exactly? Things aren’t adding up here, that boy came in awfully bruised and injured… did you hurt this boy? Are you part of a gang or something? Is that why you have such a ridiculous caller ID, as a code name of some sort? Answer me!” You fired questions at him, and Yoongi held his fist to his mouth, trying to suppress his laughter at the accusations.

“You, you think I’m a gang member? You are so far off right now, you don’t even know,” he finally burst out laughing, and you simply glared him down furiously, your cheeks dusted a deep pink colour at his laughter.

“Tell me, what it is you do then?” You huffed, attempting to regain some of your dignity.

“I’m an army general,” he responded, amused expression never leaving his face, and you stared at his in disbelief, not believing a single word that came out of his mouth. You looked him up and down, from his ripped jeans to his ruffled hoodie, and you shook your head in disbelief.

“Yeah, right, you’re funny,” you laughed sarcastically, and the man simply shook his head at you, brushing his fringe out of his eyes.

“I wasn’t kidding you know,” he finally retaliated, and you stopped, your eyes still wide with disbelief.

“WelI, I…” you stuttered. “You know what, we actually have an army doctor who works at this hospital sometimes, she’ll tell me if you’re telling the truth.” You huffed, storming off to your office, where you knew you’d find Jungyeon, likely looking over her tasks for the day.

Pushing the door open, Yoongi standing behind you with a smug expression, you called out, “Hey, Jungyeon? This man claims he’s an army general, you would know right? Is he part of your… unit, or anything?”

Jungyeon peered up from her work, a flash of recognition darting across her face before her lips curled up into a wry smile, a mischievous glint apparent in her eyes. She adjusted her cap, smoothing down her uniform, before lying, “No, I’ve never seen him before in my life, I think he’s lying to you.” She tutted at you, trying to keep herself composed at Yoongi’s slackened jaw, a slightly angry glint in his eyes, and you spun on your heel, staring at Yoongi triumphantly.

“You see, I knew it,” You held your head up high, proud of yourself, and yet you had no idea how wrong you were. Yoongi could only stare at you, his eyes darting from Jungyeon to you, and back again, grumbling under his breath as you ordered him out, mentally swearing an oath to himself that he’d prove it to you, next time he visited the hospital.

“Remember that I’m your superior, Jungyeon,” he called out before he left, and Jungyeon straightened up, tittering nervously in realisation.

“Sorry,” she mouthed back, and yet her lips curled up into a smug smirk once again, Yoongi frowning as you escorted him out of the building, the triumphant expression never leaving your face and you strided along confidently.

“Bye,” you called out in a slightly proud tone, pushing your hair behind your shoulder as you watched him walk off.

“Shame”, you thought. “He was handsome”, you chuckled under your breath, walking back into the hospital building to resume your work.


Days passed, and you found your mind often drifting off to the strange man you had met, recalling the way his lips curled up when he was amused at your frustration, the way his gums were exposed when he smiled - rather cutely, you found yourself noting - and you sighed, mentally berating yourself for being so easily distracted. You went about your day as normal, tending to patients in the recovery rooms, assisting in surgeries, completing the piles of paperwork that never seemed to end. You watched as Seokjin came back and forth with his girlfriend, as she leaned into his side, Jin looking down at her with the most loving expression. You felt a small pang of jealousy, but you shook it off, trying to focus your attention back on your work.

You were conversing with Seokjin and Jungyeon - dressed in her solider uniform as always - in the reception one day, leaning your elbows on the desk as you smiled at your co-workers as they walked by, when he walked in.

Yoongi strode into the reception of the hospital, a new air of confidence surrounding him, and this time he wasn’t dressed in a simple hoodie and jeans. Your eyes trailed up and down his figure, unable to help but admire how his uniform fit on his body, his badge dotted with three distinct stars, glistening under the artificial light of the room. His cap sat neatly on his head, his fringe visible beneath, and the smug smile on his lips ever present. You couldn’t help but stare, Jungyeon physically straightening up beside you, her once playful expression quickly straightening up as she saluted to him.

“What is going on?” You mumbled in awe, your mouth ever so slightly open as he approached you, a look in his eyes saying I told you so.

“Jungyeon,” he nodded, allowing her to finally drop her salute, and she looked away slightly ashamed. You noticed how her demeanor had suddenly changed in his presence and your eyes darted from her to him in a mixture of confusion, shock and awe.

“So, so, you’re telling me that you’re actually an army general? In the actual army? Like you lead a unit?” You stuttered, professional attitude long gone as you could only gape at him. You suddenly felt ashamed for judging him so harshly, even though it was out of concern for your patients. You took pride in your job, and you did care about your patients, no matter how stern you came off to outsiders. And yet this man was the first to make you feel shameful for acting in such a way, although you were yet to understand why.

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, your attention now fully focused on him. “I’m not the type who’s afraid to admit when she’s wrong, so I’m sorry.”

Yoongi nodded at you triumphantly, his once smug smirk curling into a warm smile, and he chuckled, a strangely nice sound when it wasn’t mocking.

“Now we’ve gotten that out of the way, maybe we should actually introduce ourselves properly.” He grinned, that gummy smile that was so strangely charming, and continued, “I’m General Min Yoongi, but you can call me Yoongi, I hate formalities where it’s not needed.”

“I… well, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), as you probably noticed from my name badge… I work at this hospital as a doctor… damn it, you knew that…” You stuttered again, suddenly forgetting how to compose yourself in the presence of Yoongi. He could only smile, finding the sight incredibly endearing, a warm feeling spreading through his chest.

Your co-workers, bustling by, pretended to be focused on their work, and yet they muffled their laughs, gossiping amongst themselves, amused by the fact that the ever professional (Y/N) had forgotten how to even articulate her words coherently. Seokjin didn’t bother to hide his laughter though, shooting the two of you a dramatic air kiss, and you mentally noted to tell him off later.

Oh my, she’s adorable, was the only thought on Yoongi’s mind  in that moment, unable to help the warm smile that rested on his face, and he knew that this building was going to quickly become familiar to him.


From that day, he made sure to come visit - or bother you as you tried to call it, despite secretly enjoying his presence - whenever he had the time, the two of you slowly becoming close over time, often sitting up on the rooftop together during your lunch break.

Everything was going perfectly, until he began having to leave halfway through your dates without a viable explanation, and you had began to grow fed up with it. He would get a phone call, grave tone in his voice, and that was it. Your views began to conflict; as a doctor, your job was to save lives, and yet Yoongi was a general, a soldier, the front line of war and conflict. He did it to protect your country, but you couldn’t help but question the relationship the two of you had. You still knew so little about this man, he was so secretive at times, never fully communicating his emotions or his thoughts to you.

Eventually, the two of you began to fizzle apart, and you went a large period of time without seeing him, without his random visits to the hospital.

You couldn’t lie and say it didn’t hurt, that you didn’t miss him, that there wasn’t an aching gap in your heart.

He couldn’t lie and say he didn’t think of you during missions, sitting by his men as they flew over the expanse of the city in a helicopter, that there wasn’t an aching gap in his heart.

One day, he received an especially important mission; his unit along with two others were to be dispatched on a peacekeeping mission to the country of Urk, far away from his home country, his friends, from you. This is your job, he reminded himself.

Yoongi strode into the room, his arms folded behind his back as he set out the mission for his unit, the soldiers all attentive, nodding at his every word.

“This is a potentially dangerous mission, men. Keep your wits about you, always be aware of your surroundings, never let your guard down. Understood?” He warned, his men all replying with a systematic “Yes, sir!”

Yoongi simply nodded, sighing as he contemplated the looming task ahead of him mentally preparing himself for the mission ahead.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, you were staring down the hospital director, your eyes about to pop out of your skull, the director simply returning the gaze with a smug expression.

“You heard me correctly, (Y/N), the army has asked for a medical team to be dispatched to the city of Urk, to assist the soldiers there. I decided you’d be perfect to lead, don’t you think? Collect your team and inform them, you’ll be leaving tomorrow.” And with that, he walked off, whistling to himself and leaving you indefinitely annoyed. There was nothing you could do about the matter, and you threw your arms up in frustration, wandering off to go inform your department.

Next thing you knew, you found yourself sitting in a helicopter with your team of doctors, everyone exchanging nervous glances, your body rocking slightly from the force of the helicopter whirring over the expanse of land. Your thoughts once again wandered off to Yoongi, and you contemplated. Would he be there? Your heart leaping at the thought of it, before sinking again. The two of you had parted ways, and this was a professional environment once again.

Likewise, Yoongi wandered around base, having arrived in Urk just a few days before, and his thoughts were - as always - drifting off to you again. He had been informed that the hospital, your hospital, was sending a medical team over to assist. Would you be there? Would you be leading? He had always thought you as a natural leader, smiling as he recalled your confident assertiveness that had completely disappeared the first time he walked in as General Min. He sighed, walking off to wherever he was supposed to be.


The helicopter finally landed in an open runway, the constant whirring coming to a halt, and the doors automatically opening. Your hand flew up to block the sudden sunlight that shone through, your legs cramped as you stood up, stumbling out of the helicopter. Your team followed close behind, and as you exited, you saw the line of soldiers ready to greet you, lead by him. General Min. Min Yoongi. He stood in front of his men, his posture straight and professional, and yet at the sight of you, his expression faltered, a sense of hope flashing across his eyes.


A Prelude to Love

She was a pale, slender girl, clothed in an almost sheer white gown that flowed as she walked.  But she stepped so lightly, it was as if her feet barely touched the ground at all.  Like a ghost had wandered into my mother’s rose garden.

I called out to her and she turned in surprise.  But instead of fading away, she patted me kindly and kissed my forehead.

Shouldn’t you be in bed, little boy?”

Endymion woke with a start, nearly tumbling out of bed.  He knew that voice, didn’t he?  Slightly embarrassed and still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Endymion began untangling himself from the sheets. It had been awhile since he’d had such a restless dream.

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—Air Plants in Witchcraft—

Air plants have been growing in popularity recently, trending as a natural home decor item along with terrariums. But they can also be more than a decoration for witches!

Air plants can be used to represent the earth element on you altar, or the air element since they survive without soil and therefore can live in rocks, trees, or high up places.

The manner in which you display your air plant can act as a living magickal charm, recharging anything you attach it to or house it with. For example, air plants rooted in seashells can attract emotional growth, strength, and renewal. Or they can be attached to a piece of citrine crystal and promote growth in career connections and goal attainment. Put them in a terrarium with healing herbs and stones like rosemary and fluorite and feel it constantly recharge them to keep your wellbeing healthy and your vitality strong. Set it in a bowl with rose quartz or rose petals, and it can attract new love or renewal in a relationship needing a boost!

The plants have a lively spirit to them, which in itself brings harmony and balance to your sacred space. Their spirit can aid with meditation if you keep them with you in your meditation space. You can even hold them in your cupped palms as you meditate and feel the energy of their growth, balance, and vitality.

They are perfect for closet witches or dorm witches because they are inconspicuous and take up less space than other house plants.
They are great for urban witches who want to feel more connected to nature

—Misconceptions About Air Plants—

•That they get their water from the air
This is actually false. Air plants get the name “air plant” because they can survive without soil and can live in higher up locations because of this.

•They can be misted instead of watered
Air plants actually need to be soaked in water. Depending on the humidity where you live, this may need to be once every two weeks or twice a week. Its best to water it once a week and take note to how well it is doing to make adjustments. Since it is getting warmer here I’ve been watering the plants we sell twice a week. I’ve noticed the smaller air plants are in need of more frequent watering because they dry out faster. If you live in a dry area you may want to mist your plant between waterings. After soaking it for 20 minutes to an hour during watering, it should be left to dry in exposed air. It should be able to dry in 4 hours or less or it will begin to rot. If you shake them out and turn them upside down it can aid the drying process. Make sure to remove it from any mount before watering (seashell, crystal, etc.) and wait until it is fully dry before remounting.

—At QuintessaBlessings—

If you are interested in air plants, our shop sells the ones pictured above with seashells, terrariums and crystals, or inside of a large aura crystal.

Air Plants with Seashell $10

With Terrarium, Fluorite Tower, and Quartz Cluster $32

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An essay comparing Valse di Fantastica and Starlit Waltz, and how one portrays the public side of Noctis and Luna’s relationship, while the other portrays their private relationship.

Written by @aero5ane
Read by @mistress-light

The Final Fantasy franchise and Kingdom Hearts one alike are both known for their in depth lore and intricately structured use of literary devices, as well as their remarkable and iconic features. One of said features is the music; the music is often used in order to convey the tone; however, the music is also a form of storytelling in its own right, used to show many hidden things, and more specifically in terms of this paper, underlying emotion.

The titles of such pieces are often shown to have meaning and build upon the story, such as Final Fantasy XV’s main theme, “Somnus,” which means sleep, and correlates to the symbolism used in the game (“Night”, “Moon,” “Insomnia,” etc). In two particular compositions featured in the OST and Piano Collections album, “Valse di Fantastica” and “Starlit Waltz,” the use of names and structure of musical composition are both necessary in developing the message that is to be conveyed. Both pieces are a representation of the relationship between the hero and heroine; however, each piece displays a different representation.

In the beginning of Final Fantasy XV, it starts as a road trip for Prince Noctis to travel to Altissa, where he is to marry Lady Lunafreya. An arranged marriage, also mentioned as a “symbol of the peace” and “marriage of convenience” in the group’s occasional banter, which served strictly as a term in the treaty to stop the war and to have a physical display to the public of political harmony.

Used to convey this more public side of Luna and Noctis’s relationship is the “Starlit Waltz,” also known as “In Celestial Circles” in the Piano Collections Album. Focusing on the title used in the Piano Collections, celestial is relative to the “visual heavens”, and the visual heaven in this case, could refer to the daytime, considering most depictions of heaven are shown through the use of clouds and light. Daytime, symbolically, is used to perceive physical, spotlight, on-the-surface concepts (take the saying “in broad daylight” into consideration). The famous proverb, “the sun sees your body, while the moon sees your soul,” can be taken into account here to help exemplify the meaning of daylight’s focus on the surface of things. The title, in that sense, already defines that public side of the characters’ relationship.

Furthermore, the composition of the music plays an importance in developing the tone as well. Most noticeable about this piece is the strong introduction, using a clearly marcato(separated) style played at a recognizable forte. Setting the tone as being very spaced and defined, coinciding with the defined and straightforward intention that would have been expected of an arranged marriage. Looking into more depth, the piece also features a very static bass line, playing on the downbeat of each measure in the same manner of high and then low, and even during the clarinet solo, other instruments continue with the same simple marked and separated quarter note on the downbeat of each measure. The ensemble does not pass the moving line between sections, and is often in unison when the single moving line does play, except for the clarinet soli during the second half of the piece.

Focusing more on the Piano Collections arrangement, the piece keeps the defined and marcato style, more accented than in the OST arrangement, and highlights the defined moving line, being the only line that is meant to be focused on. Because the Piano Collections arrangement does not have to play in a loop like the OST version, the ending is more defined. The ending does a quick glissandro into the final note, abruptly cutting off the song, causing the ending to sound as if it were intended to be rushed to an end. Both arrangements convey the separate and static feeling that is associated with diplomacy. The piece also forces the listener to focus on a single line, instead of having many dynamic moving lines interacting, coinciding with how media, for example, attempts to convey one focus point on a matter, and also displaying the political means of their relationship.

Noctis and Luna’s relationship did not begin with the arranged marriage, and they knew each other long before, creating more personal ties between the two of them. This is where “Valse di Fantastica,” called “Waltzing amid Moonbeams” in the Piano Collections, is brought up. Starting with the unofficial title of the piece, it contrasts with the previous piece explained (“In Celestial Circles”) by using the symbolism of the night, instead of the daytime. The night has heavy meaning and relevance towards the two characters, Noctis meaning night and Luna meaning moon, and makes the piece show a more personal connection towards the characters instead of their political background. Referring back to the proverb stated previously, daytime(sun) focuses on the outside; however, the night(moon) shows the inside, or more specifically, the emotion and soul. Because they are waltzing amid the moonbeams, the emotion and personal feelings between the characters are more exemplified.

The composition of the piece conveys the emotion by adding many swells and changes in style as well creating a more dynamic ensemble that interacts with the moving lines and the melody. The beginning of the OST arrangement starts off at a mezzo forte; whereas, the beginning of the Piano Collections arrangement starts off at a mezzo piano; however, both arrangements start off much quieter volume than “Starlit Waltz/In Celestial Circles”. The bass line of this piece also differs from the one previously mentioned in that even though the rhythm of the bassline is one downbeat per measure, this piece varies the set of keys/notes being played with each measure, creating a more expressive feeling, while allowing other sections of the ensemble to highlight the second and third beats of the measure in order to blend in with the bassline. The timpani also has it’s own “melody”, instead of highlighting the bassline, allowing the percussion to add more versatility and interaction between the sounds.

In this piece, there are far more small measures where individual sections are being brought out, such as the one measure of violins playing before the solo. Even during the solo, instead of following the rhythm of the bassline, the woodwinds create a small accompanying line in the background, layering in more sounds to be heard. Also amplified in this piece are the use of dynamics. The piece features many swells in the phrasing, and uses the crescendos, decrescendos, and different articulations to highlight the varying emotions that can be associated with these dynamics (for example, the use of a crescendo into a louder dynamic and more appassionato or con brio style could represent a feeling of passion or devotion; whereas, a decrescendo that switches over to a dolce, amoroso, or cantabile style could represent a feeling of calmness, peace, or tranquility).

The use of varying dynamics also allows for the different harmonies and lines to be heard, showing the focus of interaction in the piece. In the OST arrangement, the oboe solo is soon turned into a duet, and is then followed by a mezzo piano volume, crescendo-ing into a mezzo forte and allowing a flute’s trill played in forte to be heard among the ensemble, which compliments the prominent bass line, once again, layering in many different moving sounds. The layering of sounds also allows the listener to focus on many things at once, such as how the different sounds both contrast and compliment each other. This is especially evident in the Piano Collections version, where there are often many things going on at the same time. Lastly, the ending of the piece does not abruptly end like “In Celestial Circles,” instead it uses much repetition, repeating rhythms, and generally creating a powerful, lasting closure that builds into the last note, before letting the last note ring.

With the composition of the music defined, it is easier to see the way this piece shows the more personal side of the characters. The static and fixed “Starlit Waltz” is used to convey their political status and their relationship in the public eye, “Valse di Fantastica,” shows the emotion and feelings represented between the characters by creating a more complex and intricate combination, displaying the layers that are present beneath the surface in their relationship. The symbolism in the names of each song displays the message that was intended to be apparent between the two, as well. Both pieces create a contrast between the public and personal side of Luna and Noctis, while also delving into the already apparent and thought out symbolism used in this game.


Starlit Waltz (OST) <https://youtu.be/FryeD9yJ2jw>

Starlit Waltz: In Celestial Circles (Piano Collections) <https://youtu.be/x5SPgpGgSt0>

Valse di Fantastica (OST) <https://youtu.be/6rcerGuWDvk>

Valse di Fantastica: Waltzing amid Moonbeams (Piano Collections) <https://youtu.be/srq7Aqb44TI>

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He is fidgeting. Prince is fidgeting, and as much as I hurts you, you have to understand it. And you do. You know that he doesn’t want to leave you alone, he doesn’t want to show his disloyalty, but it’s his kid being born, and he really needs a son.

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