high lyrics

Stoned on the
front porch
god’s sanctuary,
spaced out
with ham sandwich,
“God this is
some good weed”


Red eyed God
upon thee
“you’re welcome”

Church is great
in the temple of
The Great Reefer,
and the fuzz
is buzzing
heavier than one
could ask for.

Joints and riffs
held high
and mighty
for all tokes
in the praise
of the Sabbath,
may all your
appetites be strong
and your bass tone



And so the
riff filled land
blazed as God
sat on his
on the highest of fire,
ready to take us
on a
never ending
through holy mountain

I got tagged

by the lovely @thetriggeredhappy! Thanks! ^-^

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs that pop up. (This is gonna be a disaster I never ever clean out my library, hoooo boy!)

1.) Junge (Die Ärzte)
2.) Smoke and Mirrors (Gotye)
3.) Haus am See (Peter Fox)
4.) Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana)
5.) A turret from Portal saying “I don’t hate you” - look the turrets are too awesome ok, I think I have sound bites of everything they say
6.) Feel Alive (Benny Benassi) - I don’t know this one? Where did this come from? o.o
7.) Benny Hill Theme
8.) Concerto RV.315 op.8-2 L'Estate - 3. Presto (Vivaldi)
9.) Discord (The Living Tombstone) - WHY DO I HAVE THIS
10.) Lone Digger (Caravan Palace)

… honestly, this could have been much worse^^ 2,3,4 and 10 at least are songs I actually really like.

Okay I gotta tag people now, but as always, do feel absolutely free to ignore!

@sonicsarah1117 @silvervictory @prettysly @fireflysummers @thecommonercomet @auro-cyanide @eternalglitch … and everyone who feels like it!


The dream that shook up my world last night
Was it a nightmare, am I still in that dream?
Following the light that pulled me, I’m in a maze
There, I discovered another passage
The space is opening from the bottom up
A persistent call inside a strange darkness
Then I saw you, who resembles me
I’m you and you’re me … ?

(nct127 - limitless)