high low hem skirt

By Your Side

Dean Winchester x Reader

3100 Words

Story Summary: Not wanting to go to your cousin’s wedding, Dean is by your side, making sure your family doesn’t pick on you too much.

A/N: Written for @jensen-jarpad and her  Big Celebration!! Happy Early Birthday, and congrats on the milestone!! 

“Hey sweetheart, what is this?” Dean called out, holding a fancy looking white envelope in his hands. “I found it underneath all of my records.”

“Oh that. It’s just a wedding invitation.” You muttered, wishing you had just thrown it away in the first place. It was for your cousin’s wedding, and you hadn’t planned on attending.

“When is it?” He asked, plopping down on the couch next to you, but you just shrugged. You hadn’t even opened the envelope. “Don’t you want to go?”

“Not really. It’s one of those big family functions that are awkward and annoying, and all my family will be pointing me out, wondering why I’m still unmarried. I’m the oldest of my cousins, and I’m not married. Hell, I haven’t even had a steady boyfriend for as long as I can remember. If I went, it would just remind me what a big failure I am in my family’s eyes.” You mumbled, telling Dean a lot more than you had planned to. But it was true. You were like the black sheep in the family. While the rest of your cousins were going to college, getting married and having babies, you had nothing you could tell them, or make them proud of you. And after a while, their hushed whispers and pointed looks hurt.

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This weekend my go to yard sale/vintage/bohemian shopping partner Brooke Ritchie and I stumbled upon our friends pop-up shop called “Saturdays” in Los Feliz. I’m pretty much a critic having spent years with the Levi’s Brand building pop shops everywhere for music festivals and events. Saturdays was done exquisitely! Great selection, great layout and easy to shop. Brooke tried on several pieces all of which looked stunning on her (guess it doesn’t hurt that she’s a professional model!). 

The final chosen piece was this high-low hem skirt by Lumiere, in a deep indigo color. See how nicely it hangs from the hip area? You can also pull up to the waist for a completely different look. The varied hem really adds uniqueness and character to the every day skirt. This is a great summer look! Pair it with a basic tank or tee of your choice, or even dress it up with a blouse and belt it. The options are endless and chances are this skirt will flatter your style.