high loch


Haha yikes, I am way behind on sharing pictures again! I have a few new dolls that I finished weeks ago that I haven’t got around to posting here yet :/ I guess I am finally getting around to at least sharing these pictures of my Lorna repaint! I wish I could just scan her or something, I never am able to get all the little details in my photos….

Anyways, I have named her Betsy, as she is a sort of retro-bombshell. I really, really loved her gingery factory hair so it was sort of the inspiration for her. I think her color choices might make more sense now too, to those of you that saw her with her hair all wrapped up ;)

She is currently up for pre-order on my new store site, spoonfulofsaijanide.com, and once she arrives in the States later this month with a few other dollie friends she will be up on etsy too!

fluffy-rulos  asked:

OH, dude, are you still taking prompts? I didn't know! (plus i'm kinda shy at this stuff and didn't want to overwhelm you in case you had too many requests already). Maybe you could do something with Max and Johnny and that ice-skating prompt, that was part of the post "Things NOT to imagine your OTP doing" you reblogged not too long ago?

(ah yes the prompt)

Max had a problem and this time didn’t involve spirits. He stared at his sister Zoey, who was beaming down at him. “C’mon Mr. Hardcore Parkour.” She moved without effort around him. “You can’t learn unless you try.”

He grunted, getting up on his feet once again, the same way Zoey showed him the first dozen times he fell. He was pretty sure he broke his butt, but the cold numbed whatever pain his rear would’ve been feeling half an hour ago.Which was good, because there were Doctopi lurking nearby and he didn’t want to have to explain that to any passing spectrals.  “I am trying.” He took a deep breath. The cold air felt sharp on his tongue. “Can we stop? I’m pretty sure Dad wanted us home before sunset.”

She shrugged. “Okay bro, but at this rate you’ll never be ready for your chilly date.” She teased before quickly skating to the edge of the pond before he could yell at her how much of a date it was not. By the time he shuffled his way to land, Zoey had pulled off her skating boots and changed out with grounded, none bladed ones. “About time slowbro.”

He huffed and made her help him to the nearest bench before slipping his own feet blades off in exchange for the warm, none balance threatening boots. He winced standing. “I think we’re gonna be late for dinner.”

Zoey sighed, taking her brother’s arm across her shoulders and pulled on him. “Not with that attitude.”

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Tips & Dibs - Baekhyun

Based off of this drabble which inspired everything that follows.

(In this line of business, roller skates are key.) 

“A waiter?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer you immediately, his spatula picking up speed as he slabs more meat onto the grill, barely perspiring under the heat of the kitchen. In comparison, you’re beginning to feel sticky all over even though it’s only been about five minutes since you came in.

And you’re in a dress.  

By that, you mean an old fashioned blue car hop dress with a frilly hem and white apron, a get up that screams ‘retro’. Except you don’t deliver to cars because this place doesn’t do drive-ins. Thus explaining the breakfast and lunch rush hours that occurs on a daily basis.

Kyungsoo gets the brunt of the work by having to stand in front of the stove, fryer, and other heated appliances all day. On the other hand, you’re part of the fancy show that the place is known for, zipping down tables on your roller skates and flashing polite smiles along with your two other girls who have mastered the art of waitressing under unusual circumstances.

It’s not every day you come across a well operated diner who still does it the old fashioned way.

But with popularity comes consequences, and said consequences include working to the bone on grueling ten hour shifts, reoccurring blisters on your feet, and occasional catcalling from idiots who drive you and the girls over the edge.

These are only some of the cons that apply. One other more prominent issue is your small sized staff that’s in desperate need of expansion.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

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High-lights by everlookphotography Loch Cameron
New Zealand

Just outside of Twizel, we found this small pond while driving toward Glen Lyon. As we were late driving out with the kids and the light started happening, we stopped here for them to play and watch the fish jump around while I snuck in a few shots of reflected clouds before the wind came along and blew them away. I have some shots of the low cloud lighting up but I like the pinks of the high cloud that happened afterward.

Algy moved closer to the water’s edge. There seemed to be an exceptionally high tide, and although the day was calm, the loch was in a state of constant agitation. In the stormy light, this world on the far side of the rainbow seemed to be coloured entirely in muted shades of silver and gold, and Algy felt rather conspicuous in his bright plumage. The scene was certainly pretty, but as he watched a mass of coppery-golden seaweed bobbing about on the silvery-pewter water, Algy wondered how he was going to find his way home…

(Special note to those Tumblr friends whose blogs Algy normally follows: Algy is very sorry, but while he remains on the other side of the rainbow, he may not be able to keep up with your posts… He sends you lots of fluffy rainbow-coloured hugs xoxo)