high livin

A Sky-Shanty of the High Wilderness

Making our livin’ on the open sky
Stoking the flames at the Signaller’s cry
Plying our trade down Isambard Line
Clockwork Sun’s a'rising!

To Sky Barnet or Minerva town
Albion, ‘tis the realm of the Crown
Gaining ourselves the Empire’s renown
Clockwork Sun’s a'gleaming!

Flukes and scorn in the depths of the Reach
No monster the cannon can’t breach
Whether Port Prosper or a distant beach
Clockwork Sun’s a'shining!

#SunlessSkiesKS @failbettergames

anonymous asked:

Okay could you name your top 10 glee covers then?

this list is in no particular order and would change if you asked me tomorrow lol but okay

  • Mine
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ (Regionals Version)
  • Like a Prayer
  • Songbird
  • River Deep, Mountain High
  • Start Me Up / Livin’ on a Prayer
  • It’s My Life / Confessions Pt. II
  • I Feel Pretty / Unpretty
  • My Man
  • Rumour Has It / Someone Like You

I can’t stop thinking about Bitty using a really southern phrase (more so than one would expect) and Jack in an attempt to be polite doesn’t point out how little sense it makes. So Bitty starts using more and more outrageous southern phrases to see how far he can go before Jack says anything. Like it all starts when Bitty sees jacks place in Providence and remarks about how he is livin in high cotton or how two people are getting along like a house on fire. Then he moves on to saying somebody looks happier than a dead pig in sunshine. Thinking he can crack him by saying that Jack looks rode hard and put up wet. Finally he just starts to make stuff up that even he doesn’t know what it means.

Just Bitty being OUTRAGEOUSLY southern and Jack being too polite or thinking its cute and not stopping him. I could go on for days.