high line at the rail yards

9 Times...-Chapter II

The response to the first chapter was amazing!
I am so fortunate to have your support and I’m so glad y’all are as excited about this as I am <3

Title: 9 Times Peter Parker Nearly Said ‘I Love You’ and the 1 Time He Did - Chapter II
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: During the football state championships, Peter is cut short in his celebrations
Word Count: 300
Warnings: None 
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            “Let’s go Midtown!” you yelled along with the crowd.

           Peter sits beside you in the bleachers, watching the game too. You were in the front of the student section for the state game and tensions were high. Midtown was barely ahead, and the entire student section was on its feet.

           "We’re so close,“ you said with anticipation, gripping Peter’s arm.

           "Chill,” he said with a laugh. “You’ll cut off my circulation.”

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Artinfo stopped by Carol Bove’s High Line Commission Caterpillar to get a special insider’s look with High Line Art Curator and Director Cecilia Alemani.

Hi, my name is Luis and I take urban life and landscape photographs. I’m based out of Union City, New Jersey just outside of New York City, along the Hudson River. Most of my work comes from these two areas, exploring candid moments as well as urban neighborhood landscapes.

This photograph is from the West Side Rail Yards, taken from the new, North section of the High Line.