high line 3

Claudia Porras, USF School of Architecture + Community Design, Class of 2017
“High Line Library”, Core Design 3: Prof. Michael Halflants, Fall 2014
Model demonstrating the main focus of the project: the generous mass hanging above the elevated park, serving as the main reading area where a dialogue occurs between the user of the library and the passerby. 


Having diabetic friends is not overrated. There are some of you here and on other networks that i’ve been able to really connect to, but unfortunately, it’s hard to find type ones in real life, at least for me. There is something so comforting about being with somebody who can relate to you on a level, or in an area of your life that you usually hide or cannot find understanding from others. 
This past Friday I had the amazing opportunity to meet my friend, Gloria! We’ve been friends for a while through instagram and the GroupMe chat we created together but i finally got to meet her in real life. I had such a fun day in the city with you Glo! We’ll have to do it again. (btw guys, she’s new to tumblr so please give her a follow! @naturallysweeteni )

Different hairstyles for Bunny!! This was very fun to do actually :D Inspired by this 

Number 4 is from @corona-de-flores 

Hailey Slater - Founder of the Slater Random Legacy

Marital Status: Single parent

Number of Children: Four

Primary Career: Criminal (Evil)

Generational Goal: Fulfilled

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shapes crystallize then dissipate and lines dissolve as they cross over one another - over and over and over and over, until dark becomes light, black retreats into white…there is no beginning to any end, but still I retrace my steps until-

everything fades 

sutamatorega-crokertopoulos  asked:

I'd like to request a breakdown on how you replicated the finishing (namely the line weighting) for your "FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)" model sheets. On another note, would it be possible for you to post the roughs for the sheets as well?

i am not sure how to break it down for you but i will try! i can only hope this is what you wanted to see. [putting under cut]

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oh, springtime in new york, why do we love thee?

1. outdoor movie nights in bryant park (complete with a fizzy refreshment in plastic glasses and cheddar on triscuits.)

2. sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade while strolling the high line.

3. browsing the dollar book carts at the strand.

4. people-watching in paley park.

5. grabbing a slice at joe’s on carmine.

6. bicycling along the hudson beside the west side highway (wondering what it is we’ve spotted in the water).

7. ordering french fries and white sangria at pier i café.

8. gallery hopping in chelsea.

9. frozen cappuccinos at café angelique.

10. heading into smalls to catch a jazz set just as the sun sets in the city.

11. leash-free mornings in the park.

12. walking across the brooklyn bridge at sunset

13. buying an armload of peonies in the flower district and carrying them home on the M5 downtown.

14. indie movie nights at the IFC.

15. chatting with the staff at rebel rebel records.

16. the halal cart at 53rd and 6th avenue.