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Ransom and Holster go see Power Rangers together and relaize half way through the movie they are actually on a date. With their best bro.

“I can’t believe there is an actual Power Rangers movie, bro! And we’re seeing it! I feel like a kid again.”

Ransom led Holster down the row, wanting the perfect seat to watch the movie. When he found what felt was the ideal middle spot, he sat and pulled a still talking Holster down into the seat next to him.

“Who’d you always want to be? I always said red, but I think I liked blue better.”

Stealing a handful of popcorn, Ransom grinned. “Green was definitely the best, bro. He had all the moves.”

“You mean like these?” Holster started karate chopping the air and when he went for the high kick, Ransom watched their bucket of popcorn sail through the air and land on its side in the row ahead.

Thankfully, the theater was still pretty empty and seeing Holster’s forlorn face at the loss of their popcorn had Ransom unable to control his laughter.

“Bro! Our popcorn!”

“I know, Holtzy. Good thing we got the big one. Free refill! I’ll save our seats, you go replace our popcorn.”


Ransom shook his head and pointed to the door. “Nope. You karate kicked it to the floor, you get the refill.”

Holster opened his mouth to argue, but Ransom just raised an eyebrow and continued to point to the door.

When his best friend hopped over the row of seats below them to grab the bucket, Ransom thought nothing of the fact that he watched the way Holster easily leapt the seats and scooped up the bucket before turning on his heel and walking toward the door. Holster was a good looking guy and Ransom wasn’t blind. And he knew they’d both checked each other out on occasion.

While he waited for Holster to get back, Rans leaned back in his seat and watched as the theater began to fill up. It was a Saturday night, which meant date night. Ransom watched a few friend groups come in and try and find seats, laughing to himself as each group argued over where there were enough seats and where the best spots were. Most of the people coming in, though, were definitely on dates. Rans watched them filter in, giggling with each other and holding hands and staying close.

As more couples came in, Ransom tried to see if he could figure out who of them were on their first date and who were long time couples. He had been enjoying himself for a few minutes, and trying not to wonder what was taking Holster so long, when a voice startled him.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Looking up, Ransom found a girl pointing to Holster’s seat. “Yeah, sorry. I’m saving it for someone.”

The girl smiled. “No problem. It’s good you and your date thought ahead. Wish mine had. Have a nice night!”

Before Ransom could correct her, the girl walked off and Ransom was left alone with his thoughts. His mind wandered through all the times he or Holster had bought each other dinner, or taken the other out for a movie or something fun. It had always just felt so comfortable with Holster. The easy teasing and laughter and some of their deeper, more serious conversations had happened on those nights. Was this a date?

Ransom scoffed. Of course it wasn’t. He and Holtzy were just bros, nothing else. As that thought went through his head, he suddenly felt sad. He wasn’t sure why that made him sad. He loved being bros with Holster. Holster was…well, he was Ransom’s person.

Leaning his head back against his seat, it hit Ransom, that yes, he and Holster were essentially a couple. “Fuck.”

“What’s wrong, bro?” Ransom jumped as Holster took his seat and handed over the popcorn. “Come on, Ransy-poo, I even over buttered the popcorn just how you like. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Ransom was silent as the lights started to dim. He had planned on assuring Holster that he was fine and that they should just watch the movie, but as the first preview began, he blurted out. “Is this a date?”

Holster started to choke on his popcorn and Ransom started to panic. “Never mind, just forget it, bro. Sorry. Can we just forget I said anything? Please just tell me I’m an idiot and-”

Catching his breath, Holster shut Ransom up by grabbing his hand and lacing their fingers together. “This is definitely a date.”

Ransom had heard the slight catch in Holster’s voice and felt a little better knowing he wasn’t the only one who was nervous. He looked at their hands and smiled before giving a slight squeeze. “Good. I’m glad. A real date. Great.”

Holster rolled his eyes and rearranged the popcorn so he could lean over and kiss Rans’s cheek. “So great.” Ransom opened his mouth to say something, but Holster shushed him. “Movie’s starting. We don’t want to miss any of the morphing goodness.”

~~2 Hours Later~~

 Bro! That was totally ‘swawesome!”

Ransom walked out to the car, hand still in Holster’s smiling as he listened his best friend extol the virtues of the movie.

At the car door, he reluctantly let go of Holster’s hand and turned to face him. “What was ‘swawesome was that you thought the classic ‘yawn and arm over’ move would work.”

Holster leaned in close, forcing Ransom’s back to the car. “Worked on you, didn’t it?”

“Only because I was tired of you looking at me with those big puppy eyes.”

Holster barked out a laugh and started to back away. “And to think I was gonna give you one kiss here and one back at the Ha-”

Ransom grabbed his best friend by the collar and quieted him with a kiss. Holster was frozen for about two seconds before kissing back and pushing Ransom up against his car. They were both content to stand there and continue kissing until the sound of a horn startled them and reminded them both, that they were in the movie theater parking lot.

Sliding into the driver’s side, Ransom waited for Holster to get in and started the car.

Holster reached over and rested his hand on Ransom’s thigh. “Next date, we’re making out in the actual theater.”

School of rock is a movie that’s always made my second-hand anxiety/awkwardness kick into high gear, as all plots and humor based around misinformation/misscommunication or “risk of being found out” tend to do, but now that I work in a school, there is a second layer to it. My mind just keeps screaming “THEY ARE GETTING SO BEHIND ON THEIR CURRICULUM! WHOEVER REPLACES HIM WILL HAVE THEIR WORK CUT OUT FOR THEM! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO HARD FOR THEIR TEACHERS NEXT YEAR/SEMESTER TO WORK WITH AND JUST NOT FAIR TO THEM IN GENERAL! BECAUSE THEY NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO LEARN WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DID! THAT MAY BE REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE TO LEARN WHAT COMES THE NEXT SEMESTER! SO MUCH CATCH UP WORK FOR EVERYONE AND WHOEVER COMES IN NEXT! AAAAAA!”

….I am so old. 


This will never get old lmao 😂😂😂

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there were the slow mo upskirt shots when she was fighting

You’re saying that being able to see a woman’s underwear when she’s fighting is the same as the Panty Fighter trope, which it is not.

In the Panty Fighter trope, the whole goal is for girls to fight in such a way that the audience can see essentially as much underwear as possible, and the underwear is as small as possible, to maximize pervy male fanservice. There is no reason for them to be wearing as small an outfit as they are besides the amusement of the male audience and to make panty shots “realistic”.

The shots are framed so that there is no real way a normal point of view would ever be able to catch this much gratuitous underwear, regardless of how skimpy the outfits are. Panty Fighter characters are also subject to unrealistic poses such as the Boobs and Butt pose and the Broken Back pose, which further maximize the showing off of their “assets” These are all part of the stereotypical male gaze angle.

Essentially, the difference lies in the intent.

When Diana and the Amazons are fighting, they have a very acrobatic style. Maybe because after hundreds of years of no war they needed something to keep training exciting, but probably because it looks super awesome. So as a result of the fighting style you do see their BLOOMERS (seeing as it’s not just underwear, they are wearing bloomers, just like cheerleaders do.) But it’s not meant to be a way to tantalize the audience, because the scenes are not framed that way. It is only because it’s a direct result of their moves and their outfits.

(I assume this is what you meant with “slow mo upskirt”)

In all of these shots, the eye line is not directed towards their underwear, it is drawn to the actual move itself. The high kick, the stomach kick, and the flip are the focus of these shots, not the panty shot. And the only reason you even see the bloomers is because of their skirts.

But why are they wearing skirts? They could all be wearing pants! They just wanted to sneak in panty shots! 

The reason they all wear skirts is because their costumes are modeled after pteruges, the pleated leather skirts Greek warriors wore. You’ve seen them in Gladiatorbasically any movie about Jesus, and of course, Xena.

They wear them because not only are they Greek warriors, they are quintessential Greek warriors. 

Honestly, the Spartan warriors in The 300 are more scantily clad and subjected to the male gaze than the Amazons are. Just look at these unattainable male fever dreams.

TL;DR - Seeing the bloomers of an Amazon as she’s roundhouse kicking someone in the face is not the same as a gratuitous panty shot, none of the Amazons are subject to the male gaze, it’s apples and oranges.