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Of course McMillan lost the vote by a lot, but he knew he had something special. He ran for mayor in 2013, this time spending someone else’s life savings on his own surprisingly competent hip-hop music video. The video opens with J-Mills watching the news, flabbergasted that the rent is still too damn high, goddamn it! It’s as if all of his efforts were for naught! He gets so pissed, he takes it to the streets, and to a punching bag, all while wearing various combinations of suits and ties.

After trying for the governorship again (and starring in his fair share of D-level commercials), McMillan supposedly quit politics and offered the party, trademarked slogan and all, for sale. Maybe the fame was getting to him, or maybe it was because shortly after he went viral it came out that, um … he hadn’t been actually paying rent for years. That would be like if the President went golfing his first month in office, after complaining that the previous President was golfing too much! Haha! See, ‘cause it would be ironic!

Speaking of, McMillan endorsed Donald Trump for President, because a man who would never give a dime to a homeless veteran outside his own hotel was apparently “the only one” supporting veterans.

5 Insane Follow-Ups To Famous Viral Internet Stories

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honestly my favorite cryptid ever was when a dude went to investigate were-hyenas, and the folks who lived there were all "oh yah here they are" and showed the guy a cave where hyenas kept coming out of flailing and on their hind legs. so the guy goes in (and gets his lungs Fucked because cave poison) and discovers that the hyenas were going in through one entrance, tripping balls on cave shrooms and cave gas, and exiting through this other entrance. which is wild I love nature.

My favorite thing like that is the thing when high kangaroos are making crop circles!!

Signs when the water is too hot/too cold

*jumps out so high kangaroos would be jealous*: Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius

*curls into a ball*: Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo

*stays as far as possible from the water until the temperature is right*: Libra, Cancer, Taurus, Aries

Not “Whatever”: My Love For the Zenmasters Jackie & Hyde

Here we go. Time for my first post that isn’t a reblog. No pressure.

As someone who aspires to one day be apart of the film and television industry, I find a large percentage of my time is taken over by the fictional lives that play out on my TV screen. I found that I became so consumed by these stories that I felt I needed an outlet to discuss my opinions about them. That’s why I decided to create this page. It’s a place where I can write passionately about the shows and movies I love. And so it begins…

Over the past week or so I have been binge watching my That ‘70s Show DVDs nonstop (season 8 excluded for obvious reasons, but more on that later), taking, give or take, about a day and a half to get through one season. Like I said, I get consumed. The show never fails to make me laugh or make me feel better. During this particular binge of the show I found myself waiting with great anticipation for season 5. I always look forward to season 5, aka the official beginning of the Jackie and Hyde relationship, my favorite pairing on the show. However, while I would normally just skip ahead and watch a couple season 5 episodes then go back to where I was in the series, this time I promised myself I would watch the show from the beginning and not skip ahead, hence the great anticipation. I hadn’t watched the episodes in order in a long time and there’s just something about rewatching a show from the pilot and continuing on consecutively that makes the surprises and reveals you already know are coming so satisfying. So I chose to wait. And it was worth it. I knew as soon as Eric ran upstairs to pack for California, with Fez not far behind, that the secret relationship between Jackie and Hyde was mere seconds from being revealed to the audience, but that only fueled the suspense.

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Things that I need to do today involve hugging a Koala until I cry and need to have the thing literally pulled off me and also high-fiving a Kangaroo. Not sure if the Kangaroo thing is possible but if I don’t get my Koala hug then you’re all going to hear about it for the next year because I’ll be complaining daily. I’m also really excited for this bridge climb tomorrow. My dream I’ve had, for like two weeks, of climbing it will finally come true. Am I going to be seeing any of you guys up there? What are you all really excited to do while you’re here because there’s just so much and I need answers because I feel like a kid at Christmas here. If you’re not in Australia, then I’ll bring you back a gift and I probably miss your presence. 

If Code Geass characters were turned into animals...

As requested by hollowgirl136

I am kind of cheating by including three breeds of dog, but this show has tons of crazy loyal characters.

Sorry this is late, I was watching videos of talking dogs on youtube.

1. Lelouch - A Crow

Okay, so aside from Lelouch’s penchant for dressing in black, he’s also extremely intelligent, and recently crows have been discovered to be as intelligent (if not more) than most mammals. Then there’s also the association with crows and death, and goodness knows Lelouch has seen a lot of that.

Lelouch: Well this sucks, I can only squawk.

Lelouch: How am I supposed to give lengthy monologues now?

2. Suzaku - A Kangaroo

What? He can jump really high, like a kangaroo. He’s good at hand-to-hand combat, like kangaroos are at boxing. He likes to protect people, like kangaroos stuff their babies in their pouches. And also just because I really want to make Suzaku turn into a kangaroo.

EU Soldier: Oh my God, and to think we used to be scared shitless of you.

Britannian Pureblood: See? This animal transformation goes to show just how ridiculous Honorary Britannians are.

Eleven Citizen: What the hell, dude! You’re giving us a bad name!

Suzaku: You guys…kangaroos are really cool, okay….

3. Kallen - Wolf

Kallen is fierce, territorial (in terms of her nation, anyhow) and loyal to her pack, that is, the Black Knights.

Tamaki: Woah, Kallen! Badass transformation!

Kallen: Eh.

Kallen: I wanted it to be red.

4. Tamaki - Chihuaha

Tries to get in fights with much larger dogs, but were that fight to actually happen, it would be utterly trounced in a matter of seconds.

Kallen: …Thinking about it, it could have been worse.

Tamaki: Shut up! Chihuahas are badass!

Kallen: Uh-huh. Show us this amazing power of yours then, Tamaki.

Tamaki: [raises leg]


5. Schneizel - Anglerfish

We all know that scene in Finding Nemo when Dory is attracted towards the light to see a huge gaping monstrosity trying to eat her. This is how I see Schneizel. He draws you in with diplomacy and charm so he can annihilate you with his political and military brilliance.

Schneizel: I for one am shocked. I would have imagined myself to turn into a big fluffy teddy bear, full of love and care for all mankind! Hugs all around!

Lelouch: You really don’t get what a “bear hug” is, do you?

6. Charles - Lion

Because look at that mane.

Charles: The king of the jungle, hm? I do tend to exude regality…

Schneizel: That, and you tend to laze around instead of leading your pack.

7. Milly - Dolphin

No animal could possibly hope to match Milly’s playfulness than the dolphin.

Milly’s Dad: Once, we Ashfords were a proud noble family.

Milly’s Dad: Now, our daughter spends all her days swimming upside down and bonking dolphins on the nose.

Milly’s Dad: …Not that she didn’t do that before, but now it’s gotten out of hand.

8. Rolo - Cuckoo

Rolo has a habit of tricking people into thinking he is their family. He is also very willing to dispose of anyone who gets in the way of his relationship with his new family.

Lelouch: Hm? I don’t remember you being in my crow’s nest.

Rolo: What are you talking about? I’ve always been here.

Lelouch: Weren’t you crippled?

Rolo: I got better.

9. Guilford - Rottweiler

I would argue that Guilford is the most loyal character on the show, considering that all the other characters who profess loyalty tend to switch sides at some point. Guilford is doggedly loyal to Cornelia to the very end (Geass notwithstanding), and even flew into a nuclear explosion to save her. Apparently Rottweilers are particularly loyal, so I went with that.

Cornelia: Hm? Why is this mangy mutt following me around?


Euphemia: Aw! It’s saying “I love you!”

Cornelia: Don’t be ridiculous.

10. C.C. - Jellyfish

C.C. is so strange and mysterious, and jellyfish seem to reflect that surreal nature. C.C. can also be very dangerous when threatened (Mao can tell you all about that) and jellyfish have their sting. And there’s also that one breed of jellyfish which seems to be immortal. Yeah.

C.C.: Jellyfish travel in groups, right?


C.C.: I think I’ll like the company.

Kangaroo tail a ‘third leg’ that gives speed, not just balance, says study

The role of kangaroos’ unusually large, muscular tails appears to have been definitely answered, with scientists discovering the tail propels kangaroos forward with as much force as its front and hind legs combined.

Researchers measured the force the tail exerts on the ground and found it is critical in getting kangaroos moving at slow speeds, to a greater degree than even its legs.

Filmed experiments confirmed that kangaroos plant their tails on the ground in sequence prior to their hind legs, pushing them forwards. This gives the tail the role of a “third leg”, doing a similar job to a human leg – a far different role than proposed by the previous theory that it merely provided support and balance to kangaroos.

The research, conducted by scientists in Australia, the US and Canada, is the “final piece in the puzzle” in our understanding of kangaroos’ unusual locomotion, according to Terry Dawson, a University of New South Wales academic who has studied the animals for nearly 40 years.

“We weren’t quite sure why kangaroos diverged so much from the normal patterns of movement found in other animals,” Dawson, who worked on the study, told Guardian Australia.

“Previous studies thought the tail was just a strut, but it’s actually the front legs which are struts, they don’t provide much force. It’s the back legs and tail which provide the propulsion, much more than we previously thought.

“We didn’t know the kangaroos were using the tail as a third leg. Without that, the tail wouldn’t need to be so strong, although it would need to be pretty heavy because it is a large animal moving at speed. The males also use it for fighting, sometimes balancing on it completely in order to kick another kangaroo.”

Dawson’s study suggests the kangaroo evolved this system to free its front legs for slow-moving grazing.

A kangaroo’s movement is unusual because the animal expends a proportionally larger amount of energy when moving at slower speeds, compared with when it is going full tilt.

The marsupials can reach speeds of up to 65km per hour, with the tail performing a different role when the animal is moving quickly. The tail will be raised high to balance the kangaroo, preventing it from pitching forward.

Unlike four-legged animals such as horses and dogs, kangaroos don’t require a greater number of steps to move more quickly, the animals’ distinctive long hopping far more energy efficient than a quadruped’s rapid movement.

“Their hop is like an extreme gallop of a horse, in its aerial phase,” Dawson said. “We worked out that their legs are structured so they can take longer steps. When they go faster they straighten their legs out, making them take a much larger stride.

“The hopping locomotion got locked in a very long time ago, when a small group of possum-like animals came down from the trees and started bounding around on the ground.

“I think, after all this time, I know how they move now.”