high jumpers


Summary: Dan just really wants to put flowers in Phil’s hair.
Word Count: 2,498
Warnings: none
A/N: Hello! I’ve had this image in my head of Phil with flowers in his hair for like 2 months straight and obv i needed to write about it since I can’t do art. This whole fic is basically just me gushing about how beautiful Phil is and I’m not even ashamed. See art for this fic here, here, here, here, and here

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There is a boy that makes Dan yearn to weave flowers into his hair every time he sees him. There is a boy with pale skin as white as snow and pretty blue eyes the colour of Bluebells. He has hair like the night sky and it sometimes glimmered in the light to form little galaxies. He wanted to thread Baby’s Breath through those pretty raven locks until his hair matches the colour of his eyes.

It was an addiction, an anomaly, something that does not normally cross Dan’s mind. Usually, he doesn’t see someone and want to thread flowers through their hair. Usually, he doesn’t think about flowers at all.

But then he saw him and he couldn’t stop himself from going home and studying the names of flowers that reminded Dan of him. Hyacinths and Marigold and Sweet Peas and Lavender, all melding into one to make the most beautiful man Dan had ever laid eyes on.

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*watches Pinocchio*
Me: I wanna be a reporter

*watches Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo*
Me: I wanna be a weightlifter

*watches My Love From The Stars*
Me: I wanna be an actress

*watches Doctor Crush*
Me: I wanna be a neurosurgeon

*watches She Was Pretty*
Me: I wanna work for a magazine company

*watches To The Beautiful You*
Me: I wanna be a high jumper

*watches Playful Kiss*
Me: I wanna be dumb

*watches Legend of the Blue Sea*
Me: I wanna be a mermaid

*watches Oh My Ghostess*
Me: I wanna be dead

Margaret “Gretel” Bergmann-Lambert (née Bergmann; 12 April 1914 – 25 July 2017) was a German Jewish track and field athlete who competed as a high jumper during the 1930’s. Because of her Jewish origins, the Nazis prevented her from taking part in the 1936 Summer Olympics, after which she left Germany and vowed never to return.
Bergmann triumphed as a teenager, setting a national record for the high jump in 1931. This photograph was probably taken at this competition.

Olympic medallist Colin Jackson announces he is gay
Former world champion hurdler and BBC presenter recalls in Swedish documentary how he told his parents of his sexuality
By Caroline Davies

“The British Olympic silver medallist and BBC sports presenter Colin Jackson has spoken publicly for the first time about being gay, saying he thought the time was right to reveal his sexuality.

In an interview for a Swedish documentary called Rainbow Heroes, the Welsh two-time 110m hurdles world champion said the reason he had not previously spoken of his sexuality was to avoid it being “sensationalised”.

Jackson, 50, said he told his parents in 2006 after a former partner sold a “kiss and tell” story to a tabloid newspaper. “I was waiting for them in the kitchen. They walked in and they sat down. My mother could see my face and I was quite distraught. It didn’t faze them at all.”

Speaking to two Swedish former athletes, high-jumper Kajsa Bergqvist and long-jumper Peter Häggström, the track star said: “My mum went: ‘First of all, is the story true?’

“And I said so it’s true, so it’s not like I can deny it. And then she went: ‘Well, why are people so disgraceful?’ I just realised, I’ve got the best parents.”

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