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i followed one of my cousins on insta that i love but haven’t talked to since i figured out that im trans but it’s been years now and im at a point where i don’t feel like formally coming out to extended family so after he followed me back i posted a selfie and tagged it as trans and he just liked it so i guess we’re chill


Howdy sorry, this took forever but here you are♡ @talesoftheunderground

Your lover is Undertale Papyrus.

The first time you met Papy, he kind of surprised you. He approached you be a use he was a huge fan of your glasses. Wanting a pair for himself you continued to ask you random question despite just meeting you. Of course, thing escalated and the two of you became friends and later on….lovers

Papyrus loves how silly you are. It’s a virtue he truly can’t get enough of. You’re so cute when you do those small things whether it’s your giggle or your sarcastic wit.

Since you’re very cautious about how others feel, Papyrus finds you apologizing an awful lot. Not that he doesn’t mind, he thinks it sweet that you are always making sure everyone is happy. But there are times when you need to know that not everything is your fault, you know.

Speaking of, Papyrus knows when you’re sad. You may not know that he knows, but trust me..he knows. Body language isn’t hard to read for Papyrus, in fact, that’s part of the reason he’s so good at handling Sans. Papyrus refuses to leave you be when you’re sad. Do you need cuddles? How about some hot chocolate and some kisses? We can watch a good movie together, datemate. It’s okay to cry, he tells you that way too often. You’re not a crybaby, to be honest, insults really get to Papyrus as well, he just is always able to push them aside. He wants you to able to love yourself the way he adores you.

You have a lovely imagination! Papyrus really likes to read the things you come up with. Sometimes he asks you to read one of your small little stories to him before bed. Anything that you write is worth reading in his eyes. Papyrus doesn’t quite understand why you dislike sports since stamina is something that can be controlled. But of course, he won’t make you do anything you don’t like. Maybe the two of you can stick to playing tennis on the Wii.

To sum it all up, you mean the world to Papyrus. He loves you, and all the things you dislike about yourself. Papyrus wants you to be able to rely on him. It’s okay to tell him how you feel because he’s always ready to listen. Datemate! You’re so wonderful! Keep being yourself.

Interested In you….Underswap Sans(Blueberry)

Like Papyrus, Blue approached you first, but not because of your glasses. You had accidentally dropped your wallet and he returned it too you. When he first saw you, he found you to be very beautiful. He completed your glasses, claiming that they suited you perfectly. Blue wanted to get to know you more, so over time the two of you became friends. It wasn’t long before he began to develop feelings for you. Unfortunately, his feelings weren’t returned, but Blue wants to continue to be there for you. His feelings have not changed despite you having a mate already. Blue is convinced that one day you will  come to your senses and return his feelings. But unil them he will continue to help you feel loved, to help you love yourself, and to let you know that you’re a wonderful, creative, and compassionate human being.

I’m no expert—I’m hearing and my understanding of American Sign Language is extremely limited—so please feel free to correct/add on to this! But I was just really struck by (and loved!) Elisa’s “F U” to Strickland in the above scene, which was featured at the end of the newly-released Red Band trailer for The Shape of Water.

Here, Elisa is literally signing “F” and “U” from the ASL alphabet, but what makes this so striking is that, by doing so, she’s not exactly speaking ASL—she’s fingerspelling English. 

ASL is a completely separate language from spoken/written English, and fingerspelling is pretty much only used if there are no ASL equivalents for what needs to be conveyed, such as in the case of names. (In fact, when I was learning ASL, my teacher waited a while before teaching us the alphabet because she didn’t want us fingerspelling English instead of actually trying to sign!)

So the fact that Elisa uses fingerspelling here, when there are other ways in ASL to convey the idea of “fuck you,” says a lot. It says even more when you consider how she’s fingerspelling, since her fingerspelling here is not how a deaf person/someone who speaks ASL would typically fingerspell. 

‘Cause fingerspelling? It’s fast. Extremely fast. Each letter flows smoothly into the next. When you fingerspell, it should be an incredibly fluid motion.

But here? That’s 110% not the case. Elisa is slow and measured. She holds out each letter nice and long. It’s the kinda way you’d fingerspell to someone learning ASL—and actually, my teacher would say to not even do that. If you slow down so much for them all the time, they’ll never be able to keep up with real ASL!

So, this scene? This scene with Elisa fingerspelling something that doesn’t need to be fingerspelled, in an incredible, deliberate, slower-than-college-WiFi pace? Well, Elisa is doing more than just dissing Strickland—she’s absolutely taunting him. She’s saying, “I’m speaking your language. I dare you to understand me.”

And she knows that he won’t. She’s speaking crystal clearly, no stuttering, no hesitance, no nothing, and Strickland can’t even be damned to attempt the basic ASL alphabet because he would never, ever try to understand anything different from him.

And Elisa knows this and completely, totally rubs it in his bigoted face.


I had a High School AU in mind for a while now..

So this is one of the scene where Otabek and Yuri are friends already and they are having their food at the school cafeteria during school hour. :D

Viktor and Yuuri are teachers in the school. Yuuri is a trainee teacher who is under the care of Viktor and they both are class teacher for Yurio~