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I only wanted to draw them with casual clothes and then BAM highschool au with a clumsy, cute and talented Cedar who is 100% gay for her mysterious but kindness short hair half-wolf crush Cerise? u know what forget it idk what I’m writing anymore


I just adore this character presentations! Really loved it on True Hearts Day and I’m happy they came back for Chapter 4.

The old ones are the best for me! The artworks and colors are so cute!

Wish the characters introduced on Chapter 2 and 3 had their one too, and also the characters who existed by the time of THD but did’t get it. If I’m not wrong, these are they:

Blondie, Cerise, Lizzie, Kitty, Humphrey, Holly, Poppy.

Ginger, Faybelle, Alistair, Bunny, Darling, Rosabella.

Paid to be Popular (MASTERLIST)

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Paid to be Popular is a series that I am currently writing. It takes place in high school and let’s imagine that all the boys went to the same school. This list will get updated as the parts come out. 

The idea came from this amazing anon.

Summary:  When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


Paid to be Popular - Pt. 1 

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 2

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 3

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 4

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 5

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 6

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 7

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 8

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 9

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 10

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 11

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 12

Have fun reading!


-Regular Masterlist- 


I thought it was about time to share my Violet Baudelaire doll custom!! Because tomorrow is the big day!!! I can’t wait too watch the Netflix adaptation!!! I’m so happy I finally have my own Violet doll, like, I wanted this since forever!! I hope you like this Very Fancy Doll custom 👀 btw this is the first thing I ever sewed, it’s totally handmade. I hope you like it (and I hope to learn how to sew better in time) 😊