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make me choose@mortalitaasi asked: morrigan’s romance or cassandra’s romance

“We have been…close…for some time now. You are…impressive…in many ways, and you even protected me from Flemeth without hope of reward. I feel…anxious when I look upon you. I dislike this sense of dependency, ‘tis a weakness I abhor. If this is “love” I wish to ascertain that you do not feel the same.”

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would you ever consider writing in French? I would love love love to read your work in French

Oh, wow this is a surprising ask haha. Truth be told anon, I haven’t written in French in so long that I don’t even know if I’d be able to make anything worth reading? It’s so strange because it is my first language but ever since I started my higher education in English, it’s like my brain associates English with writing? Especially doing a degree in English Literature?? Narratives come to me in English now? I don’t know being bilingual is weird. I write everything in English: essays, fics, my original fiction? I can’t remember the last time I read a book in French, let alone the last time I wrote any fiction in it? Probably some super awful short stories that I wrote in high school and would be mortified to reread haha… I guess it could be a challenge to see if I still can, but I don’t know if there would be an audience for that beyond you? Or if I’d even manage it. Like… Even on days where my brain is Very French and I’m struggling to write because of it, the words don’t really come in French?? They just don’t come at all?? Idk, have I mentioned bilingualism and linguistics are weird??? I guess some people would say it’s sad since it’s supposed to be my first language but I don’t really feel that way? I like the fact that both languages have different functions in my life and that I see them so differently. 


Kiss & cry, Worlds 2009 

oh my god i just had a series of thoughts

so i am wearing my thorin hoodie because its comfy and warm… and i had a little thought of like what if in a high school au bilbo wore thorins varsity jacket but that thought evolved into what if instead of thorin being a jock hes just a fucking giant dork involved in like mathletes or something along those lines 

BUt to be honest all signs are pointing at Clarke having to “leave” them ahem Bellamy again

We obviously know she’ll have to go into the COL

but it keeps getting clearer and clearer that this will also about her choosing to get out of the COL and back to the people (and reality and Bellamy) - unlike she’s done on 2x16

They keep mentioning how Bellamy is upset at her for leaving, I mean this was episode 3x13 and Bellamy mentioned it again. And I know that…sure it has to do with them forgiving each other, but these forgiveness arcs usually rely on change. Bellamy changed for better on 1x08 and Clarke was running away from all kinds of murder after 2x16. We will need a resolution for Bellamy forgiving Clarke on 3x13 just as much as we will need a resolution for Bellamy’s arc this season.

And this is where I point out that…considering how this plot is being drawn, this finale will have to be a huge deal about Bellarke (even if not that explicitly about bellarke). Even though Clarke leaving hurt many people, 97% of the scenes this season that were about said hurt were about Bellamy’s feelings. Sure, Octavia was bitter too, but her scenes were so short compared to Bellamy’s? So Clarke’s arc “resolution” will have to be about Bellamy too, it wouldn’t make sense if it happened any other way.

And considering how heavy all of this is - come on, Clarke not leaving again because of Bellamy? That’s as huge as it gets, trust me. It’s a huge declaration of my love for you is strong enough to break the COL and imporant enough that i will get back to the real life and bear all of its pain because of it. This is huge- So considering how huge this is, I don’t see how they would do this explicitly at this point? 

And what i mean by explicit is that…  I don’t see Clarke coming out of the COL and kissing Bellamy, I don’t see her telling him anything romantic per se. I can see characters seeing them and reacting to it. I can see Clarke telling Bellamy something that could totally sound romantic but we can’t say it “for sure”. I can see some kind of love scene happening in the way that all bellarke love scenes happen - the love for the love (which is something new and exciting). Not “romantic”, not friend love, not family love. 

Just. Love.

And then we get to end the season wondering where do they go now. Because yes, that scene was huge and groundbreaking - but they haven’t said it, they haven’t done anything to truly push it towards a romantic direction and the audience- as well as the  characters- are stuck in this place where we know ridiculous size of the love that runs between these two characters, but we don’t know what to do with that knowledge. Bellamy knows that Clarke loves him, but she didn’t say it - and even if she did it wasn’t “romantic”, and Clarke isn’t ready either because she just said goodbye to L.exa in the COL so she doesn’t wanna figure out her feelings either.

But they love each other, they wanna be together (as seen on 3x13) and so we start a season 4with these two characters together not by chance but by want. By a declared want and they are at the same trying to avoid the possible meanings and shapes of their feelings for each other. Feelings that would be known by the other characters after the s3 finale.

And i feel like this development would make sense because if season 3 is the (almost literal) bomb that is destroying every civilization (and relationship?), season 4 has to be some kind of rebirth. Some kind of figuruing out what to do now that so many people are dead, so many things were destroyed and so many people have made wrong choices. The relationships on the show often reflect the plot in some way - and bellarke is the one relationship that reflects it the most. IMO it would make sense to me if they start to figure what they are to each other and how to create this “new” relationship on the same season they will all try to figure out how to build new societies and/or which society they belong to.

and wow i know this post is a mess but i just needed to say all of this out loud 


Shinji Takamatsu tweeted some dev images of the squad (along with a lot more pictures of scenery and some other unimportant dudes…). I like the red stripes.

“The huge trials of deciding on names (lol)” - the writing on the image has lots of variant given names and kanji.

“Caerula Adamas draft.”

i know it doesn’t make my identity as bisexual any more valid, but as of today i have kissed people of multiple different genders in my life and it kinda just feels like