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British Columbia ends high heel dress code requirements - BBC News
Employers in British Colombia will no longer be able to insist staff come to work in high heels.

A Canadian province has scrapped the dress code which requires female employees to wear high heels.

The government of British Columbia (BC) says the requirement is discriminatory as well as being a health and safety issue because they are dangerous.

It says that high heel wearers face a risk of physical injury from slipping or falling as well as possible damage to the feet, legs and back.

Footwear should be designed to allow workers to operate safely, it says.

The announcement of the ban comes after a provincial Green party politician in March introduced a bill in the BC legislature aimed at preventing employers from setting gender-based footwear requirements.

BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver filed a private member’s bill “designed to prevent employers from setting varying footwear and other requirements based on gender, gender expression or gender identity”.

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KPop has really altered my fashion sense over the years - for the better. At least, I hope. But there’s one thing I just can’t get right - those 24/7 high heels. How… how do you DO that without falling over or setting your feet on fire? MAJOR props to girl groups who perform tirelessly in them. (and also props to the ggs that wear flat footwear - you go!)