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British Columbia ends high heel dress code requirements - BBC News
Employers in British Colombia will no longer be able to insist staff come to work in high heels.

A Canadian province has scrapped the dress code which requires female employees to wear high heels.

The government of British Columbia (BC) says the requirement is discriminatory as well as being a health and safety issue because they are dangerous.

It says that high heel wearers face a risk of physical injury from slipping or falling as well as possible damage to the feet, legs and back.

Footwear should be designed to allow workers to operate safely, it says.

The announcement of the ban comes after a provincial Green party politician in March introduced a bill in the BC legislature aimed at preventing employers from setting gender-based footwear requirements.

BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver filed a private member’s bill “designed to prevent employers from setting varying footwear and other requirements based on gender, gender expression or gender identity”.

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Dating Harry Would Include - 48

At a friend’s wedding:

- Whispering in your ear that you’re more beautiful than the bride, shushing you with a kiss when you try to answer
- Taking pics of you at every moments even if you ask him to stop
- Helping you to walk in the grass because of your high heels, catching you when you’re about to fall
- Surprising you by telling you the things he would like for your wedding, getting inspiration from the ceremony
- Catching him undoing one more button of his shirt when no one notices him
- Looking for him all the time because he takes pictures with everyone
- Him playing with the children, letting them running after him
- Smiling at you with a huge smile while dancing slowly with the little girl he was playing with
- Refusing with a pout the marriage proposal of the little girl “I’m sorry but someone already own my heart, that big girl!” pointing at you with a tender smile
- Catching the bride’s bouquet, teasing playfully the girls around him “Some of you don’t really want to get married!”
- Coming back to you with a proud smile, tickling your nose with the bouquet “ You know what you have to do now!”
- Kissing your temple in giggling when he sees you becoming bright red
- Finding him seated at a table surrounded by old ladies, talking nonchalantly with her as if it were the most natural thing for him
- Joking with the old ladies for how motivated  he was to catch the bride’s bouquet
- Dancing oddly as he only knows how to for make you laugh
- Walking towards you while dancing, pointing you to come dance with him
- His laugh when you ask him how many drinks he had already, wrapping his arms around your waist to make you dance
- Dancing together, your foreheads against each other, forgetting about  the people around you
- His fake jealous face when an old man ask you to dance with him, joking with him about how he will keep an eye on you two
- Bringing a piece of cake to you when you come back to your table after dancing
- Making you eat a bit of cake from his fingers, whipping off the cream at the corner of your mouth
- Looking at you with a tenderizes smile to see you this happy
- Putting a flower from the bouquet in your hair, fixing a lock of hair falling in your neck
- His arm resting in the back of your chair, his thumb caressing slowly the middle of you shoulder blades
- Kissing your naked shoulder and noticing the goosebumps on your skin, covering you with his jacket
- Asking you in a whisper while kissing your temple if you’re tired and want to go home
- His arm wrapped around you, while walking slowly toward the car, carrying your bag and heels