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First and foremost! Happy 2nd Wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife, @high-heel-mileage! Wow it sure has flown by, but we don’t mess around.

Meet / Marry / Beat Cancer / Move to England / Kid / Move to America (soon)

Ordinarily posting this on Tumblr would seem a bit odd, but given that without Tumblr we would never have met, I think it is allowed. Thank you, Amy, for being the wife of my dreams and exceeding every expectation I ever had of what a wife would mean to me. You’re the best. I’d be lost without you.

And now……….in other news………. ONEDERLAND! I’m 2lbs down this week (and last week I had just had food poisoning so probably more like 3 or 4 lbs down in reality) bringing me to 198.2! I feel fantastic for it too and the hunger directed eating is working really well for me. I feel normal. This week I had McDonalds for breakfast, Chipotle, candy, cake, Chinese take out and chocolate (and more). I never felt deprived and I was not starving either. Its a life changer.


The secret to my sleep schedule is alarms.

In fact tonight, I have an event that runs 7-9pm so I will be looking to escape about 8:30pm.

I get home from work around 5:30pm and unpack my gym and lunch bags so I can repack them for the next day.

An old piano bench serves as a command center and is in between my bedroom and bathroom (my place is compact, not small!).

My gym swag is laid out alongside my bag so when I wake it is clothes, shoes, contacts, teeth, meds, water bottle and bag gathering, and out the door.

In my car, I keep clean gym towels, yoga mats, my cycling shoes, and extra socks. In the winter, I put on socks and slip on shoes for cycling.

While I don’t shower at home, I don’t shower at the gym either. I just happen to work very close to my parents residence and go there.

I do not fall sleep on the sofa watching television because I know myself to wake up like an angry bear and tear down the house.

I do not watch television in bed and only very limited screen time. I use the do not disturb feature on my phone.

As I get ready for bed, I listen to podcasts or a relaxation track from Spotify. The less exposure to gadgets in the evening seems to help me turn off my brain.

No More Work for Two Weeks!!

Post workout SD&S for the stunning @leebeeloves!  I tag @high-heel-mileage, @busylivinnow, and @katherinerunson! And, if you were wondering…yes, yes I do own at least 8 of those plain black Target tank tops for working out.  I promise I don’t just wear the same one over and over! ;)

I’m DONE with work for the next two weeks, and on Monday, we’re off to Germany!  Crazy small world moment: My gym friend, Frieda, has a brother who owns a grocery store in Bamberg where my father-in-law lives!  How cool!

Tomorrow, I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a kindle.  *sigh*  I LOVE real books, but for traveling, they really take up a lot of space.  And, if I don’t bring enough of them, there’s the chance that I end up stuck with a random airport book purchase like while we were in Malaysia and I had to read The Luckiest Girl Alive even though I was thoroughly unimpressed with it.  And, last night at book club, I learned that you can share books with friends on the kindle–I love that.  I don’t see myself abandoning real books anytime soon, but I guess I am a tiny bit excited to start traveling lighter annnnnd maybe sharing ebooks with some of you!!  Who else has a kindle and wants to borrow/share books with me!!?

Oh. Man. The over thirty hours of travel home has been ROUGH. I have never been so happy to see home. We had a wonderful experience in Malaysia, and I’m so glad we went. But, for now, I’m going to stay right here on this couch, try to stay awake until a respectable time, and then collapse and sleep like the dead in my very own bed. I was trying to catch up on here, but I’m so tired that my eyes are burning. 😴

Here’s a very belated (any very rough and pasty-looking) SD&S for the beautiful badass @high-heel-mileage! ❤️❤️ I’ll tag @nowforthefunpart, @tiny-owl, and @amater-photographeur.


The awesome @fasterphil tagged me for what’s in front of me. Right now, it’s my book (again 😉), but at the time of the tag, it was my front garden and some of my cheerful flowers from last year…plus, my very sporadic helper. He abandons me very quickly for long periods of time. 🙄 But, he’s pretty cute, so I let it slide.

The Monster behaved for me and did not leave me stranded at Home Depot! 🙌🏻

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