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Music Class Headcanons

I’m not sure if music is or isn’t an obligatory subject in Japanese high schools but @letoikawasucceed and I had a few ideas.

- Has surprisingly high music grades for someone who doesn’t have much time to practice.
- Is terrible at composing but adept in analysing music and performing pieces exactly how they’re written.
- He hardly blinks when he’s performing because he’s so concentrated on the piano?? It looks pretty terrifying.

- An amazing voice, usually does tenor parts but can do bass as well.
- He kinda gets ignored by the girls in his class until he’s actually needed for duets. (He’s pimping at this rate)
- Does composing at the last minute. He’s absolutely desperate for inspiration until the last week where he rushes everything and somehow gets an amazing grade.

- He took up the cello in middle school. His friend wanted to do a duet with him. Talk about an amazing friend.
- He’s above average in all areas, of music but not at the top of his class.
- He joined the school orchestra at first but ended up leaving in his third year

- Is great at improvising right off the bat (He practiced the hell out of scales when he was younger)
- The one dude who whispers “is mayonnaise an instrument” in the middle of the silence.
- Why the clarinet Semi asked when he found that Tendou could play it. You see, it’s necessary to get people’s attention if everyone in the orchestra won’t be quiet. He makes this terrible screeching sound with his instrument. Needless to say… he gets attention.

- Can play by ear but never reads sheet music. Well, he can read sheet music as long as it doesn’t have any sharps or flats…
- He’s pretty fast at learning though. If you tell him what to do, within two or three tries he’ll be able to perform how you want.
- The girls in his music class adore him and like to sing along when he’s playing the piano. His ego is… inflating.

- He can’t play by ear or without sheet music but his sight reading is on point.
- Learned the piano as a kid but later picked up the violin. Though people thought he was being a try hard, he still ended up with the best grades in music in the end.
- Whenever the class is on a trip and they see a piano, they’re instantly whispering to Shirabu to go play it. He doesn’t unless it’s a grand piano. Is he an elitist or something? Maybe, but grand pianos feel way better to play.

- He makes the most outlandish excuses to skip music class even though he’s pretty good at playing the piano.
- He learned the flute as a kid and was pretty good but he refuses to play it in class.
- ^^Reason being: Once his friend was performing and slipped and ended up ‘deepthroating a flute’ like that’s a legitimate fear, there is no way Kawanishi is going to let that happen to him as well. (This actually happened one time to a flutist I knew, rip)

- He cannot sing. Don’t make him try to. He literally sounds like a cat dying. He knows this. He does not subject anyone to suffering. How considerate.
- He CAN HOWEVER BEAT BOX. But too bad beat boxing isn’t graded but he’s literally hunted by the school’s acapella group.
- He does play the drums so whenever someone needs accompaniment? Guess who else is pimping.

#StonerSunday Soundtrack for 13/03/2016 & 20/03/2016

#GetLifted by the dankest tracks from the second and third week of March 2016

DROPXLIFE - FWDSLXSH - The Code - SBTRKT - Kyo & Labirinth - Mura Masa - Basenji - Shura remixed by Four Tet - A-Trak & Ookay - Rihanna remixed by DJDS - Kloks - With You & Vince Staples remixed by Major Lazer - Softest Hard - Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj - Laurel - Kali Uchis - Willow - PARTYNEXTDOOR & Drake - KAYTRANADA, Karriem Riggins & River Tiber - M.I.A. - Major Lazer & Grandtheft - Tribulations - Natty Nation - Nattali Rize & Julian Marley - DROPXLIFE - Flatbush Zombies - Travis Scott - Joey Bada$$ - RemyBoyz - Father, Abra & ILoveMakonnen - P-Lo, G-Eazy & Jay Ant - Michael Christmas - A$AP FERG & A$AP MARTY - A$AP TWELVYY & A$AP ANT - A$AP ANT & FAT TREL - PLAYBOI CARTI & UNOTHEACTIVIST - Pell remixed by Chuck Inglish

“Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.” - Vince Lombardi

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I messed up a few times so there are some weird cuts in here from editing, but here’s my graduation speech. I worked really hard on it and I’m really nervous to give it on Thursday, so if any of you could listen to it and give feedback I would really appreciate it!

P.S. There’s a twenty one pilots quote at the end so that’s dope.

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