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Tennessee caused a stir earlier this year when it ran an audit of the state’s 2015 graduating class. The number crunchers in Nashville reported that nearly a third of students who received a diploma didn’t complete the required coursework. One in three.

Naturally, parents and politicians alike were baffled and more than a little bothered.

“I’m just having a hard time reconciling ‘requirement’ with 'didn’t do it,’” board member Wendy Tucker said at a public meeting, hypothesizing on the spot that this could explain Tennessee’s trouble with students succeeding in college. Less than a quarter of high-school graduates earn a postsecondary degree.

She wasn’t the only one having a hard time. The state’s Department of Education struggled to explain the gap.

Should High School Students Need A Foreign Language To Graduate?

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Why do people not appreciate Tarquin more? I love his character so much.

-He is the only High Lord in history to see past the mask/show Rhysand puts on for everyone. He wanted to be Rhysand’s friend. He looked at Rhys and didn’t see a monster but a man that was trying to protect the other Fae from Amarantha

-He wants to close to class gap between High Fae and “lesser fae” just like Rhysand. He just wants every fae to have the same rights no matter what class they are.

-He is one of the nicest High Lords. He told Feyre about his advisors wanting him to learn how to play games like other High Lords and he said he’s just not good at it. He also wanted to be friends with Feyre and didn’t treat her like she was some hero, he treated her like a normal person. I’m so glad he’s not like the other High Lords

I know he sent the blood rubies but I think he just did that out of anger and because he was hurt. He wanted to have one friend among the High Lords who wasn’t playing some stupid game with him, and he feels betrayed by Feyre and Rhys. I hope their conflict is resolved in ACOWAR and they become friends.

My hobbies include thinking of the most trivial excuses to go to my tc classroom in order to interact with them more

me 2015: *starts to have a crush on a teacher/older people* I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now!

me 2016: *starts to have a crush on a teacher/older people* I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one I have never asked to be apart of,