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My study related replies: 

You can gain a wealth of information from the lists of masterposts below: 

If you’re ever feeling alone, demotivated, or otherwise:  

There’s also a bunch of high school level studyblrs with “how to” masterposts. Granted, the majority of them are US/UK, but there’s some transferrable skills you’ll be able to gleam. 

The hsc is scary beast, but dw university entry ATARs  like you would not believe because hello US style graduate model $$$$$ 


Excuse me for posting this but I’m so glad for Yuzu? I’m so happy because he broke the world record? (Which has topped Yuri Katsuki’s world record in the ‘unrealistic’ YoI universe) He was wonderful while skating his free skate? I LOVE HIM?
And consider this: he was in the 5th place after the short programs, but he won the competition by scoring a SO GODDAMN HIGH SCORE on his FS!!! (Now who’s unrealistic in YoI?? Huh?)
And that means Yuri Katsuki can easily win a competition next year without doing extremely well in his short program

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Hi! How do you manage your time when you spend a lot of time commuting and even more time at your tuition centres? I actually have 4 tuitions and I spend nearly 2 hours travelling and 4 hours on tuitions. Could you help please? I get absolutely no time to self study and on top of that I have to help with chores at home, my father being a depression patient and my mom being away to earn, across the continent actually. 🙁

Hey! Sounds like quite the packed schedule you’ve got there. My top two tips are: 

1. Finding a routine that works for you

Making the best use of your time requires knowing the type of student - heck, person you are. Can you study whilst commuting? If yes, find the best medium for you to do quick revision on during your 2hr commute - whether it be typing up three things you want to remember from class that day on your phone, planning your study schedule, listening to a podcast related to your area of study or going through flashcards. 

If you’re absolutely knackered on the way home from school, don’t study. use that time to rest and recuperate! You can jump back straight into studying once you’re home and refreshed. Alternatively use that time to catch up on correspondence, dick around tumblr, get your daily dose of procrastination out of the way! 

Same goes with studying early in the morning and/or late. Just know your rhythms and routines. 

2. Studying “smart” 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be studying 8+ hours a day to get good results. Heck, some of the smartest people I know barely studied for our university entrance exams.  

Tailor what time you have to what you’re going to be assessed on and the format of that assessment. 

Your syllabus is your best guide. For example, if something was only briefly covered in class for a week and another was covered for three weeks, focus on the latter. If you’re only going to get MCQ based questions or short answer questions on a topic, don’t bother learning things down to the nitty gritty detail - have a few examples and a solid understanding of the key concepts. If your exam will be essay based, identify themes and brush up on your comparative examples. 

Ask your teacher. They’re paid to help you, literally

Similarly, ask whether you need tutoring. What value are you getting out of it - is it helping you understand concepts? Are they helping you with exam prep? 

Or are they simply giving your more homework in the guise that “doing more = knowing more = success” (it isn’t by the way. because its you who sits the exam, not your tutors). 

And if you find that self studying is more effective for you than tutoring, then save those extra dollars and reduce your tutoring sessions. 

And here’s a few extra tips from some other studyblrs that might help: 

If its an option, consider negotiating with people and delegating tasks. If you need that extra time due to your personal circumstances, consult your faculty/ school advisor to see what they can accommodate re: exam timetables, pushing assessment deadlines back. 

Time, unfortunately, is not something we can control. But with help from others, we sure as hell can manage it. So ask for help whenever you need it.  

Wishing you all the best anon, 



The Storm Inside - A Season 2 AU by agentverbivore

After something very different happens in Puerto Rico, Fitz wakes up to learn that he’s gained terrifying earthquake powers. Again incapable of controlling his own body, he closes himself off from the one person who is the most desperate to help; but this time, Jemma isn’t backing away from him so easily. This is the story of how Fitz becomes something he never wanted, and yet somehow finds his way back to the person he once wanted more than anything. 
                         In which Jemma makes a stand (or five), Trip lives, Skye gets her agency back, and Fitz figures out where he’s always belonged.  (x)

On the GPF 2016

Despite the unpredictable outcome of this GPF I’m not going to say that Chen didn’t deserve his score or Fernandez and Chan got cheated. Today just wasn’t the top three’s day, and unfortunately it cost Chan and Fernandez a lot.

Hanyu was really lucky that the other two had worse fallouts than him, but I’m immensely proud of him for that spectacular SP. He definitely deserved the gold.

Although the FS does rack up the most points, it isn’t the only deciding factor for skating, and I’m glad Hanyu gave a great performance to keep him at the top and Chen gave a great FS performance. Chen wasn’t cheated nor was he undeserving of his high score, that FS was his best yet!

But ultimately I’m hoping to see the top three step it up, and I’m excited to see what else Nathan Chen can offer!

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im a freshman in hs and i want to prepare for act /sat and was wondering if you have any tips??

Hey! University entry in Australia isn’t based on standardised tests so here’s some advice from some other studyblrs: 

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hi? I've just started 8th grade, last year before high school. my classes seem a lot harder and I'm used to making all A's. I'm worried about a plethora of things but do you have any good study methods that I can use for a long time? Any advice?

Hey! Great job on making it this far and with such a stellar academic record. Here’s a few tips that I hope will help you in the rocky and crazy road that is high school 

1. Dealing with failure 

My top tip would be learn how to deal with failure. 
aka: develop persistence. 

No matter how consistent your academic record is to date, one day you’re going to meet our good ol’ friend failure. And failure isn’t necessarily an “F” - sometimes its seeing a small slip in your grades, working hard for something and not expecting the result you receive etc. 
Learning how to move onand bounce back from disappointment will help you in the long run. 

Something that helps me in this regard is knowing that “perfection does not equate to success”. Perfectionism often breeds anxiety and then this binary way of thinking where “I’ve either done well or failllleeeedd”, when in reality, there’s all these shades in between.  

To put this into an academic context - if you need an overall mark of 95%, getting 60% for one assessment does not mean that you’ve totally fucked it up and will “never be an A+ student again oh my god I’ve fucked it up forever”.  It just means you’re going to need to achieve a little higher in your next few assessments. Its the students who can bounce back from a bad score and change it that will do well in the end. Persistence. 

2. What the fuck does studying smart mean?

My second tip would be to study smart. The amount of time you study does not directly translate into a good mark. Tailoring that study time to what you’re going to be assessed on will be the most effective use of your time (and give you time to enjoy a life outside of high school!). Consult your syllabus to see what you’re going to be examined on. Then tailor your study method to reflect the type of assessment. 

For example, if its an MCQ based exam study broadly, don’t focus on specific  case studies or example. If you’re going to have an essay based exam, focus on themes and brush up on comparative examples. Depth, not breadth. 

3. High school is high school. That’s it. 

High school will only be one stage of your life. Right now, its the next one, the most immediate one. It’ll come with its own stupid rules which are non applicable in life after those 3-5 years. 

But that’s it. Its a special rice cooker brand of stress, competitiveness, laughs and tears.

So when things get tough, know that things will change. Eventually. 

And hopefully you’ll be able to come out with a few hilarious stories and some people who you can call at 3am in the morning. 

To be honest, its been a long time since I’ve graduated high school, so here’s a few tips from a few studyblrs with some up to date and specific advice! 

Good luck, and all the best! 

GPF SP scores and anxiety

I’m crazy scared because Yurio has more than a twenty point difference. 

In the Russian event, Yurio scored 98.09 for his short and got a total of 297.96 so his FS score would be 199.87. While Yuri has not ever even reached a score that high in his FS, it’s because he has never skated his FS flawlessly.

To beat Yurio, who is in the top spot, and those above him, he would need to at least break that 200 point mark for his FS. Because if Yurio skates in his best form, lest he makes a huge error, he can easily score the same he did in the Russian Cup. What’s scarier is if Yurio once again amps the technicality of his jumps like his SP. 

This is where my pessimism gets to me. I would love Yuri to win! But against this evolving monster, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yurio won. I would be really sad though because I want love to prevail in the end! No but really, I would be sad.

Yurio still has a lot opportunities. Yuri has already decided to retire after this GPF.

They really set this up so that Yuri’s final opponent is the other Yuri. I was surprised about JJ but at least that’s one less opponent I’ll worry about.

Yuri really needs to land that flip in his FS now.

Though I’m so nervous, I want that new episode now! Even though I don’t want it to end, I can’t wait for the finale. Will they surprise me again? For sure the biggest surprises for me were that kiss in episode 7 and those rings and the last year banquet in episode 10. How will they one up those, I don’t know…

Plus, that tweet! That tweet….so many scary flags popping in my head. Kubo-sensei is such a tease…

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I read your analyses last night and I seriously couldn't believe how amazing and right you were. The points you had were phenomenal. I really appreciated it because I wasn't necessarily mad about Yuuri not getting gold, I was more upset at the fact that Yuri beat him. I get his short program was good, but he FELL during the free skate. I'm not a professional by any means so idk scoring but I felt Yuuri still should've beaten him. But still, yeah you were spot on. Nice job!

Thank you very much!

I think the reason Yurio won was 1) His SP score was so high; and 2) His FS was still technically amazing. Even with the fall, he lifted his arms during some of the jumps - and am I remembering correctly that he also threw in another quad that wasn’t expected?

I wanted Yuuri (aka my child) to win gold badly, but I have to admit, Yurio worked his ass off for that medal. He earned it.


2016 U.S. Nationals | Gracie Gold - “The Firebird” (Free Skate) - [High-Def]