high fruit raw vegan


Lunch some days ago: One huge, organic and really juicy and sweet papaya from the farmers market topped with one large banana and some cinnamon. High carb low fat, filling and simply the best quick lunch ever. I’m so looking forward to summer with much more fruit variety! Enjoy your Sunday, xx

Decided to finish off the fruit in the fridge that I’d forgotten about before going to the markets tomorrow - four kiwi fruits and two big Granny Smith apples 👍🏼🍏 love my sugaaaah (and my cat)

Fueled by fruit! Don’t ever let anyone tell you fruit contains too much sugar. Because of the abundance of vitamins, minerals and fiber a piece of fruit contains, we absorb the sugars present in fruit differently than the processed, refined sugars in candy, cake, doughnuts, cookies and other sweets. We are designed to fuel ourselves with what the earth naturally provides.