high fivers

Just a wee bit of fanart for my fav youtuber! I got a really bad sunburn that hella bummed me out, so I binged watched his kindergarten series and it made me feel better, as per usual. Thank you for being amazing as always Jack! ;u;

(tbh kinda wanna put some youtuber cameos in my nonsense comic series, what do you think?)

@therealjacksepticeye (a.k.a best high fiver)

call out post for @chilitumblin

called me a boner today and then insisted he meant it as a compliment

didn’t know where italy is until i told him

has really nice eyelashes and eyebrows and is really cute all around but denies it

makes fun of the way i say hashbrown

is confused by my totally rational hatred of full house and cold chocolate

laughs at me for not understanding the yukon

is a good high-fiver

I really like Rouge and I lover her power set. I always found her just so deliciously tragic. She has such a fiery, warm, and spunky personality with southern whit and charm, but is so very isolated. Great emo stuff going on with her. Being from the south I can tell you that we are a culture of huggers, hand holders, cheek kissers, and high fivers. I couldn’t imagine going a whole day with out this simplest of human interaction. I find her so fascinating… not to mention she is a complete bad ass.

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honestly, elise is such an aggressive high fiver and i love it

She’s always so aggressive it’s actually really cute XD  I feel like she could beat me up and I’d take that as affection LMAO.


Doctor Who Valencia.   A running sequence with the Doctor and Bill for Episode 2 at the City of Arts and Science Museum in Valencia, Spain (July 26, 2016). I feel bad that Peter had to run in the heat wearing several layers of clothing. But as the Doctor, he will do whatever it takes to make it a fun and entertaining show. His co-star felt a high-fiver was needed. ;)

“High five, Doctor!” “Low five, Bill!”

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When meeting someone: r u a hugger or a kisser? Or a high-fiver or smth?

I’ll definitely handshake someone if I’m meeting them for the first time. But usually when saying goodbye, I’ll give a hug! Unless I’m at a meet-up, in which case I’m a hugger full time unless it makes the person uncomfortable!