high fashion pantyhose


Ariadna in black


I find the ladies in business attire to be quite sexy no matter the level. They could be interns, secretary, lawyers, CEOs, supervisor, manager, etc…I feel like the ladies in position of power at work tend to make great submissive ladies. I believe a woman doesn’t want to be in charge 24/7. They want to be able to relax at home and feel like the submissive woman they crave to be deep down. That is why I have a sense of respect for submissive women with a career.

The pairing of the skirt, polka doted nylons, and high heels is a superb combination! I always love to see a woman wearing stockings or pantyhose when it comes to a business attire. Plenty of times I debate about if a woman is wearing pantyhose, thigh highs, or thigh high stockings with a garter belt. If you reading this, Then you already know how I feel about heels!