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For anyone trying to figure out how to look great without breaking the bank, I highly recommend thrift stores. HIGHLY recommend. I have been getting some amaaazing scores there lately. Yesterday I got a $200 pair of Banana Republic boots, a $100 Nordstrom hoodie and another pair of pants that are normally about $100 (I can’t remember the brand right now) all for $18. EIGHT. TEEN. DOLLARS. It all is in great shape and could easily pass for brand new. I have always loved thrifting for treasures so this is nothing new for me but, sometimes you’ve just got to put in a little time and really search for the good stuff. It pays off. I’ve seen too many girls have an ego about buying second hand and honestly, honey, it doesn’t matter. No one will know but you. Bring it home, wash it, hang it up, give it a new life. I have gotten such a ridiculous amount of designer and high quality brand name items from the thrift store. Rich people know they have nice shit and that’s why they donate it. Take advantage of that shit! Happy sugaring. ✨😘

For people who still doubt Yang Hyun Scum’s shitty CEO qualities look how he treats Akdong Musician. First of all, he wanted Suhyun, a fucking 17 year old girl (she was probably 16 or younger at the time) to get a nose job. so automatic fuck you. But besides that. AKMU is from what I can see probably the group in YG that needs the least amount of staff assistance to make a comeback. They don’t need world class choreographers, or high fashion brands. They don’t need teddy or lydia or Kush or any YG producer making their music. all those two kids need are a guitar, a studio to record in, and a room to practice in. Then they just need some indie film maker to do their art direction and music video (i’m pretty sure AKMU contributes to their own art direction too). Those kids are an indie band, who had wild success prior to YG. Chanhyuk has hundreds of songs. I’m sure countless of albums waiting to go. But YG won’t even let them release anything? Chanhyuk even has songs ready for a suhyun solo album when he’s in the army. The sad thing is that he even asked YG to please let Suhyun sing when he goes to the army. It’s so infuriating because YG literally has two musical geniuses under his company that can do everything themselves perfectly without any of his resources. But they’re locked up in the fucking dungeon. He has these amazing artists but he’s letting them waste it’s so fucking stupid because AKMU is so popular and would sell so much if he let them release music. 

this just in: you cannot enjoy fashion/art made by queer artists/designers if you are homophobic. let’s give have an easy rundown of who it is you are discriminating if you are homophobic:

Giorgio Armani

Gianni Versace

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Louboutin

Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior

Tom Ford


Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce&Gabbana)

Dries Van Noten

Alexander Wang

Marc Jacobs

and that’s only the biggest names of the last 50 years. the list goes on, and the world of fashion, as it turns out, is built on queer artists.



Designed by the mega-cool Chanelle Laurence and Christian Ojeda, Valley High is THE single brand to know now. Hailing from sunny SoCal, Valley High’s classic take on streetwear offers women a rad selection of everything from t-shirt dresses and crewnecks to bodycon looks and satin jackets in the dopest colorways and prints.

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Erika’s striking resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio is what started her career as a male model.

The 25-year-old Swedish born model has modeled for high-end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Balmain and YSL and stars in a new indie drama Below Her Mouth.

Linder has used her looks to become an inspiration to other young androgynous models.