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Okay well, @dtk15 requested a snowed in version which I’ll be posting shortly after this post, but I thought I’d make another college AU orientated one. So thanks for the ideas and prompts, dude!

The tv lolled quietly in the background, a soft click echoing throughout the silent halls as Jonathan dug himself deeper underneath his teddy bear. The lights were off and his eyes trained fearfully at the horror show playing. Annabelle.

“Johnny! We’re home, mother fucker!” Luke’s voice echoed in the halls, frightening the lad on the couch to diving for the remote and a mix of hiding his face to muffle his scream or wave back and at least try to be friendly back.

He ended up falling on his knees and face on the ground, his teddy bear stealing his spot gleefully. “Why are you…” uke started but looked up and shook his head with a sigh.

“Another horror movie? Jonathan, we have exams tomorrow, you’re gonna hate not being able to sleep tonight.” Evan sent a concerned glance to his friend.

“I-I’ll be fine if you don’t purposely scare me, bitches!”

Tyler laughed, “I could do much better than Luke, trust me.”

Evan glared at Tyler before sighing and plopping next to Jonathan on the couch. Jonathan scooted against the arm of the loveseat(2-seat couch usually for couples), his left arm grazing against Evan’s right one. “We bought soda.”

Jonathan nodded, his face lightly red from embarrassment. He gladly took the can of pop from Evan and greedily slurped a quarter down before sputtering on a cough as a sudden wail from behind interrupted the peace.

Evan placed a comforting hand on Jonathan’s shoulders as Tyler snickered behind the sudden frightened male. “Come on, Ty, leave him be.”

“Fine, fine.” Tyler grinned, winking at Evan and heading into the kitchen to help put away groceries.

Evan softly smiled, hearing Tyler start bickering with Craig about breakfast, Brock cutting in to say he’d be cooking before school every morning anyway.

Jonathan shuddered lightly and grasped the remote in his free hand, slurping his pop quickly as he resumed his show. Evan sighed and snuggled close under the blankets, pulling Jonathan’s teddy bear from between them to his lap and setting him against Evan’s side with a knowing smile.

The two were left to their show in fright, joy, and satisfaction by their somewhat respectful friends. This caused a smile to appear on their lips as they cuddled even closer for more comfort against the frightening wails of the doll or ghost on the show.

Jonathan nuzzled his head in the crook of Evan’s neck, “Thanks buddy…”

“No problem. Love ya.”

“I love ya too, Evay bear…” Jonathan yawned, watching his show with droopy eyes.

Evan smiled, pecking his cheek before nuzzling his cheek against the top of Jonathan’s forehead, lolling off to sleep himself .

deh characters as things my friends have said:

Connor: “I’d rather be high. Or dead.”

Evan: “I like plants WAY better than people. I understand them better, too.”

Jared: “This is like the kinky thing all over again.”

Alana: “I’ve learned that I’m smarter than most people.”

Zoe: “Maybe I’m not extra. Maybe the world’s just less.”

Larry: “When he talks my heart starts racing, but not like I love him, like I hate him.”

Cynthia: “Is it possible to get high off of pixie sticks?”

Heidi: “I get ignored a lot, but I’m not an idiot.”

anonymous asked:

evan wants to get high what do we do????

M: don’t let Evan get high! He’s too pure and… he probably wouldn’t handle it very well.  

literally no one can convince me that ryan and chad were not gay for each other.

a) “I’LL SHOW YOU HOW I SWING” with this face

b) they are literally wearing each other’s clothes and practically sitting in each other’s laps

c) um… THIS

d) chad very much checks out ryan and asks if he has game

just… whoever tries to deny it is obviously fooling themselves

dear evan hansen sky high au

the wonderful @galaticpanda and I spent the past few days brainstorming this

inspired by this les mis fic where les amis were all at Sky High


  • has the power to make plants grow anywhere
  • of course, his favorite type of plant to grow is trees
  • has a ton of little flowers and flowerpots growing in his room
  • gets too nervous going up to show his power so he ends up getting picked to be sidekick
  • doesn’t want to use it to harm people
  • let him grow his trees in peace
  • grows little bonsai trees and stuff when he gets anxious to calm himself down
  • when he goes full on panic attack things start to grow on him uncontrollably
  • always has twigs and leaves and petals in his hair. The other four are always pulling them out but he is never plant-free for long
  • connor thinks he looks adorable
  • leaves little flowers for people when he can tell they’re hurting
  • largely linked to his feelings/emotions
  • spends the night at connor’s or something and they wake up to a little rainforest 


  • power: invisibility
  • when he and zoe were younger, they’d play hide and seek and he’d always play little cute tricks on her by disappearing so she can’t find him
  • goes into his room and turns invisible when he wants to be alone
  • or when he doesn’t want people to see him at school
  • mainly uses it to avoid social situations
  • gets picked as hero because his power is useful, but he hates having that much pressure on him so he doesn’t try very hard
  • also turns invisible when he’s embarrassed, so when he starts liking evan he disappears whenever evan looks at him
  • evan thinks it’s because connor doesn’t like him, but later on he realizes that it’s actually because he does
  • of course when evan realizes this he makes a little bouquet of flowers for connor and there’s blushing all around (connor turned invisible for a solid hour)
  • when he doesn’t want to talk to his parents he uses his invisibility to make them think he left his house


  • technopath/computer genius
  • everyone expected it because of how good he was with computers
  • initially chosen as hero, but moved to sidekick after 2 days
  • he got demoted because he reprogrammed the school intercoms to say nothing but the word “kinky” on repeat for an entire day
  • the professors couldn’t do anything about it. the only thing they could do was make him a sidekick as a punishment
  • jared doesn’t really care. sometimes he makes the teachers’ computers flash obscenities to make evan laugh
  • they first find out about his power after connor throws the printer at the teacher and jared just walks over there and fixes it like it’s nothing
  • he’d fixed all of his robot toys at home so that they could move on their own and do other awesome things
  • still loves video games
  • his and evan’s personalities/powers clash, but in a good way


  • everyone thinks it has to do with music bc she can just play any instrument that she picks up
  • she just goes with it. doesn’t say much when they make fun of it or anything 
  • one day the murphys are camping and realize that no one knows how to start a fire so she just casually uses her powers to make one
  • she’s actually a pyro and they all freak out a bit
  • cue all the “zoe is hot” jokes
  • evan kinda realizes that this must mean that she’s actually just musically talented on her own
  • she gets picked to be a hero and she loves learning to use her powers
  • she’s the only person connor won’t mess with because he knows how much power she has
  • she and connor often refer to themselves as supergirl and the invisible boy


  • superintelligence/telepathy
  • this one’s no surprise to her or her family
  • she was obviously intelligent from a young age 
  • chosen as a hero, for obvious reasons
  • she knows the answers to questions before they’re even asked, so everyone originally assumes she can see into the future
  • in reality, her telepathy allows her to read minds so she already knows what they’re gonna ask
  • however, she also hears all the snide comments everyone makes/thinks about her
  • she has trouble filtering what’s said and what’s thought so she thinks of a lot of people as friends
  • she forgets who actually confides in her
  • she knows more about some people than they know about themselves
  • that’s why she said that she was friends with connor
  • she can hear his dark cloud of negative thoughts from classrooms away
  • she also knows about evan and his insecurities
  • when someone is having a particularly bad day she’ll sorta sneak positive thoughts into their heads like how evan leaves flowers for people
Best Indie Movies

- Electrick Children (2012)

- 500 Days of Summer (2009)

- Palo Alto (2013)

- Lymelife (2008)

- Adult World (2013)

- The Art of Getting By (2011)

- It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

- High Fidelity (2000)

- Almost Famous (2000)

- Nightcrawler (2014)

- Adventureland (2009)

- American Ultra (2015)

- White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

it’s been 10 years since high school musical came out and sharpay and ryan still deserved the lead roles in the musical about 10,000 times more than troy and gabriella did b y e