high estrogen levels

Hey Ladies

The scariest thing ever is that “qualified” medical professionals have almost no idea what they’re doing when it comes to prescribing HRT to trans women. 

For example: spironolactone is not necessary for reducing testosterone levels, and can have not only severe impacts on mental health like insomnia and depression, but can significantly reduce growth of breast tissue. Yet I still see girls taking up to 200 mg a day, which is SO dangerous and irresponsible given the mental health risks that trans women are already put under just by existing in our transphobic society. This is also the case for other antiandrogens like Finasteride or Dutasteride. 

High levels of estrogen are usually associated with a risk for thrombosis/blood clots, but the studies that extrapolated this were based on the combination of two dangerous drugs, Premarin and Provera. In order for the results from HRT that most of us are looking for, estradiol has to be in the higher “””female””” ranges, which will also be enough to reduce testosterone level by itself.

Bioidentical estrogen should also be combined with bioidentical progesterone, NOT drugs like provera which can cause increased risk of depression and anxiety and cancer. Progesterone is also necessary for the potential of HRT results to be increased. 

Also, ALL THIS STUFF SHOULD BE INJECTED! oral estradiol and progesterone are not going to give the same results as their injectable versions. And thanks to the super notgreat workings of pharma. companies, injectable estrogen is in a huge shortage in the US! But you can still get it in different forms from overseas that are just as safe and viable.

Do your research, and don’t let whoever you’re seeing for HRT push you into something without knowing the repercussions on your body and mental health. Girls are dying because of stuff like this. 

On the 4th of June, I hit my nine month (39 weeks) mark on hormone replacement therapy! For the testosterone blockers, I currently take 200 MG of Spironolactone (Two 100MG Spiro pills) a day, and 6 MG of Estradiol (Three 2MG Estradiol pills) for estrogen. I still take them before bed just in case it might give me a headache I could sleep it off.


● I’m still grateful for the high dosage my doctor put me on. A lot has changed, and my dosage is most definitely a factor. However, I am not a doctor, therefore keep in mind that I started off with a pretty high dosage because my estrogen levels were low to begin with. I would not recommend that anyone uses my dosage as their HRT guide. Be safe!


● I feel very in tune with my emotions. Allowing myself to openly feel sad and cry is getting easier. Sometimes I like to embrace sadness, especially in an environment where I’m expected to be happy. It feels liberating and reminds me of the innocence that is basic emotion.


● This past semester in college, I was in a musical, and the costume designer knew I’m on hormones, therefore she had me come in again to re-measure everything to see if anything has changed. And they have. She said the measurements for my bust increased, waist decreased, and hips increased. This is a common occurrence with anybody who has/is on estrogen, therefore I was not too surprised. I did not notice them visually until about my eight month mark, where I could see the indentation of the waistline. My breasts are still developing, and they are still swollen and painful. Fat redistribution on my facial area seems drastic whenever I look at old pictures. I couldn’t figure out what was different about it besides the jawline, and then I noticed recently that my nose does not look and feel the same anymore. Unsure what that’s all about, but I’m overall happy! I am more confident with my body more than ever.


● Having a single room on a campus resident hall is one of the best decisions I have made, because winding down by myself allowed me to recharge and get back on track, mentally. I would definitely highly suggest to anybody who is in school and interested to medically transition to get your own space. You will need your me-time, where your transness is not always what’s on your mind, and where you can let go and let loose in your own privacy. I am still learning to be more open about my feelings and how I am mentally doing. My anxiety is mostly rooted in family related things, so that in itself is not HRT related.


Passing has become very easy. It is almost empowering to have the power to portray a certain way to allow people to perceive you the way you want to be seen. However, passing as a feminine woman comes with more male attention, which is extremely complicated to talk about. My experiences so far has been a mixture of things, and I will surely do a blog post sometime soon about that!

If you have any questions, please send me an ask!

Cheers ♥ - DW

51 year old FTM....

So today I turned 51 and I feel no different.  I have gone to the doctor (I found one that understands why I do what I do and has no issues with it) and had my blood taken (I haven’t had my t tested for about 2 years).  What was surprising is that he has not had any transgender patients but is very intrigued by them.  He tested me for both testosterone and estrogen.  I told him what and how much t I am taking (150 mgs testosterone enthanate every 7 days) and he felt that I might not be taking enough because I am a man in my early 50′s.  Come to find out my t levels are above normal but not too high BUT my estrogen levels are HIGH (they should be around 20 but they are at 60).  He is a little concerned so he is putting me on estrogen blockers.  He thinks that my estrogen is so high because women in their 50′s are going thru menopause and since I have never had a hysterectomy that is why my levels are so high.  Other than that my health is great.  I will post more on this when I get results!

when cisgender men develop breasts because of unusually high estrogen levels, or develop “”“"feminizing”“”“ traits because of various reasons, it’s a horrible experience for them and they need help, but when transgender men/afab masculine trans people with gender dysphoria have had to live with breasts and ”“"feminine”“” traits for their ENTIRE LIVES (or since puberty began in them), they’re ‘overreacting’ and need to 'calm down’ and 'live with it’