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The Bad Touch

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2322

Warnings: very mild injury, swearing, NSFW

A/N: Requested by anon for a smutty/semi-smutty reader-insert involving a mysterious infection that ups the sex drive and leads to Bones and reader confronting their feelings. I took a little liberty with the prompt but I hope you like the way it turned out anyway!!! There’s not a whole lot of flustered Len. :( also the song title is based off “The Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang (which is hilariously appropriate and you should listen to it). Also! Not proofread, so sorry. And Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! Merry Day to everyone who doesn’t!

“‘Join Starfleet’ they said,” you grumbled to yourself as you trekked through another mile of alien rainforest. “‘It’ll be fun’ they said. ‘You’ll get to travel and discover new things.’” You scoffed as you swatted a bug away from your face. “Yeah, like how many different plants can kill you in under a minute.”

Captain Kirk laughed beside you, sending some kind of extraterrestrial bird flying from its perch in surprise. “God, you’re worse than Bones. If you’re scared of alien planets, why did you join the security team?”

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Can a lack on intake of fats lead to hormonal imbalance?

This is one of the most contentious topics we come across & it causes irrational flame wars when it comes up.  Its sad because it takes more than a one liner to explain and people lose their brains & end up convincing others to make changes that are contrary and potentially harmful to their health.  In order to understand the answer you have to read to the end, you can’t just take one line and go nuts when you read it.  The answer depends on the totality of the knowledge, consider it FAT CALCULUS.  

There is an essential amount of dietary fat required and also an essential amount of body fat required. They are not the same nor directly related, though you will hear such comments, such as women “need” to eat more fat because their bodies need more fat.

A certain amount of body fat is required and is called “essential.” In men, it’s around 4-6% and in women around 8-12%. It is higher in women because of gender and hormonal differences and reproductive issues. Going below this amount causes problems especially in regard to proper hormone production & functioning.  

This is not directly related to the percent fat in the diet but more to total calories as as you can eat a diet with a high percent fat that is too low in calories & have the problem. The main driver is low body fat from reduced total caloric intake. Those on Caloric Restriction (CR) who have discussed having this issue were following medium to high fat diets.   

As long as someone is following the program, getting in enough calories to maintain a “healthy” weight and consuming a variety of foods, this should not be a problem. However, we do occasionally see someone push the limits thinking this is a completely no fat diet, and try to minimize and/or exclude any and all foods higher in fat, even in the recommended foods (i.e., oatmeal being 16% fat) and/or try to push their BMI’s to low (below 18.5) or trying to force their BMI to the lowest end in the lower range of acceptable. I noticed a push for this after I posted that the lower end of the BMI (18.5 - 21.9) may be healthier. 

~Jeff Novick RD

Understand the negative effects of a high fat diet. 


Several of the most common forms of cancer are linked to sex hormones. This is true of cancers of the breast, uterus, ovary, prostate, and perhaps other sites. The amount of hormones in our bodies and their actions are determined, in large part, by the foods we eat.Fatty foods affect the body in many ways and have a strong influence on hormonal activity in the body. First, high-fat diets increase the amount of estrogens, the female sex hormones, in the blood. It is known that many breast tumors are “fueled” by estrogens. Estrogens are normal and essential hormones for both women and men, but the more estrogen there is, the greater the driving force behind some kinds of breast cancer. On high-fat diets, estrogen levels increase. When women adopt low-fat diets, their estrogen levels drop noticeably in a very short time.31-33 Vegetarians have significantly lower estrogen levels than non-vegetarians, in part because of the lower fat content of their diet. In addition, they have more of certain carrier molecules, called sex hormone binding globulin, which circulate in the blood and have the job of holding onto sex hormones, keeping them inactive until they are needed. Fatty foods do the reverse: they increase estrogens and reduce the amount of the carrier molecule that is supposed to keep estrogens in check.

American Institute For Cancer Research

Simply put: If you load up your plate with plant foods, which contain lots of water and fiber and not much fat, you’ll feel full on fewer calories.And that’s important because calorie-dense meals promote overweight and obesity, and excess body fat is a primary cause of many cancers.


Body fat is a metabolically active organ.Too much body fat can increase cancer risk in several ways:Fat cells produce estrogen, and high levels of estrogen links to risk of some cancers.Fat cells produce a variety of proteins that cause high levels of insulin and other hormones, which in turn may spur cancer cell growth.Excess body fat produce cytokines and other substances that can lead to chronic inflammation, which links to increased cancer risk.Research suggests that fat at the waist – visceral fat – is even more active in producing growth stimulants. So overweight people – particularly if they are apple-shaped – have high levels of substances circulating in their blood that stimulate cell division. The more often cells divide, the more opportunity there is for cancer to develop.Because of the overwhelming evidence, AICR recommends maintaining a healthy weight throughout life to best reduce your chances of developing cancer.

http://www.aicr.org/cancer-research-upd … Daily.html

I hope you understand its not the % of fat on a whole food plant based diet, but the total amount of calories & understand the evidence presented in the links above & can help clear up confusion.  When you hear “I added fat and everything got better” its really ‘I added enough calories & regardless of the plant based source it would have gotten better’  (WFPB is not deficient in fat)  I have plenty more evidence to share on this topic, studies & biological texts.  Helping people understand what is really going on can save so many lives, but emotional triggered macro maniacs keep confusing people.  We don’t advocate a no fat diet (impossible on whole plant foods), we advocate a mostly whole food starch based diet (remember oats are 16% fat) that is sufficient in all essential nutrients and calorically adequate to maintain a healthy BMI.  The people who promote fasting / cleanses / clean eating / raw diets & other nonsense are the ones that deserve the rage.  We get the narcissists attacking us over other people’s dietary sins because they simply are not informed or intelligent enough to understand what we are talking about & how its different from HCLF extremists who are probably calorically and protein deficient…   We are advocating the healthiest diet on the planet here & if you are underweight for what ever reason, denser calorically rich foods, from flours to seeds will equally help someone meet their caloric needs, but dietary counseling from an RD who specializes in under eating is highly recommended.  The confusion is not going to get any easier, but eating a health supporting diet is simple once you learn to ask for the evidence. 

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Can E be taken as pills?

Okay so here is what I found on hrt for transwomen, I’m directly quoting from a website I found to be insightful (I’ll put the link below) since I myself am not fully educated on hormones for transwomen. However, I’ll always do my best to help:

“Now let’s talk about treatments. Cross gender hormone therapy for transwomen may include three different kinds of medicines: Estrogen, testosterone blockers and progesterones.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for most female characteristics. It causes the physical changes of transition and many of the emotional changes. Estrogen may be given as a pill, by injection, or by a number of skin preparations such as a cream, gel, spray or a patch.

Pills are convenient, cheap and effective, but are less safe if you smoke or are older than 35. Patches can be very effective and safe, but they need to be worn at all times. They could also irritate your skin. .

Many transwomen are interested in estrogen through injection. Estrogen injections tend to cause very high and fluctuating estrogen levels which can cause mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, anxiety or migraines. Additionally, little is known about the effects of these high levels over the long term. If injections are used, it should be at a low dose and with an understanding that there may be uncomfortable side effects, and that switching off of injections to other forms may cause mood swings or hot flashes.

Contrary to what many may have heard, you can achieve the maximum effect of your transition with relatively small doses of estrogen. Taking high doses does not necessarily make changes happen quicker it could, however, endanger your health. And after you’ve had genital surgery or orchiectomy—removal of the testicles—your estrogen dose will be lowered. Without your testicles you need less estrogen to maintain your feminine characteristics and overall health

To monitor your health while on estrogen, your doctor will periodically check your liver functions and cholesterol and screen you for diabetes.

Let’s move on to testosterone blockers.

There are a number of medicines that can block testosterone and they fall into two categories: those that block the action of testosterone in your body and those that prevent the production of it. Most testosterone blockers are very safe but they can have side effects.

The blocker most commonly used, spironolactone, can cause you to urinate excessively and feel dizzy or lightheaded, especially when you first start taking it. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids with this medication. Because spironolactone can be dangerous for people with kidney problems and because it interacts with some blood pressure medicines, it’s essential you share with your doctor your full medical history and the names of all the medications you’re taking. A rare but potentially dangerous side effect of spironolactone is a large increase in the production of potassium, which could cause your heart to stop, so while on this medication you should have your potassium levels checked periodically.

Finasteride and dutasteride are medicines which prevent the production of dihydro-testosterone, a specific form of testosterone that has action on the skin, hair, and prostate. These medicines are weaker testosterone blockers than spironolactone but have few side effects, and are useful for those who can not tolerate spironolactone. It is unclear if there is any added benefit to taking one of these medicines at the same time as spironolactone.

Lastly, let’s talk about Progesterone.

Progesterone is a source of constant debate among both transwomen and providers. Though it’s commonly believed to have a number of benefits, including: improved mood and libido, enhanced energy, and better breast development and body fat redistribution, there is very little scientific evidence to support these claims. Nevertheless, some transwomen say they experience some or all of these benefits from progesterone. Progesterone may be taken as a pill or applied as a cream.”

Much love and if there are any girls on E who would like to pitch in please do!!

-Mod Elijah

Excuse me while I throw this down, I’m old and cranky and tired of hearing the idiocy repeated by people who ought to know better.

Real women do not have curves. Real women do not look like just one thing.

Real women have curves, and not. They are tall, and not. They are brown-skinned, and olive-skinned, and not. They have small breasts, and big ones, and no breasts whatsoever.

Real women start their lives as baby girls. And as baby boys. And as babies of indeterminate biological sex whose bodies terrify their doctors and families into making all kinds of very sudden decisions.

Real women have big hands and small hands and long elegant fingers and short stubby fingers and manicures and broken nails with dirt under them.

Real women have armpit hair and leg hair and pubic hair and facial hair and chest hair and sexy moustaches and full, luxuriant beards. Real women have none of these things, spontaneously or as the result of intentional change. Real women are bald as eggs, by chance and by choice and by chemo. Real women have hair so long they can sit on it. Real women wear wigs and weaves and extensions and kufi and do-rags and hairnets and hijab and headscarves and hats and yarmulkes and textured rubber swim caps with the plastic flowers on the sides.

Real women wear high heels and skirts. Or not.

Real women are feminine and smell good and they are masculine and smell good and they are androgynous and smell good, except when they don’t smell so good, but that can be changed if desired because real women change stuff when they want to.

Real women have ovaries. Unless they don’t, and sometimes they don’t because they were born that way and sometimes they don’t because they had to have their ovaries removed. Real women have uteruses, unless they don’t, see above. Real women have vaginas and clitorises and XX sex chromosomes and high estrogen levels, they ovulate and menstruate and can get pregnant and have babies. Except sometimes not, for a rather spectacular array of reasons both spontaneous and induced.

Real women are fat. And thin. And both, and neither, and otherwise. Doesn’t make them any less real.

There is a phrase I wish I could engrave upon the hearts of every single person, everywhere in the world, and it is this sentence which comes from the genius lips of the grand and eloquent Mr. Glenn Marla:

There is no wrong way to have a body.

I’m going to say it again because it’s important: There is no wrong way to have a body.

And if your moral compass points in any way, shape, or form to equality, you need to get this through your thick skull and stop with the “real women are like such-and-so” crap.

You are not the authority on what “real” human beings are, and who qualifies as “real” and on what basis. All human beings are real.

Yes, I know you’re tired of feeling disenfranchised. It is a tiresome and loathsome thing to be and to feel. But the tit-for-tat disenfranchisement of others is not going to solve that problem. Solidarity has to start somewhere and it might as well be with you and me.


Real Women by Hanne Blank

Published with author’s permission.

Hey Ladies

The scariest thing ever is that “qualified” medical professionals have almost no idea what they’re doing when it comes to prescribing HRT to trans women. 

For example: spironolactone is not necessary for reducing testosterone levels, and can have not only severe impacts on mental health like insomnia and depression, but can significantly reduce growth of breast tissue. Yet I still see girls taking up to 200 mg a day, which is SO dangerous and irresponsible given the mental health risks that trans women are already put under just by existing in our transphobic society. This is also the case for other antiandrogens like Finasteride or Dutasteride. 

High levels of estrogen are usually associated with a risk for thrombosis/blood clots, but the studies that extrapolated this were based on the combination of two dangerous drugs, Premarin and Provera. In order for the results from HRT that most of us are looking for, estradiol has to be in the higher “””female””” ranges, which will also be enough to reduce testosterone level by itself.

Bioidentical estrogen should also be combined with bioidentical progesterone, NOT drugs like provera which can cause increased risk of depression and anxiety and cancer. Progesterone is also necessary for the potential of HRT results to be increased. 

Also, ALL THIS STUFF SHOULD BE INJECTED! oral estradiol and progesterone are not going to give the same results as their injectable versions. And thanks to the super notgreat workings of pharma. companies, injectable estrogen is in a huge shortage in the US! But you can still get it in different forms from overseas that are just as safe and viable.

Do your research, and don’t let whoever you’re seeing for HRT push you into something without knowing the repercussions on your body and mental health. Girls are dying because of stuff like this. 

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Since Kai and her began trying to have a baby, Cinder stayed alert for any kind of change in her body. Any sign of nausea or being late could mean she was pregnant.

It never occurred to her that the message would come from her cyborg interface.

Hormone chorionic gonadotropin found in organism. Usually produced by placenta or by certain types of tumors. Recommended course of action: blood test.

Cinder stared at the message for a long minute, unable to comprehend it. Then she ran toward the northern side of the palace, ignoring all the reproachful looks people shot her before realizing it was their Empress running like a madwoman.

Finding a med-droid was easy once she got to the research wing, and while it analyzed her blood, she focused on calming down. Which, of course, was impossible when the med-droid informed, in the same emotionless voice as always, “Pregnancy: confirmed. Please, bookmark a visit to–”

But Cinder was already running.

Kai was in the great hall, discussing something with Torin in a low voice. By the time he heard the approaching footsteps and turned, it was already too late.

Cinder threw herself on him in a bear hug, trying, unsuccessfully, to stop the laughter of happiness that was leaving her lips.

“Your Imperial Highness?” Torin questioned, sounding alarmed. Kai hugged Cinder back, and when she looked up, she saw that his face was both pleased and confused.

“We are going to be parents.” She said, and watched as unspeakable joy took over her husband’s face.

“And if it’s a girl?” Kai asked lazily, doing a slow caress up and down Cinder’s back. They were laying down in their bed.

“I was thinking… Well, you obviously don’t have to agree. I know the common thing to do in these cases in honor our past rulers, and the name I was thinking will probably mean nothing to–”



“What name did you have in mind?” Kai, asked, sounding amused, as he always did when she showed signs of her old social awkwardness. There was a pause.

“Peony.” She said in a low voice.

“It’s a beautiful name.” He said immediately, unsurprised. He knew how much Cinder’s baby sister, who he never had a chance to meet, was important for her. “I love it. I bet she’ll love it too, if the baby is a she.” His eyes sparkled at the word baby, and he turned to face Cinder’s flat stomach. “Peony suits you, right, little one? I bet you’ll love it.”

“Kai, there is not a baby in me yet, technically. There is a bunch of stem cells multiplying.” She informed him in a teasing voice. He ignored her.

“Don’t pay attention to mom, little one. Before you know it you’ll be in our arms and everyone in the galaxy will love you.”

The mental image made the soon-to-be parents smile, and Cinder pulled him closer for a kiss.

The morning sickness took away a little of the fun from the whole pregnancy thing.

Cinder thought that if the sickness happened just in the morning it would be more acceptable, but no. Foods she adored made her nauseous, and random smells she had never payed attention to before made her run to the nearest restroom.

Not to mention, Kai was one of those over-protective fathers and husbands. All of sudden, Kinney wasn’t enough for her protection, no (her faithful personal guard had followed her back to Earth, although Cinder suspected it was less about protecting and serving the former Queen of Luna and more about Iko). Two maids followed her around and forced her to drink water at regular intervals, eat foods even more varied than usual and be comfortable at all times. Cinder would probably find it endearing if it wasn’t so annoying.

They only told the world about Cinder’s pregnancy on the fourth month.

The party that followed, both on Earth and on Luna, didn’t surprise anyone in New Beijing Palace but Kai and Cinder. Gifts from everywhere started arriving in an alarming frequency, and the newsfeed would always about talk about it. It made everything feel that much more real.

It was the fifth month when the doctors voiced their worries about her heart working harder and the slight swelling in her legs, but it was unnecessary. Her cyborg parts adjusted themselves easily enough. She was prepared for this.

She wasn’t prepared for feeling the baby move.

It happened during a conference, and her eyes went wild with the sensation. It was quick, so she thought no one else would notice, but the other world leaders were more perceptive  than she’d thought.

The political matters were momentarily ignored while the people who ran the planet awned and smiled for being part of that moment. Cinder started recording that scene, intending to show it to her baby when he or she was older. How an entire galaxy had celebrated them even before they were born.

It turned out the baby was a boy. Little Rikan–or rather, His Royal Highness Rikan Garan of the Eastern Commonwealth. Not that anyone but Cinder, Kai, and Torin knew the name of the future prince yet.

“’…and they all lived happily ever after’.” Kai concluded the second-era story he was reading for little Rikan. “I love these stories. We’ll read more for you once you’re here.” He said, stroking Cinder’s huge belly.

“I hope he’s here soon.” She muttered. “And then maybe I’ll be able to sleep again.”

Very pregnant as she was, it was impossible to stay in a comfortable position for too long–and she was lucky enough to have a computer in her brain suggesting postures that would diminish her backache. Not only that, but the anxiety and stress were killing her. She was going to be a mother. And the whole world would watch as she learned how to be a good one. Thanks the stars the rampion crew had gathered in New Beijing Palace to give her support and comfort in these last weeks.

Kai and her settled down to sleep, and Cinder had almost dozed off when she stood up.

“What is it?” Kai asked, startled.

“Sorry, I gotta pee.” Again. She thought dully. Almost everything made her cranky or emotional these days, even the warnings in her cyborg interface about high levels of estrogen and progesterone, which would probably cause mood swings. She could just hope the baby came soon.

She didn’t have to wait too long.

Rikan Garan was born in a warm afternoon by the end of May. Kai was there the whole time, but, unfortunately for him, he held Cinder’s metal hand.

A doctor had to apply ice in his–now injured–right hand while she delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Everything was a blur until Cinder was holding their son in her arms, her eyes watering and a unshakable smile on her lips. Her friends couldn’t visit just yet, but Cinder knew they were here close by, and that made everything a little more normal. She didn’t have to imagine the celebration going on throughout the galaxy right now–the newsfeed on her cyborg interface made sure she knew.

“Hi.” She whispered to her son, then turned to look at Kai, whose face was a mirror of her elated expression. However, Cinder’s happiness crumbled a little when she took sight of his immobilized hand. “Sorry about that.”

He shrugged, unshaken. “It’s nothing. I’ll make sure to hold your other hand next time.”

“Next time?” Cinder raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah. I bet little Rikan will want a little sister someday.” 

“Yeah. Someday.” She smiled again and turned to look at her son again.

I hope you liked it, anon! Biology and I never were best friends, but I did my research and hope I didn’t get anything wrong. Please, forgive any mistakes and you’re more than welcome to tell me what you think! Hope you all have a great day!

By the way, the idea of Peony as a baby name for Kaider children wasn’t mine, but I can’t find the post/ficlet where I saw it. If it was your idea, please tell me so I can link it here!

51 year old FTM....

So today I turned 51 and I feel no different.  I have gone to the doctor (I found one that understands why I do what I do and has no issues with it) and had my blood taken (I haven’t had my t tested for about 2 years).  What was surprising is that he has not had any transgender patients but is very intrigued by them.  He tested me for both testosterone and estrogen.  I told him what and how much t I am taking (150 mgs testosterone enthanate every 7 days) and he felt that I might not be taking enough because I am a man in my early 50′s.  Come to find out my t levels are above normal but not too high BUT my estrogen levels are HIGH (they should be around 20 but they are at 60).  He is a little concerned so he is putting me on estrogen blockers.  He thinks that my estrogen is so high because women in their 50′s are going thru menopause and since I have never had a hysterectomy that is why my levels are so high.  Other than that my health is great.  I will post more on this when I get results!

On the 4th of June, I hit my nine month (39 weeks) mark on hormone replacement therapy! For the testosterone blockers, I currently take 200 MG of Spironolactone (Two 100MG Spiro pills) a day, and 6 MG of Estradiol (Three 2MG Estradiol pills) for estrogen. I still take them before bed just in case it might give me a headache I could sleep it off.


● I’m still grateful for the high dosage my doctor put me on. A lot has changed, and my dosage is most definitely a factor. However, I am not a doctor, therefore keep in mind that I started off with a pretty high dosage because my estrogen levels were low to begin with. I would not recommend that anyone uses my dosage as their HRT guide. Be safe!


● I feel very in tune with my emotions. Allowing myself to openly feel sad and cry is getting easier. Sometimes I like to embrace sadness, especially in an environment where I’m expected to be happy. It feels liberating and reminds me of the innocence that is basic emotion.


● This past semester in college, I was in a musical, and the costume designer knew I’m on hormones, therefore she had me come in again to re-measure everything to see if anything has changed. And they have. She said the measurements for my bust increased, waist decreased, and hips increased. This is a common occurrence with anybody who has/is on estrogen, therefore I was not too surprised. I did not notice them visually until about my eight month mark, where I could see the indentation of the waistline. My breasts are still developing, and they are still swollen and painful. Fat redistribution on my facial area seems drastic whenever I look at old pictures. I couldn’t figure out what was different about it besides the jawline, and then I noticed recently that my nose does not look and feel the same anymore. Unsure what that’s all about, but I’m overall happy! I am more confident with my body more than ever.


● Having a single room on a campus resident hall is one of the best decisions I have made, because winding down by myself allowed me to recharge and get back on track, mentally. I would definitely highly suggest to anybody who is in school and interested to medically transition to get your own space. You will need your me-time, where your transness is not always what’s on your mind, and where you can let go and let loose in your own privacy. I am still learning to be more open about my feelings and how I am mentally doing. My anxiety is mostly rooted in family related things, so that in itself is not HRT related.


Passing has become very easy. It is almost empowering to have the power to portray a certain way to allow people to perceive you the way you want to be seen. However, passing as a feminine woman comes with more male attention, which is extremely complicated to talk about. My experiences so far has been a mixture of things, and I will surely do a blog post sometime soon about that!

If you have any questions, please send me an ask!

Cheers ♥ - DW

when cisgender men develop breasts because of unusually high estrogen levels, or develop “”“"feminizing”“”“ traits because of various reasons, it’s a horrible experience for them and they need help, but when transgender men/afab masculine trans people with gender dysphoria have had to live with breasts and ”“"feminine”“” traits for their ENTIRE LIVES (or since puberty began in them), they’re ‘overreacting’ and need to 'calm down’ and 'live with it’

I feel like the more people try to understand the sex spectrum (yes, it is also a spectrum), the less they actually understand it. By now a lot of people are aware of the difference between biological sex and psychological gender and they are trying to point it out and be more inclusive. The intent is great, the science… not so much. Not your fault, most of you weren’t taught this stuff and just haven’t researched it yet. I’ll try to explain. For example people know that women as a category are at lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. For years when we said “women” we only meant “cis women” which excluded some people. Then people started saying “people with vaginas are at lower risk for cardiovascular disease” but it wasn’t an improvement because they don’t understand why that statistical piece even exists. Women as a category are at lower risk for cardiovascular disease because statistically they have higher estrogen levels and estrogen is known to protect blood vessels. Vaginas have nothing to do with it because vaginas don’t form because of high estrogen levels, but because of low testosterone levels. So vagina is an indicator of low testosterone levels at gestation and not an indication of high estrogen levels after birth. All people with high estrogen levels will have some level of protection from cardiovascular disease. That includes some (I’d say majority of) cis women, trans women who take estrogen, trans men who aren’t on HRT, nonbinary people with high estrogen levels for any reason, and intersex people with high estrogen levels for any reason. That will exclude (vast majority of) cis men, trans men on HRT, nonbinary and intersex people with low estrogen, cis women with low estrogen (due to hysterectomy for example) and if I’m not wrong cis women after menopause. As you can see these two groups vary a lot in genders and health factors. This can be applied to most health statistics actually, because “men VS women” often comes down to “testosterone VS estrogen”. For example the well-known fact that men are on average stronger than women comes down to “testosterone encourages muscle growth”. Sometimes the statistics does talk about primary sex characteristics, such as uteri cancer for example (which you can only get if you have a uterus) but often enough it’s all about hormones. And the funniest thing is, there’s a ton of diversity in hormone levels even among cis, non-intersex people! A lot of cis, non-intersex women have hairy bodies, low voices and “masculine” figures. A lot of cis non-intersex men are skinny, have hairless bodies and high voices. All those statistics will be hardly applicable to them along with intersex and transgender people. So next time you say that binary sex is not at least partially a social construct, remember this. And remember this when making those statistics and awareness posts. Take five minutes to research it and make your post accurate. No one will sue you if you will get it wrong, but if you will get it right it will benefit a lot of people. Remember that sex is a spectrum (at least in modern humans since natural selection no longer applies to us 100%), biology is complicated and all people are very different. And stay curious.

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I know why you might have your fab butt! It's due to high levels of estrogen, because estrogen redirects fat from the belly to the hips and butt! The same thing happened with me and I have an excellent butt as well!

Huh, wow, you may have just scientifically explained it!! That makes a lot of sense!