high end shit

How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable

if you think my frank doesn’t feel bitter and pissed still that matt

  • listened to his grief-stricken monologue in the graveyard and seemed to understand him
  • came to him in the hospital and offered to help him, to understand him
  • went to trial for him
  • annnnnd then turned around and blew off 90% of the trial, turning the one moment of interaction they had during the trial to turn frank’s dead family into a soapbox about vigilante justice

then whoo boy u got another thing coming

after all the supposed empathizing and understanding matt seemed ready to do, he threw it all away and my frank is absolutely still bitter and angry about that, without question. he doesn’t trust matt, doesn’t see matt as a very loyal person, or committed person, or even all that good of a lawyer. he respects him as a ‘hero’ and sees how hard matt wants to do good, but mmm. boy. my frank doesn’t respect matt as a person at all.