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Your Cozy Boy Look Needs A Topcoat

To Keep You From Looking Like A Lazy Bum

As the east coast winter carries on, comfort, namely being warm, can start to take precedence over all things fashion. This is why I’m a firm supporter of the whole “cozy boy” lifestyle. Rather than a “no f*cks given” attitude to dressing, the cozy boy advocates the idea of marrying style and comfort in luxe comfy clothing like fashun sweats, designer hoodies, and high-end normcore footwear. Not that your outfit has to cost you stacks, but the idea of wearing stylish yet cozy clothing is the main take away. For this outfit I paired my favorite sweatshirt (literally been wearing it for days at a time now) with some loose cotton pants and a casual pair of black suede sneakers. To elevate my cozy boy outfit, I threw on a long topcoat. Topcoat and sweats? Yep. It’s the quickest way to add a level of sophistication and drama to any outfit. Just look what I did here in a previous post. Anyway, the whole sweats thing is probably a route I’ll be sticking with for most of the cold winter. What are your thoughts on this look?


AllSaints Jacket  //  Tavik Sweatshirt //  Chapter (Similar) Pants  //  Puma Sneakers  //  Beanie (Similar)