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remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate

My Top 10 Spring Anime 2015

#1 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Zoku: 9.2/10

#2 Shokugenki no Souma: 9.0/10

#3  Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou: 8.9/10

#4 Arslan Senki: 8.9/10

#5 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season: 8.8/10

#6 Grisaia no Rakuen: 8.8/10

#7 Kekkai Sensen: 8.8/10

#8 Ore Monogatari!: 8.7/10

#9 Plastic Memories: 8.7/10

#10 High School DxD BorN: 8.6/10

Special Mentions:

Seraph of the End: 8.5/10

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: 8.4/10

How to get into pet space when you’re single / in a LDR

I know it can be difficult to get into pet space when you don’t have an owner to aid in the transition but here are some things you can do at home by yourself:


  • Eat things that require you to tear at your food and use your molars (EX. roast, beef jerky, etc.)
  • Go to the store and browse the collar / toy aisle
  • Buy yourself a collar or toy, even if you are unowned (you deserve it)
  • Eat food and drink water from a bowl
  • Toss your toy on the floor and pounce on it
  • Roll around on your back to scratch your back
  • Get on the floor and play with your dog or cuddle against him while he’s sleeping
  • Explore your room while crawling around on your hands and knees, move things around with your nose and paw at things
  • Wear your hair down and messy (especially if you’re a wolf)
  • Shake your head and burrow into your hands like they are paws
  • Go nuts when you’re in the bath


  • Lick your hands like a cat licks it’s paws
  • Eat food and drink water from a bowl
  • Spoil yourself with a feathery toy or a collar
  • Crouch down and pounce on your toy
  • Let yourself get carried away with some string
  • Curl up in a ball while you watch TV or go on your phone
  • Practice sitting with good posture
  • Spoil yourself again with some high end food from a fancy plate
  • Avoid the bath (but secretly love them)
  • Meow and make small noises at your cat


  • Go outside and crawl around in the grass (maybe even throw in a few hops)
  • Nom on some sweet veggies or fruits
  • Actually, chew on anything
  • Wriggle the nose
  • Like cats, if if fits, you sits or hides
  • Lay in the flowers
  • Play with balls or small toys
  • Pick things up with your mouth then throw them, run and pick them up again


  • Go walking/trotting/running through the woods
  • Wear your hair down or in twisted tail bun 
  • Brush your hair or let it go wild
  • See if you can find a small lead-rope or make one
  • Put a baggie/bowl of oatmeal/oats (plus water or milk) in the microwave, so it’s cooked and treat yourself to a healthy snack. (can be topped with fruit as well)
  • Chew on some sugar cubes, not too many, don’t make yourself sick
Some good 'ol Boyf hcs

-Even though Michael is the best ga(y)mer, he sucks at one arcade game, Galaga
-Literally every time they go on arcade dates, Jeremy will be like “ooh, there’s this game I wanna play can we play it first” and Michael always falls for it and it’s Galaga and Michael’s just like “jerEMY WHY”
-Jeremy went through a super emo stage in junior high and Michael will always bring it up to see Jeremy get all blushy and embarrased
-“Hey Jeremy I found this t-shirt for you to wear”
-“Okay toss me it”
-And this Linkin Park t-shirt just hits Jeremy in the face and he’s like “THAT WAS A DIFFERENT TIME MICHAEL”
-Michael loves cooking and Jeremy loves to act like some high-end food critic and it’s adorable and Michael is trying not to laugh but he just can’t
-When Jeremy an Christine went on like two dates Jeremy would literally never shut up about Michael and Christine was just like “Dude I’m pretty surr you love Michael” and Jeremy gets all defensive until
-And Michael jumps through the roof when Jeremy shyly comes asks him out
-Oh and of course Michael is trans
-I just love them
-They are good boyfs
-They’re gonna go to the same college and then get married and work at the same game developing company
-Jeremy does like programming or writing ir some shit
-Michael works on the soundtrack
-And they adopt a kid or two and it’s good
-They are good and happy and in love and they deserve the best and nothing ever bad happened again the end


You know what, I’m guessing you expected me to scream and kick and argue with you but you’re wrong. I agree with you on most levels.

Birds don’t belong in captivity. Especially macaws, cockatoos, amazons, African greys, and other highly social birds that we, as humans, have decided to keep as single birds for generations. These birds deserve to live free and happy lives, away from humans and in their natural environment.

You’re absolutely right about a lot of things. Most birds are neurotic messes in captivity because they don’t belong here. The larger parrots are only a few generations removed from their wild counterparts, they’re not even close to domesticated. They’re simply in the process of domestication which, in my opinion, is an incredibly horrible idea. This isn’t going to stop anyone from obtaining them as pets, and there are going to be rescues who have to deal with the fallout of those who fall out of love with their parrot.

Birds such as finches, budgies, cockatiels and pigeons, however, are domesticated species. The birds in my care are many, many, many generations removed from their wild counterparts. They are also all rescues, which I’m guessing you didn’t bother to find out. I didn’t buy my birds from a breeder, they came from owners who no longer wanted them. As such, I’ve done my utmost to care for them in every aspect of their lives.

Two of my birds lived in a vet clinic for 17 years. It was absolutely abhorent. At first when I was told about them, I only intended to look at them and help find them a new home. When I saw what nasty conditions they were in AT A VETERINARY CLINIC I took them in that week.

All of my birds are given fresh foods, vitamins, fresh water, treats, and a varied diet of many different brands of high-end food.

All of my birds are free to leave their cages from the point they wake up to the point they go to bed. They willingly go from cage to cage, and are allowed to do as many avian things as possible at every moment in the day.

All of my birds are flighted, with the exception of the Old Men (who were pinioned which is an absolutely disgusting thing to do to birds). They fly wherever they want to.

You likely didn’t expect a reply like this. But you are right, many birds don’t belong in captivity. It’s why we have a crisis of birds in sanctuaries. More educating needs to be done and more people need to adopt, not shop. Even more need to realize that keeping birds will never be for them.

I’m sorry that my birds upset you to the point that you felt the need to write this message. I want you to know they are happy, healthy, and cared for better than I care for myself. Their welfare is far above my own and I regularly spend half my months pay on their needs. That being said, releasing any of these birds into the wild like it seems you are implying would be an immediate death sentence.

I care for them far too much to do that.

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This is just a thought but it would be a great oneshot or reaction or something. What if Jumin had to put down Elizabeth 3rd because she got sick (I cried when I thought about this I want to know how you feel about this)

This legit triggered me so much because I love my dog so much that I spent a week crying thinking about that one day I need to say goodbye…. well here we go T_T WARNING: This may be OOC because I know Jumin just sees Elizabeth as a cat after he puts his emotional stability on MC but whatever just enjoy (Jumin POV) (for my animal lovers please listen to this fucking song so we can die together ) * ill let y'all know when to play the song* 

Ugh. Each and every single day I recieve more and more paperwork. No matter how many hours I put into my job, I will always need more. I picked up the 649 page proposal that Assistant Kang left on my desk so I can look over it. I gave a deep sigh knowing I was going to be late going home again. Well there is nothing I can do. I must do what I can so I can support my family.

I was already on page 443 before I heard a knock on the door. I perked my head up “Who is it? Im busy. It better be important for it to demand my attention” I scowled.  The door slowly opened and Assistant Kang popped her head out. I motioned for her to come in “What is it Assistant Kang? Do I need to over look more papers? If so, just leave it on that chair” I sighed pointing at the chair with four piles of paperwork. She walked closer to me and cleared her through “Have you checked your phone Mr. Han? (Y/N) just called the office” she said with a bit of shakiness in her voice. I reached into my pocket to see that my phone was left on silent. I put the volume on high and I was shock to see I had 23 missed calls from (y/n), 12 missed called from Yoosung, and 3 missed calls from Saeyoung. Hmm. I was getting ready to go through my voice mail to see what the fuss was about before Assistant Kang interrupted my thoughts “Mr. Han you need to leave. Now.” she commanded. I gave her a puzzled look but then my wife barged into my office screaming. She panted and caught her breath “Jumin, Elizabeth is dying!” she shouted. My heart stopped and I got up and ran to my wife “What did you say!” I shouted back. My wife looked me into my eyes and I notice she had tear stains on her cheek. She grabbed my hand and dragged me outside to where Saeyoung was. She pushed me inside and Saeyoung drove to the speed of light to Yoosungs hospital. 

I ran helplessly through the hospital doors and went to the second floor. I noticed Yoosung outside of room 8 looking down at his clipboard. I ran to him and kneeled down in front of “What happened! I thought removing the tumor would guarantee Elizabeth 3rd life! What the fuck did you do! What did you do to my Elizabeth” I screeched while I shook his shoulders. He looked into my eyes and then pull me in for a hug “Im sorry Jumin okay I’m sorry! I warned you that with her age she might not make a full recovery. It’s even a miracle that she’s been alive for this long. She’s been bleeding internally and she doesn’t want to let go yet. She’s waiting for you Jumin. Im sorry… but its time..” he whimpered. I got up from the floor and started to pull on my hair trying to focus on a different pain “IM NOT READY FUCK IM NOT!! HOW CAN I SAY GOODBYE TO SOMEONE WHO SAVED ME HUH!! HOW CAN I LET HER DIE WHEN SHE HELPED ME LIVE!”I shouted while kicking a nearby trashcan. I couldn’t breath and I just fell on the floor screaming Elizabeths name. My wife and Saeyoung helped me back up to my feet and they gave me a drink of water. I breathed in heavily and then went to Yoosung to take me to Elizabeth. I told my wife and Saeyoung that I want to say goodbye by myself and they respected my wishes. 

I entered the little room and I heard painful meows coming from my sweet Elizabeth. It hurt like hell seeing her in agony. I am her owner and I will forever be her owner. I am the one that holds the power to ease her from pain. However, it meant that I must go through life without having Elizabeth 3rd greeting me at the door. I breathed in heavily and nodded at Yoosung so he can get everything ready. I signed my heart away and the assistants and Yoosung were gracious enough to give me one last time alone with her. I got the nearest chair and I sat down right by her side.  *play the song so we both can die*

I took her paw into my hand and I already felt my tears escaping my eyes “I knew this day would eventually come but I always hoped it would be many years from now. I remember the first time I settled you into my home. I was a bit distant with you because I didnt know how to take care of a cat. So I just bought you high end pet food and hoped for the best. You were really patient with me because it did took me a while to know how to properly raise you. Its funny to say but we sure did get into many fights but at the end of the day I couldn’t get mad at you. You were always there meowing happily when I got home. It felt nice having someone excited to see me. You know something my sweet Elizabeth, I really cherish the time we had together. I just wished I could of spent so many more hours with you. I wish I could repay you for everything that you have done for me. You gave me a feeling of having a home and you always listened to me when I rabbled on so many idiotic nonsense. You gave me a chance to learn to express my emotions. You were there when my own blood wasn’t. It just kills me that I need to say goodbye to you Elizabeth. You are my hardest goodbye because I know people see you as a cat, but I saw you as my child. You brought life to my dull life. It kills me seeing you in pain Elizabeth. You don’t deserve to leave this world like this but just know ill be here till your last breath. I know life will be hard without having someone to welcome me home but you can let go now Elizabeth. Im ready to do this on my own and I’m going to miss you so much. I love you so much Elizabeth. You can let go now” I whispered. I leaned down and kissed her paw gently. I got up and hugged her and I notice she raised her head gently and licked some of my tears away. She purred and she laid her back down. I continue holding her paw till I noticed she stopped breathing. More tears were falling down my face and it was so hard to breathe. 

Wait for me at the rainbow bridge Elizabeth 3rd. 

I’ll be there to find you soon. 

Have fun with V. 

I want to respect my body. I want to fuel it with things that are good for it and also taste good. 

I want to also be a responsible human being. I really want to try and pay more attention to where my food is coming from. No I dont have endless money for high end organic food, but that doesn’t mean I cant pay attention and make little changes where I can. 

FFXV - Kitty!Au - Ignis

WARNING!: Just a heads up - the second photo shows a blind kitty - their eyes are coated with cataracts. So it’s not gory or anything, but I figured I’d give you a heads up before you continue. 

You hummed softly, as you listened to the breeder babble in your ear about her newest batch, but you mentioned again, that you were not looking for a kitten. You had your hands full with that already.

The breeder hummed, and let you know that they had a young cat available, and you jumped at the chance. He was the breed you had been searching for, for awhile, and you were so excited to get a Silver Point Siamese and add him to your Clowder…

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Fine dining lady: I've gotten slack over my expectation to be tipped properly for our high end food but tonight gave a taste of what we deal with. My poor coworker had a table sit at 945 (we are supposed to stop seating at 9 on Sundays with last call at 10 but us bar servers/cocktailers are treated like shit by the hostesses) and they stayed until past midnight. We can never ask a guest to leave. They barely tipped too. My poor coworker and bartender spent an hour just waiting on them to leave.

21 Undeniable Signs You're an INFJ (cont)

13-16:21 Posting 4 a day:

13. You often immediately sense the mood of a room when you walk into it. Likewise, you often absorb the feelings of the people around you. If they’re excited, you get excited. If they’re anxious, you get anxious, too. You tend to gravitate toward calm, centered people so you don’t have to deal with as much emotional garbage.

14. You’re drawn to high-quality things, like good food, high-end clothes, and anything else that has good craftsmanship. As much as you hate to admit it, the way things look is important to you. You like being surrounded by beauty, and you tend to have sophisticated, refined tastes. But you’re a minimalist at heart. You’d rather have one or two really nice shirts than ten mediocre ones.

15. You care deeply about the people in your life, but they’ll probably never know just how much you care, because you keep your feelings mostly to yourself. You can have trouble articulating your emotions, even though you feel them intensely.

16. You’re usually thoughtful, conscientious, and considerate. Other people who are not as conscientious can seem callous and even cruel.

(Article by Jenn Granneman 03/2017 on introvertdear.com)

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Seventeen going to the Pet Shop

Episode Seven: Where Seventeen visits the pet shop and Mingyu kidnaps a puppy

*at the dorm*

Joshua: “Hey Vernon can you listen to this song I came up with and tell me if it’s good?” *strums guitar*


Joshua: “What’s so funny?”


Joshua: “Hello?”

Seungkwan: “What are you watching?”

Vernon: “Oh hey kwan, look at this gif of this cat running into a box but it was too fat so its head got stuck HAHAHAHHA”

Joshua: “Did you just ignore me?”

Vernon: “Joshua, can you move your guitar so Seungkwan can sit?”

Joshua: *moves it reluctantly*

Joshua: “That phone’s got to go”

DK: “We should go to the pet shop, that day I was walking back to the dorm and a cute puppy toppled over because it fell asleep”

Mingyu: “Mingyu wants to see puppies!”

Jun: “That’s a surprise to say you want something else other than food” surprise

The8: “He’s going to ask for food the moment we step into the store”

Scoups: “Okay then we should go take a look, it’ll be nice to have a stress-free experience for once”

Woozi: “I wouldn’t be so quick to say it’s stress-free if I were you”

*at the pet shop*

Hoshi: “This hamster is me and I am the hamster”

Woozi: “Why would you be the hamster?”

Hoshi: “It is squishy and it is cute! Like me!”

Hamster: *Sqeak!*

Woozi: “Stop staring at it like that you’re scaring it with your face”

Hoshi: “Doesn’t it look like me Jihoonie?”

Woozi: “What an insult to the hamster”

Woozi: *walks away*

Mingyu: “Can we get a puppy? It’s so white and fluffy and I just want to cuddle with it AHHHHHHH”

Scoups: “WHAT? NO”

Mingyu: “WHY?!?!”

Scoups: “Because you can’t even take care of yourself and I’ll end up taking care of it! I already have 11 children excluding Jeonghan and if I add the puppy in and if the puppy has children…. I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MINDDDD”

Wonwoo: “If I had a puppy I’d name it Gyu”

Jun: “Gyu? You mean Jun?”

Wonwoo: “No I mean Gyu”

Mingyu: “But its staring at me like it’s saying ‘Take me home with you!’”

The8: “What on earth would you want a puppy for Mingyu? It’s not like you can eat it or anything”


The8: “Mingyu?”



Mingyu: “I know!”


Mingyu: “I’M NOT!!!” *frowns*

Scoups: “Question… If you all have children in the future… will I have to take care of them too?!?!”

DK: “Most probably”


DK: “What?”

Jun: “But Wonwoo if you name it Gyu, and if it’s going to be anything like Mingyu, all the puppy is going to do is bark for food 24/7, sneeze, sleep and jump on your bed until you give it more food”

Wonwoo: “But that’s so cute!” every mingyu stan

Scoups: “13 members times 1 children each is 13 grandchildren, plus 12 existing members excluding myself is 25, plus the puppy and it’s children-“

Mingyu: “But what if I want 10 kids hyung?”

Wonwoo: *blushes*

Hoshi: “Soonyoung wants 35”

Woozi: *chokes*

Woozi: “Not with me you’re not, I’m not having any kids with you”

Hoshi: “It’s a little early to be having this conversation but…. we don’t need to have kids to have a happy marriage” *clings onto woozi*

Woozi: “D-did you say marriage?!”

Scoups: *mumbles* “13 times 10 children each is 130 grandchildren plus 12 plus 1 puppy plus 10 baby puppies is….” mental breakdown

Scoups: “151?!”

DK: “Isn’t that Woozi’s height?”

Woozi: *clenches fist*

DK: “Bye I shall take my leave now”

Dino: “Chan wants a Dinosaur for a pet”

Jeonghan: “No sweetie, dinosaurs are extinct”

Dino: “What does extinct mean?”

Jeonghan: “Um…. Hmmm how should I tell you without scaring you.…”

Seungkwan: “It means they DIED, POOF gone, KABOOM, ALL OF THEM DEAD BOOMM” *makes dying noises*

Dino: “They…. They….. died?” *cries*

Jeonghan: “It’s okay sweetie, even if they weren’t gone, it’s too dangerous to keep one anyways”

Dino: “Why is it dangerous?”

Seungkwan: “That’s because they have sharp RAZOR set of teeth that will LUNGE and RIP YOUR PUNY LITTLE HEAD OFF YOUR SMALL BODY AT THEIR FIRST GLANCE OF YOU LIL’ CHAN” *angelic smile*

Dino: *traumatised*

Jeonghan: “Thanks Seungkwan, that was SO helpful”

Seungkwan: “You are very welcome” *flips hair*

Mingyu: “Mingyu still wants that puppy”

Scoups: “I already told you, no”

Mingyu: “But I already named the puppy!”

Vernon: “What did you name it?”

Mingyu: “Cheetos”


Mingyu: “It was the most delicious pack of chips I’ve ever eaten, what would you know about high-end food Hansol?”

Vernon: “One, I’ve tried Cheetos. Two, Cheetos are not high-end they only cost like six to seven bucks for the giant pack”

Scoups: “Okay whatever it is, I didn’t ask you to name that puppy”

Mingyu: “I can’t let the puppy go!” *hugs puppy*

Scoups: “Well, let it go now”

Mingyu: “Don’t listen to that grumpy old man Cheetos, he is an animal hater!”

Scoups: “Wha- Grumpy old man?! Who are you calling old???”

Seungkwan: “Don’t forget grumpy”

Scoups: “Is this what I get for raising you all? You guys are awful kids how could you call me OLDDDD!!!”

Vernon: “No offense hyung but you’re kinda old”


Vernon: “What? I said no offense…”

*back at the dorm*

Scoups: “Alright guys, I’m gonna go shower first, let’s have a team meeting after this”

Mingyu: *takes Cheetos out from under his shirt*

Mingyu: “Welcome home Cheetos!”

Cheetos: “Woof!”

Wonwoo: “Is that what I think it is?”

Cheetos: “Woof!” *runs into the wall and whimpers*

Jun: “Wow… it’s exactly like his owner”

Wonwoo: “Cute?”

The8: “I will not question your taste”

Jun: “I mean ‘not-so-smart’ but whatever floats your boat my dear Wonwoo”

Dino: “Did you kidnap the puppy hyung? That’s illegal!”

Seungkwan: “Coups hyung is going to freak out”

Mingyu: “Oh hush Divaboo, Coups hyung will never find out if we all keep it a secret”

Vernon: “How are we going to keep this a secret? It barks every 3 seconds”

Jeonghan: “I’m so telling on you guys” *crosses arm*

Mingyu: “Jeonghan hyung don’t be such a party pooper”

Cheetos: *poops*

Jeonghan: “I believe your puppy’s the one who is pooping”

Hoshi: “Imagine if it’s poop is shaped like cheetos though”

Joshua: “Please put that thought back from where it came from” 

The8: “Oh god I’m not cleaning after it”

Seungkwan: “Please control your fluffy thing Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Bad puppy!”

Cheetos: “Woof?” 

Woozi: “I heard barking” *walks into the room*


Hoshi: “Come back Jihoon we haven’t finished discussing our marriage!” *runs after woozi*

Woozi: “Tell him where I am and you die, got it?”

DK: *nods head*

Woozi: *hides in seokmin’s closet*

Hoshi: “Woozi…. Woozi? Where are you my love?”

Hoshi: “Hey DK have you seen my Woozi?”

DK: “Um….” *breaks into cold sweat*

DK: “Huh? Who? Oh you mean that short dude?” *shifts eyes from side to side*

Hoshi: “How many Woozi’s do you know?”

DK: “Um… I have no clue where he is but, I um…. definitely know that he isn’t in my closet that’s for sure!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Mingyu: “Try this boy, it’s Cheetos!”

Jun: “What the heck Mingyu! Are you trying to turn it into a cannibal?”

Vernon: “Technically it’s needs to be dog meat for it to be a cannibal”

Cheetos: *nibbles and pukes*

Seungkwan: “I’m guessing it hates it”

Cheetos: *runs out into the living room*

Cheetos: *bites on the sofa and the cushions*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu…..”

Mingyu: “Woah boy, not the cushions”

Cheetos: *rips the cushions and sofa apart*

Dino: “That was my favourite cushion….”

Scoups: *comes out from shower*

Scoups: “Hey guys is it me or do I hear-“



Mingyu: “Why do you have to always assume that it’s me?? It could be Seokmin or Seungkwan!”

Scoups: “Because I just know it”

DK: “I am such a good child, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Woozi: “Now that’s just pushing it a little too far”

Scoups: “I don’t care what you say Mingyu, you kidnapped the little puppy from the store! We are returning him tomorrow”

The8: “I can start writing a list of your crimes and it’s enough to put you behind bars”

Mingyu: “Not helping Minghao….”

Scoups: “Look at our living room! It’s a mess! And what is that smell? Do I even want to know?”

Mingyu: *hugs puppy* “Goodbye my bag of chips”

Vernon: “Hey wait a minute guys did you see my phone? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE PET SHOP??”

Jeonghan: “Phone? Oh is it the thing that Cheetos’ is gnawing on?”

Vernon: *shooked*


Joshua: *internal evil laughs*

Vernon: “Dammit it’s gone…. First my Macbook now my phone…. WHY WORLD WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD????”

Joshua: “Good puppy” *pats head*

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How many cats would each incarnation of the doctor have? (thought just bumped into me bc i thought of six and tom baker's irl massive number of cats)

You have spoken many magic words here, like ‘cats’, ‘many cats’, ‘how many cats’, and ‘Six’. Some sections are gonna be huge, so check it out under the read more.

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