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remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate

My Top 10 Spring Anime 2015

#1 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Zoku: 9.2/10

#2 Shokugenki no Souma: 9.0/10

#3  Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou: 8.9/10

#4 Arslan Senki: 8.9/10

#5 Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season: 8.8/10

#6 Grisaia no Rakuen: 8.8/10

#7 Kekkai Sensen: 8.8/10

#8 Ore Monogatari!: 8.7/10

#9 Plastic Memories: 8.7/10

#10 High School DxD BorN: 8.6/10

Special Mentions:

Seraph of the End: 8.5/10

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo: 8.4/10

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Grocery Shopping Got7

Junior: Extreme coupon cutter. Gets dirty looks from the employees and loves it.

Jackson: Lectures the manager about their poor selection of organic green tea.

Youngjae: Raids the snack aisle. His giggles can be heard all the way in the produce section.

Yugyeom: Meant to buy ramen but gave up when he got lost.

Bambam: Gets all the high end food. Realizes it’s hella expensive and tries to bargain. Vows to never bring his wallet again.

Mark: Sees pizza and tears up a little bit.

JB: Brought a grocery list. Told his members to hold hands and stay together. It didn’t work.

my last personal post was too negative so i deleted it. let me try again. just cracked one open with the lads…… my friends who support me at least somewhat…… my mainly unattainable yet excitingly positive goals for life…… this breakaway bar i’m about to eat….. all the fictional magicians i know and love….. all the fictional cats i know and love…… next door’s rabbit that looks like a cat…… all the lads here…..

the types as important pieces of an Event that took place today
  • ExFJ: The Pre-Calculus classroom, divided into three clusters of desks, each occupied by a separate group of acquaintances--some of them close, some of them distant, all of them miserable. The air is warm with shared sympathies and The Lack Of Air Conditioning. No one knows what domain and range is.
  • ISxJ: The Pre-Calculus teacher who somehow exists in the state of being both The Most Normal person on the face of the planet and The Strangest person on the face of the planet. His voice is so monotone that I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually 5000 bees disguised as a human. Looks lost 1000% percent of the time,,, I hope he finds a map sometime soon.
  • ESxP: The 3/4 full liter jug of Arizona Iced Tea sitting 3 desks in front of me in the Pre-Calculus classroom. It seems out of place for some reason. Take note of this. The 3/4 full liter jug of Arizona Ice Tea is important.
  • ENxP: The short, chaotic stretch of time between the build up and the action-- the flurry of students, the cracking sound, General Confusion--the tragedy about to take place in the Pre-Calculus classroom.
  • ExTJ: The Antagonist of This story--their anger towards pre-calculus and iced beverages, their dedication to this hatred, the angle, height and force of their kick--Not unlike that of a Can-Can dancer's.
  • IxTP: The hollow cracking sound of a 3/4 full jug of Arizona Iced Tea being punted like a football out of the owner's unknowing grasp.
  • IxFP: ''Ryan what the fuck''
  • INxJ: the slow and painful death of a 3/4 full jug of Arizona Iced Tea, cracked down the side, and bleeding out in the Pre-Calculus classroom-- all of this going unnoticed by the Pre-Calculus teacher.
Top 10 Anime Of The Week

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Imagine it’s your first anniversary, and Loki has made reservations at a high end restaurant (the type you need to call months in advance for any night of the week.)  The evening is perfect, the food is delicious… but it’s not very filling.  So here you are, dressed up to the nines, eating at the nearest burger joint.