Anyway Zayn Javadd Malik has 2 #1 singles, a #1 critically acclaimed album, has collabed with several interesting, Grammy winning artists and producers, 2 (that we know of) relevant, high end fashion collabs, a merchandise line that was literally premiered in Vogue, $50 million dollars, and my whole ass on a platter. And his first solo album, MoM has not even been out for 1 whole year. Iconic? I think the fuck so.


Designer: Jamilla Okubo

Photographer: Tyra Mitchell

Model: Blair Reavis-Tyler

I am very excited to share this collaboration with you all!

I collaborated w/ one of my awesome high school friends Tyra Mitchell who is a great up and coming photographer and her really close friend Blair who is a dancer. The best feeling ever is being able to collaborate with your friends and creating something so awesome!

The look that I created was a test run for my thesis collection that I am beginning to work on. Ideally, I may design a capsule collection inspired by Soul Train and the House/vogue Dance scene…