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Aaron is definitely high in the pictures with Liv,I hope she talks some sense into him and he sees how upset Liv is. Aaron's appeal has been mentioned three times now I honestly think he'll be out by April because seeing the pictures from next week it's devastating seeing him struggle

He is definitely high, that is obvious. You’d think Liv having a go would knock some sense into him so I hope it does, he wants out of there. He knows he can’t fuck up


SO BASICALLY i have a very high definition picture of the boyband quintet, and i was just analysing the little details of their clothing and what not, and i find this on Prompto’s jacket.

that’s right, if you can’t see it better here’s what it says:

‘It’s a beautiful day now watch some bastard fuck it up’

This is legit motorcycle apparel that you can actually buy, this goes along with the Harley Davidson silhouette on the lower half of his jacket on the same side. 

a wonder what a little analyzing can do, it just goes to show you how realistic they want the game to be and how much of reality they want to mirror.

yeah, a patch like this definitely does that. Especially on Prompto.

We would never know Karlie went to LA if that fan didn’t posted on Instagram. But whenever those other people are together, an ultra super duper mega high definition papped pictures will be out in the open in no time. How interesting.

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