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(High-definition large picture can be enlarged to watch the local)
Thirteenth Century Kamakura Times
Silk color design: 192.3 x 75.8 cm
National Museum of Asian Art
       King Kong Chaomao Wang also known as King Kong, King Kong eat food, in the north. Can eat food evil, disaster relief, destroy the evil spirits. King Kong Cha Cha Wang Department of the five king of the king. King Kong sector in the wisdom of the system, the Ming Wang for the north is not empty achievements of the teachings of the wheel. King Kong faltering the king of the shape, the head of the horse Wang bun (that is, the hair on the vertical, like a horse rage, horse mane erected the shape).
      Because it can eat all the evil industry of all beings, so that King Kong Yan mouth; because of its black, so called big black; because it can swallow evil affection, so that King Kong do. Miss the taste of food King Kong, tuning the King Kong, law enforcement King Kong. As a result of God as the main body to repair the King Kong night fork method, its purpose is to get rid of the difficulties, seeking official. In the East secret of many amendments to the law, the Department of the secret law is the secret law.


SO BASICALLY i have a very high definition picture of the boyband quintet, and i was just analysing the little details of their clothing and what not, and i find this on Prompto’s jacket.

that’s right, if you can’t see it better here’s what it says:

‘It’s a beautiful day now watch some bastard fuck it up’

This is legit motorcycle apparel that you can actually buy, this goes along with the Harley Davidson silhouette on the lower half of his jacket on the same side. 

a wonder what a little analyzing can do, it just goes to show you how realistic they want the game to be and how much of reality they want to mirror.

yeah, a patch like this definitely does that. Especially on Prompto.

We would never know Karlie went to LA if that fan didn’t posted on Instagram. But whenever those other people are together, an ultra super duper mega high definition papped pictures will be out in the open in no time. How interesting.

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