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Edit: This giveaway has ended 13th October 2017! Thank you everyone who participated!

I have reached 2000 followers recently and I cannot begin to express how much I love you all!

To say thank you I am having a small giveaway. The prize will be this canvas print of the Land of Fannibals Map.

This is a light weight canvas air print measuring 12 inch by 12 inch (30 cm x 30 cm). It is only 0.5 cm thick and is ready to be mounted without a frame. It is light enough to be attached to the wall with blue tack. Or you could stand it up.



  • Like and Reblog of this post count as one entry each. Winner will be randomly selected.
  • You don’t have to be following me but it makes more sense for this to go to a Fannibal.
  •  I’ll ship anywhere in the world. You must be willing to provide a postal address for delivery.
  • Winner will be notified via ask or messaging.

 GIVEAWAY ENDS 13th October 2017 AT 5PM EST

Sadly I am only able to give away one of these due to high international shipping costs. After the giveaway is over I will be making the high definition picture of this map available for anyone who wants to make their own print. This map is a new, more Hanniverse version of the one from the HannibalOdyssey Fest.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sera! Do you have any J2 cute moment you want to see, like you heard the story with no pic or only blurry pic? My list is (1)JP took a petal from JA's hair (S10 final filming) (2)JP spoon fed JA ice cream or yogurt on set (3)JP kissed baby Tom while JA held him. (4)JA wrapped his hand around Jared's arm when JP talked to another guy. The last one was at Kaleo concert. The fan witnessed them said “how are they not a couple?” lol. I love to see non-hat people saying like this. Have a nice day!

Hello, dear anon!

Oh, what a wonderful ask you sent me! I love your list. I would definitely love to see all of those moments in high definition! I’m going to share some ITK/IHA drops and fan reports I’ve saved over time, because some of this stuff is just so sweet. 

Send me videos, high definition pictures and PowerPoint presentations on the subject of one J taking care of the other. Please? (Don’t ask me for the source, I don’t know where this is originally from)

Can I sit in the table next to theirs and just observe their natural chemistry while everyone else in the world is a third wheel? I don’t need to participate in the conversation. I’m fine with just watching. I’d totally be fine with kitchen pictures as well. 

Can I just look at them while they bicker about insignificant things like one being a little late for a dinner date? 

I wish I could see how they made up after that One Famous Fight… you know, boyfriend-boyfriend style. 

Oh… and 

that time when J2 kinda made out, 

but with masks on! How bitter it makes me that there are no pictures or videos of that.

Oh, my sweet anon, there are so many moments that are regretfully just mouth-to-mouth information. I wish there were pictures of their daily lives together, but sadly, they keep it mostly to themselves… for reasons. ;) Unless they decide to share it all one day, I’ll keep saving up these, uhh, X-Files on my computer. Oh, who am I kidding! I’d just continue saving this stuff up anyway. Have a wonderful week, dear anon!

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A wallpaper i made for BBC Class

ps. this was so unnecessarily hard to make because there are almost no high definition pictures of Matteusz, and the colour correcting to add him in was almost impossible, hence why i had to change the overall colour scheme from green to red

ps. message me for higher resolutions

The Predator’s Obsession #4

Summary: In this current day Avengers AU, you work as a profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, leads a close-knit group of supervisory special agents as they track a killer.
Characters in this chapter: Unnamed perpetrator, female reader, Brock Rumlow, Mrs. Fury, Steve Rogers, Dodger [yes, that Dodger]
Characters mentioned: Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Stella Fury [Nick’s daughter]
Pairing: Steve Rogers x plus size female reader, Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff
Word Count: 1,741
Warnings: Language, fat-shaming, talk of kidnapping and starvation [consider these three a warning for all chapters]
Author’s Note: POV changes. SERIES MASTER LIST Any terminology mistakes are mine, and mine alone. Thank you to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @climbthatmooselikeatree and @dean-in-the-devils-trap . Without their help and influence, this fic would not have gotten written.


“I think the question you’re actually searching for is what kind of person would do something like this,” you snapped, slapping a high definition, close-up picture onto the board. It wasn’t just any picture, it was Stella Fury. Wanda gasped loudly and bolted from the room. Bucky was quick on her heels, calling out for her to stop.

“Shit,” you gasped. Wanda was one of the most sensitive people you knew. Hurting her was the last thing you had wanted to do. With your head down, you pinched the bridge of your nose and shook your head. You went to round the desk, but Steve’s hand was on yours.

“Bucky’s got her, Y/N,” he breathed, brushing his thumb over the backside of your wrist.

You pulled in a shuddering breath and nodded. “Alright, let’s dive back in.”


“Agent Rumlow,” Mrs. Fury greeted her husband’s colleague as she opened the front door. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Brock shook the rain from his jacket before stepping inside. “I just had a couple of follow-up questions. I do hope I’m not disturbing you.”

She gave a wave of her hand. “What else can I do to help?”

“Last time we spoke, you said that you hadn’t seen Stella for several months,” he spoke carefully. “Was that normal?”

“Oh, yes,” Mrs. Fury answered. “Stella was a bit of a traveller, always wanted to visit new and exciting places.”

Brock nodded as he scribbled in his notepad. “And you didn’t know anything was wrong until…”

Tears pricked the back of her eyes and she sniffled. “No,” she quietly agreed. “Not until she… her body was identified.”

“Just one more thing, Mrs. Fury,” Brock promised. “Is there any chance I could get another look at her room? I just want to make sure nothing was overlooked.”

“Of course, agent. Take all the time you feel you need.”

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The Shadows Between

For @weremonster who had the idea…Tagging @today-in-fic  Season 11 AU.

She woke up in the daylight and saw a newspaper on the chair. She woke up in the darkness and heard her sister humming to herself. She woke up in the shadows between and saw him reading the sports section.

The nurse’s hand was warm against hers and she wanted to bring it to her face to warm her cheeks and nose. The cold was the worst part. Not being able to tell anyone how she wanted her arms tucked under the sheet. She could hear them, Missy and Bill murmuring but she couldn’t turn towards them to say hi. She could see the nurse, checking the chart but she couldn’t clear her throat to tell her she was thirsty. She could feel the doctor adjusting her drip but she couldn’t open her eyes to let him know it hurt.

She woke up in the daylight and saw a newspaper on the chair. She saw her badge on the bedside cabinet on top of a battered copy of Moby Dick. She woke up in the darkness and heard snoring, a man, deep and resonant and in the faint grey light through the blinds she saw his bald head. She woke up in the shadows between and saw him flicking through the pages of a magazine, twisting it round to hold it upright. He blew out a breath, a half-whistle.

It was the smell of coffee that did it. She blinked back the light and opened her lips. The skin stuck together and it was painful to prise them apart. She swallowed at the sudden intake of air and her chest contracted as she coughed. Her body ached but it was good to feel the pain. She squeezed her fingers together, stretching the sinews, clicking out the fatigue of doing nothing. The door opened and a nurse came in carrying a water jug. She gasped and Scully coughed again, trying to talk but nothing came out.

           “Well, hello my dear. It’s so nice to see you awake.” The nurse’s hand was warm and this time she did bring it up to her face. It heated her cheeks and nose and she couldn’t hold back the flow of tears. “Your family will be here soon. They visit every day at the same time.” The nurse ran a damp cloth over Scully’s face and lips. “I’ll send for Dr Hossein. She’ll be so pleased.”

She woke up in the daylight and saw a newspaper on the chair. She saw her badge on the copy of Moby Dick and next to it sat a small shoebox. She tried to lift her head but she couldn’t find the strength. The nurse told her she’d been asleep for a long time and she could feel the loss of muscle tone in her arms and legs. She couldn’t stay awake for Dr Hossein’s visit. She woke up in the darkness when she heard the door closing. She turned to call out but the person didn’t hear her and she couldn’t stay awake long enough to see who returned. She woke up in the shadows between and saw him, chin on fist looking at something in his other hand. She opened her mouth and tried to speak but he beat her to it.

           “How you feeling?”

           In the grey of the room, she strained to see that he was holding her necklace and she nodded. “Mulder, I don’t remember anything…after Duane Barry.”

           “Doesn’t…doesn’t matter.” He lifted the shoe box down, taking off the lid. Shadows obscured his face. His voice was raspy. “Brought you a present.” He took out the video. “Superstars of the Superbowl.”

           “I knew there was a reason to live,” she said.

           He choked out a laugh then sat back on the chair, covering his face with his hands. “I’ve waited a long time to give you that, Scully.”

           She looked at the back of the video. 1994. “Did I miss Christmas?” Dawn sunlight slipped through the blinds. He dropped his hands and she saw the tears tracking down his face. There were grooves across his forehead, crow’s-feet at his eyes, silver hairs dusted his temples, salt-and-pepper sprinkled his stubble. “Mulder?”

           He sat on her bed and took her hand in his. “It’s okay, Scully. I’ve got the whole collection at my apartment for you. All twenty-three series on Blu-Ray. That’s a high-definition disc. The picture quality is superb and the…” His smile hadn’t changed. If she stretched her mind she could see him smiling at her in the basement office on that first case.

           “What happened?”

           “Technology,” he said, kissing the back of her hand. “Oh, you mean, with you.”

           “Are you telling me I’ve been here for over twenty years?” She let him plump the pillow behind her and helped her sit up a little higher.

           “And you’ve missed the entire Sharknado series, Scully. There’s so much catching up to do. OJ Simpson was convicted of murder and the children of one of his lawyers are now huge reality tv stars. Star Wars has been rebooted. But Carrie Fisher died. One Direction overtook The Beatles as biggest boy band, but then Zayn left. Donald Trump is president.”

           She blinked. “As in Trump Tower? With the hair?”

           He nodded and chuffed out a laugh. “Maybe you should have stayed asleep.”

           She couldn’t hold back the tears. He let her cry until she was dry. He helped her sip water. She lay down, exhausted.

She woke up in the daylight and her mother smiled, pushing white hair behind her ears. She woke up in the darkness and heard Skinner put his glasses on the bedside cabinet. She woke up in the shadows between and saw him reading Moby Dick by the light of his smart phone.

           “I can’t believe you kept coming back, Mulder.”

           He upturned the book onto his knees. “What I’ve dared, I’ve willed; and what I’ve willed, I’ll do! They think me mad – Starbuck does; but I’m demoniac, I am madness maddened!”

           She shook her head. “There is a wisdom that is woe, but there is a woe that is madness. You waited twenty-three years for me to wake up.”

           “I like a good quest, Scully.” He stood, bent to kiss her. “Besides, I missed you.”


“Thank you…. for coming back” (Heo Joon Jae, 2017)

imagine Elsa with untied hair in Frozen 2.  just   i m a g i n e   h e r   h a i r 

untied, free, long, floating in the fresh air, a bit curly, even stylized at some ends, beautiful gorgeous platinum blond hair.


when Moana’s magnificent glorious hair looked this high definition in 2016

now picture it in 2019

3 years better

i’m going to die. Anna’s hair is going to be so gorgeous too omg.

White Picket Fence

My home is nowhere.
My home is a place
I have only seen on the periphery;
it lives in the shadow
of the blind spots in my eyes - always
keeps me on my toes
My home tastes like light rain
on dark skin - a tongue
poking out between
lips trying to swallow a piece
of the heavens whole -
and loganberry pie made
by someone else’s grandmother,
and not mine.
My home is the sound
of talk show radio at 9am
and music; simultaneously,
it is the silence of living alone,
the sporadic echoings of a piano,
or a clarinet breaking its voice
just so it can be heard. I apologise
for my inadequacies.
I cry over spilt milk and dirty dishes
that I don’t have the energy to clean,
wrap myself up in my blanket and engage
in the art of escapism:
blinding technicolor, high definition -
a picture of imagination made real;
a reminder that that is a shadow,
and I am living in the light.
I forget often.
It is too easy to forget
when you spend the first waking moments
of every morning remembering what your name is.
Who you are. Who you love.
Who you’ve loved. Reciting an origin story
that sounds too much fiction to be fact;
it is. This life is a fantastical
autobiography. My home is found
in book bindings
and leather and ink - of course
I would name my home something
that mirrors me in so many ways: tattooed
in permanence and with a spine
that cracks and bends,
but never breaks.
My home is nowhere:
my home is everywhere.

Heroes In Love (Chat Noir’s New Muse pt.2)

Part 1

Heroes in Love

It seems Chat Noir hasn’t lost sight of the city’s favorite Ladybug!  Multiple sightings of the two have been reported, whatever relationship they were trying to hide is no longer secret.  Practically the whole city is buzzing with excitement.  But what’s better proof than words?  Here’s a picture that was submitted in—there’s no denying it now!  Ladybug and Chat Noir, are you in love?

This… was certainly different.  Marinette analyzed the photo.  It was such a clear snap that you could practically see the freckles on her face!  She was sure her face was red in embarrassment, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the picture.  She’d never actually seen herself kiss… it was weird.  Yes, it was her idea, but she didn’t expect a picture like this… maybe a low-quality, bad-lighting, terrible-angled shot.  This looked like they were practically posing.  Which they weren’t.  Props to the photographer, she guessed.

She and Chat Noir were out for their normal patrol, but ever since she said that they don’t have to hide their relationship when they were their alter-egos, they’d often times get…distracted.  Not that she was complaining.

“Pretty wild, huh?  I wonder if they’re doing it for attention,” Marinette heard a co-worker gossip to another co-worker.  She glanced up from the paper “casually” and carefully listened.

“I bet they are.  I’m sure they don’t even like each other.  With the Akuma attacks beginning to dwindle, they’re probably just desperately looking for the lime light again.”  



Marinette was used to gossip.  Both from being Ladybug and from dating Adrien.  It wasn’t rare that she’d be misrepresented.  And although she wanted nothing more than to go over and tell those two ladies otherwise, she knew she couldn’t.  For a number of reasons.  However, that didn’t change the fact that maybe they had a point.  This was beginning to look a bit improper, to say the least.

Suddenly Marinette’s phone began buzzing, she jumped at the noise, but quickly picked it up.  It was Alya.

Why is she calling—oh wait, Marinette stopped herself, briefly wondering if she should even pick up.  May as well, she half smiled, touching the “accept” button.  “Hey Alya,” she greeted.

“Marinette, you saw the paper, right?  Tell me you saw the paper.”

Marinette nervously laughed, “How could I not?  It’s everywhere.”

“I’m actually curious how you guys could be so reckless.” Alya’s tone suddenly went flat.  Ever since Marinette had told Alya that she was Ladybug and Adrien was Chat Noir, Alya had always warned them about the spot light.  Like what to do and what not to do.  Even when Alya was her Rena Rouge, she constantly was making sure the press didn’t press them too much.  It was actually kinda sweet.

“Hey!  We were careful for a long time!  Plus, we didn’t like the other rumor, so yeah.” Marinette sighed, letting her head fall into her hand.  “Okay, I’ll admit, I regret it slightly now.”


“Yes, slightly!  And I’m sticking with slightly.  At least they know who’s whose now,” she hissed into her cellphone, looking up to see if anyone was listening into her conversation.

“Right, because if I’m worried about my relationship with my boyfriend, my first instinct is to make-out in front of the whole city.”

“Well what else was I suppose to do?  And we weren’t even planning on this kind of picture!—“ Marinette noticed the awkward glances she was receiving, and quieted down.  “It worked, didn’t it?”

“Well, I won’t deny it got the job done.  Oh, and congrats, by the way!” Alya grinned through the phone.

“Congrats on what?” Marinette’s tone was skeptical.

Alya laughed, “Becoming the #1 couple in all of Paris.”

Marinette’s head fell, hitting her desk.  “…Yeah, thanks,” she groaned.


Ladybug and Chat Noir raced across the rooftops on their normal patrol.  Ladybug actively scanned the ground for any kind of threat—be it an Akuma or a camera.  She came to a stop, turning around to see Chat land behind her.  

“Looks like it’s another quiet night,” she smiled.  

Chat Noir walked up to her, smiling happily as he pulled her into a soft embrace.  It really was strange how quickly he could put her at ease.  “I’m glad we don’t have to hide this part of our relationship, anymore.”  He looked down at her and grinned wickedly, a look Ladybug didn’t find him wearing all that often.  “I like kissing you as Ladybug—“

“—Hooooold up, kitty,” Ladybug said quickly, pushing his nose away with her finger.  “About that,” she started awkwardly.

Chat Noir sighed, “Is this about the paper this morning?”

Ladybug sighed, “Isn’t everything, lately?”

“Look, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, we can stop.  It’s crazy how quickly this city forgets about things I wouldn’t be surprised if—“

“Now I didn’t say anything about that, did I?” Ladybug furrowed her brows, her hands coming up to cup Chat Noir’s face.  “I like this.  I want this.  I just don’t want high definition pictures getting taken of us while we’re kissing.”

“Fair request,” Chat laughed.  “So what does a purrfect lady like you suggest?”

Ladybug smiled, leaning forward and kissing him softly, “We’ll just be a little more discrete.”

Chat grinned, kissing her again, “I like the sound of that.”


The next morning, there was yet another picture of the two of them, with Ladybug softly holding Chat Noir’s face and kissing him.  

I realized there’s a slight flaw in what I’m writing, but like… oh well.  I realized that if they know that Alya’s Rena Rouge, then they’d know Chloe was Queen B, and Nino would know that Adrien and Marinette are Chat Noir and Ladybug—leading to different reactions.  For example, Marinette would probably get a bit more bent out of shape over the Queen B fiasco because she’d know that Queen B is Chloe, and as much as I’d love to change it and make it completely accurate.  I can’t.  So, oh well.  My bad.


Hope you enjoyed anyway!


Types of ARMY blogs on Tumblr

The Picasso

They’re so freaking talented they deserve an award. Either they post really epic fanart of the boys or funny ass animations. Their depictions of the boys are so adorable! I can stay on their blog for hours

The Trash Bin

Aka the trash account. They have everything and anything about the boys on their blog. 90% of them are reblogs. And most of the times their blog names makes no sense at all.

The Sailing Ship

Their blog is solely dedicated to the ship that they hardcore believe in. Fangirls at every little moment of their ship during Run!BTS, Gayo Track or interviews. It can be the two boys’ hair slightly touching and they’ll swear the rs is real.

The Therapist

These blogs are the grandmothers of the fandom. Their aesthetics include warm freshly baked cookies, fluffy knitted sweaters, soft hugs and a shoulder to cry on. You load off all your problems on them and they happily reply you with advice

The Ads

They’re not blogs. They’re just those ads that promote random things on your feed, spoiling your mood when you’re on a BTS high. High key always mistaking them for a blog post.

The Updater

They post every single thing that just happened with the boys. Including high definition pictures of them during tour. Their captions are so detailed: 120417 J Hope @ Wings Tour Jakarta 2nd day 10:04 pm on the left side of the stage, 10cm away from the edge, with a scuff on his shoe

The Cosplayer

Their blogs are said to be run by a certain member of BTS. So questions asked will be replied in the manner that the member will reply. They’re like those Catfish type of people on the internet. Is it really V? Or is that a 12 yr old girl? We will never know

These are all for comedic purposes; not intended to offend anyone :)

Part 1 of Types of ARMY Blogs on Tumblr

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