high cuddles

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shy!ty getting high for the first time with jock!josh and tys affectionate and giggly when he's high so he's cuddling and kissing Josh while trying to grind in his lap but Josh doesnt want to go any further(sex wise) just in case ty regrets it

Okay so Josh gets high with his friends a lot , and ty wants to try it. So they go up to their treehouse and Josh packs the bowl and all, and shows Tyler how to hit it.
Tyler is coughing and is all red because he’s not used to inhaling smoke .
But he gets the hang of it and soon he’s high, and he crawls into Josh’s lap, kissing him.
He’s rolling his hips, giggling happily, but Josh keeps pushing his hands away from his belt buckle.
“ no baby. Not tonight .” He coos
Ty is upset but the next morning he realizes what an amazing boyfriend Josh really is

one of the brightest yet wildest person i know is this korean girl named pearl and shes such a cutie! shes very woke, popular, and a party animal lol shes very affectionate too like shes the only person that i know that i greet w a kiss on the lips haha everytime i’m at home, amandine and pearl would be out at night and call me to hang out and pearl would yell out “april!! i miss you babe! we have to get drunk/high and cuddle!!!” hopefully i’ll see her on sunday or so!

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