high crimes comic


19,000 feet above sea level and 10,000 more to go, Zan Jensen is locked into a deadly game of cat and mouse through avalanches and icefalls. With all her sights firmly set on summiting, Zan has to manipulate one partner to save another or risk all of them ending up as more dead landmarks on Mount Everest.

HIGH CRIMES #6 is now available to buy for 99 cents.

The halfway point. You can get the whole first half of the series, that’s 80+ pages of comics, for under 6 bucks.

Ibrahim and I are ridiculously proud of this book, we’ve spent the last year working on these 6 issues, building up these characters and the world they live in, and all we really want is for as many people as possible to be reading it. So, for the leery, we’ve provided some quotes from talented people in and out of comics, so you know that we’re not talking out our ass here.

If you like High Crimes, welcome back, we think you’ll like this one. If this is your first time encountering High Crimes, welcome, we think you’ll like this.