high crimes comic

2014 was the best year of my life so far. In January I officially began writing full-time for a living, I got an apartment, I got whiteboards and calendars and notebooks and panic attacks. I got down to fucking business.

I wrote more than I ever have. I got lots of things published (see photo of my whole output). I worked on stuff that won’t be out for another year or more. I came up with new ideas. I tried to get better. I tried to take lessons to heart. I made new friends. I did new cons. I met people who read my stuff and liked it. Ibrahim and I got nominated for TWO EISNER AWARDS. For a book that barely anyone reads! I have a shelf of work that’s almost 3 times the size my 2013 output. All of it I’m proud of.

While the entirety of the world burned down around our ears, I had my work and my work was extremely rewarding. I know everyone else hates 2014, and there’s plenty of reasons to, but it’s still the year a dream I never thought possible actually came true.

Let’s do this, 2015.