high country lakes


The FUR BEARING TROUT is probably the rarest of all known fish. Found only in the high country where small lakes and streams above timberline contain ice and slush the year around. They feed on high flying insects frozen in the ice ages ago. Fishing for these trout try the greatest skills of the most persistant [sic] fishermen. They have been found in most of the high mountains of the world.

We’re stoked for a summer full of mountains. Hikes to high country lakes, new memories with friends and shots like this one from @the_adventure_project.

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“…while I am alive, I intend to live.” ― Everett Ruess

James of @idletheorybus greets the morning and high country lakes in our Granite Camp Shorts. These two are some of the really goods ones. Be sure to check out their travels, writing and art.
#trustthewild by western_rise