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Fic: High Cost of Living (Negan & Reader) One Shot. The

Title: High Cost of Living

Pairing: Negan & Reader

Summary: Negan promised to break you. You’re bent, but you haven’t broken.

Second story in Revenge Series. 1: Here Comes Revenge

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You weren’t sure how long you had been locked in ‘the box’, as Simon charmingly referred to it.

Days would go by without any contact from the outside world. You were just left to lay there in the dark, curled in on yourself to try and stay warm. You were left in your pants and tank top, but the fabric was thin and the room cold, especially at night.

If solitary confinement wasn’t enough to drive you crazy, the noise just might. The music was muffled, playing a few doors down from you, but the unmistakable tune of “Easy Street” seemed to play on an endless loop. You felt terrible for whoever was being directly subjected to it.

You heard the lock on your door turn, and you shifted carefully on the floor. Your hip ached from the cement. When it finally opened, you were forced to shield your eyes from the light, too painful to endure after so much time spent in the dark.

A shadow came over you and you squinted up at Simon’s face. He was smiling widely, a paltry excuse for a sandwich in his hand.

“It’s been awhile since you’ve eaten,” he mused, holding it just out of your reach. “I bet you’re hungry…”

Two days at least had passed since they’d bothered to feed you. You were starving, but stubborn enough not to admit it.

You met Simon’s gaze with a challenging glare, and he only laughed at your obstinacy.

“Look kid,” he rolled his eyes, “being a pain in the ass isn’t going to get you out of this mess any faster. So maybe swallow that fucking pride of yours. You want food, you know what to do.” You bowed your head, jaw tight and eyes watering.

“Please,” you bit out, “may I have it?”

“What’s that?” he leaned in, pulling a face. “I couldn’t hear you.”


“Please, what?” he snapped.

“Please, sir,” you grunted. “May I eat?”

“Of course you can!” his face broke out into an exaggerated grin. “All you had to do was ask!”

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strawberryflavouredsloth  asked:

Did you ever go to school for art/animation? Also, do you ever plan or wish to work for a television network?

A young 18 years old me was the first in my family to finish high school let alone college. We didn’t know pitfalls or scam colleges and I wound up going to an Art Institute. They are extremely expensive schools that can in no way be worth the education they are asking you to pay. I wound up signing up with a few high-interest private loans that handicap any dreams of being able to afford living in high-cost-of-living areas.

With that being said, I would love to work for a studio or on something that's airing weekly on TV. This is partial why I started archiving my art for potential portfolio submittal. https://izzyraebrown.tumblr.com/

Not surprised. America is the only developed nation that doesn’t have maternity\family leave, universal healthcare, and paid vacation days. The#1 reason for bankruptcy in America is healthcare. Despite its high costs we live shorter lives. Instead of investing in our own nation we are actually cutting aid to ourselves. When did investing in America become anti-American?

nightpool  asked:

Frankly I think everyone should live in shantytowns, b/c they encourage strong communal norms, close ties to your neighbors+family, and easy customization. But with like, modern healthcare and stuff.

I think “shantytowns” suggests fire hazard, lack of services, crime risk, etc.

What about just “high density low cost living”?

apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re spending almost all of your income on rent, you apparently can’t get rental assistance in new jersey unless you make under an arbitrary amount of money that is not at ALL as high as the cost of living

what, the fuck lol i’m going to die

Alright kiddos, the above image is where my student loans currently stand. The red is private loans and the green are nice little federal loans. What it all means is that I’m over a 100k of debt and this month I paid $1,650 on it, which made it budge slightly. This is my minimum payment, meaning that I’m barely paying off interest.

This has put a huge handicap on my life. This huge burden and bill has stopped me from moving to high-cost of living areas to pursue my dreams; aka working in an animation studio. For those who ask why I am making Yo Mama jokes and doing internet animation instead of TV. This is why. And as you guys who’ve been reading up on me and my gender issues, this is probably why I’ll stay exclusively Gender Fluid instead of moving forward with anything, but that cost a lot of money and with this bill, I can’t even afford health insurance.  

This post isn’t a pity party post. I’ve come to terms with most of it. This is consequences of a 18-year-old first in his family to go to college and wide eye to the ideas of being an animator. I didn’t look for any other option besides an Art Institute and I didn’t know what I was getting into.

This is vent post aimed at young artist excited about college. A cautionary tale. Here are things that I knew before going to college that can help you not make the same mistakes that have hurt me;

  • Know the difference between Federal Loans and Private Loans. Private Loans should be avoided at all cost. They don’t have a lot of options, they have high-interest rates, and they don’t lower payments. Federal loans for many people are forgivable after 20 years of paying on them with certain Governmental bailouts, have low-interest rates and are flexible. If the school you’re going after offers Private Loans, back away.
  • Not all schools are expensive. I had the misconception that all schools were the same price as an Art Institute, they are not. That’s a Private For-Profit that has triple the intuitions as any other school.
  • Being an artist is more about who you know, and that many big studios such as Pixar don’t care if you have a degree or not. It’s all about your networks and how good your portfolio is. 
  • I would argue that even though I went to an Art Institute I am 90% self-taught. My animation course was taught by a film editor who took one Adobe Flash course in college and was now deemed qualified to teach a 2D Animation course. I taught him things while I went.
  • You can easily find tutorials on anything and everything you would be taught in school. I know a few instructors at my AI who literally printed out tutorials and taught the class through them. The only thing you don’t get from learning online is the networking and the hand holding. But with Twitter, Youtube, and all other social media’s, making connections through your work is really really easy.
  • Before you sign anything, talk with the instructors of the school. You can get their number or come visit campus. But they will 9/10 be honest with you and the worth of the school. As someone who taught at the same Ai that I went to for monetary reasons, we’re are not against pushing people away. 

Just be careful, informed, and smart. Let me turn such a huge negative thing on my life into a positive in your life. If I can save a handful of you then at least it wasn’t all for not. 

Love you, stay awesome. 

Jercy are the Worst Roommates
  • Married Nico and Will are sharing a house with Jason and Percy to offset really high costs of living. They have an adopted kid named Daniel.
  • Jason: *As Daniel comes out, ready for school, with Nico and Will behind him*
  • Jason: Your auntie Rachel dropped by with a few paintings earlier today. Want to see some art?
  • Daniel: *yawns*
  • Daniel: No thanks, I already looked in the mirror.
  • Percy: *shit-eating grin*
  • Percy: You think you're a piece of art, do you?
  • Daniel: Of course, uncle Percy. I mean, have you seen me?
  • Percy: Yeah! You're totally art. Abstract art!
  • Percy and Jason: *high-five*
  • Daniel: *Is done with their shit. Walks out*
  • Nico and Will: *simultaneously hurl their sandals at Jason and Percy*

My dad always told Sasha and me that it was our duty as citizens of the world to keep up with the news. When I was little and I was in his car, there were always those stories on the radio. Something happens 1,000 miles away or down the block. Some kind of horror I couldn’t even wrap my head around. But he didn’t change the channel. He didn’t turn it off. He just kept listening. To face it. Keeping your eyes open. My dad always called that paying the high cost of living.
           …Turn it off.

The Walking Dead 5x09

Basically every discussion with a prolifer.
  • Prochoicers: If you abolish poverty, homelessness, and high cost of living.. then introduce mandatory paid maternity leave, true living wages, subsidized daycare, and penalty free time off school, you could eliminate up to 78% of abortions. Why not try to fix that?
  • Prolifers: TOO HAAAAAAAAARD.
  • Prochoicers: But we're handing you the exact things we could all work together to fix and then you'd reach your goal.
  • Prochoicers: So, do you want to stop a fuck of a lot of abortions or not?