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Our Rough Amethyst necklace is a wonderful way to keep this healing crystal within your auric field, without having to keep a piece in your pocket. Amethyst is a crystal of emotional, spiritual and physical healing and has a high yet gentle vibration.

The raw Amethyst measures approx 1 ½" - 2" and the cord measures approx 24" and can be adjusted. This is the perfect layering piece!



hello tumblr fam!! it is me, sydney. manifesting energy and diving deeper into my creative nature has positively projected me into great feelings and a great life! the universe has secrets for you, you just need to know how to listen to her!!

here’s me slaying yesterday. the sunset on this peaceful sunday opened up the heavens and wrapped up this extremely emotional week. may next week bring pleasure and surprise! bless!! 🙏🏼😇


aries sun with an aquarius moon: pours a crimson pale of sparkling embers, warming humanity with active knowledge. a cherry lightning storm, a universal explorer

taurus sun with a pisces moon: the body is a temple and the prayer is love, the dreamer of practical dream, the routine escapist

libra sun with a capricorn moon: an exquisite portrait of refined perfection, acute morale and judgment, high self consciousness and expectation, works under the labor of love

gemini sun with a scorpio moon: blowing bubblegum in the underworld, highly tuned mental perception and telepathy, curious and rarely lonely

leo sun with a virgo moon: self critical and focused on self improvement, generous servant and lover, seeks the deafening applause of the inner audience

virgo sun with a cancer moon: internalized and anxious, maternal and wise, the guardian and the server, sensitive to vibes. a nectar of fertility, flourishing through idea and creativity

cancer sun with a scorpio moon: a sea storm roars within, leaking into lava and psychic overload, a mermaid swimming in the secret shadows of the moon, a server of the gods

libra sun with a gemini moon: one twin sits on each scale and the mind can achieve perfect balance as it ruminates upon every thought obsessively, a charming and charismatic social potion, a lover of people and conversation. a complex mirror of contradiction

sagittarius sun with a capricorn moon: a spiritual safari to realisation of the ultimate dream, idealistic ambition, aspiration, and wisdom. he travels so he can master.



The hand that had been on my waist slid across my abdomen, hooking into the low-slung belt there. I rested my head between his shoulder and neck, staring at the crowd as they stared at me, savoring every place where Rhys and I connected wanting more more more

And for the long hour afterward, my focus half remained on the High Lord whose hands and mouth and body had suddenly made me feel awake—burning. It didn’t make me forget, didn’t make me obliterate hurts or grievances, it just made me…alive. Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. 

The High Lord whose power had not scared me. Whose wrath did not wreck me. 

Alex Grey - Progress of the Soul pt. 59
“Cannabia”, 1995, oil on wood.

“In my painting for the High Times 1995 Cannabis Cup I’ve shown the cannabis Goddess, Cannabia, surrounded by an aura of flames emitting smoke. Her hair is lush female sinsemilla buds, and her body is covered with the plant stalks, stems and green leaves. Her two mundane eyes are closed, the third “divine” eye on her forehead is open, revealing a world of fantastic and spiritual vision. To kiss her is to become intoxicated with her and turned on to one’s own fertile imagination. She holds a flaming marijuana leaf as the heart offering of the earth mother, a gift of sensuous pleasure and mystical insight.”

Harsh reality, but is it enough to change our conditioned societies taste preferences? The exact same texture/taste as meat is massively available and it is cheaper in 2016, the unsustainability can no longer be justified. Again, if the morals of killing animals is conflicting to you then go 100% plant based, you don’t have to be “Vegan” to not eat animal products :) do it for saving our future generations, or your childrens future.

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I tripped on 2.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms with my best friend during the sunset in her backyard, laying on blankets and comfy pillows with painting supplies and candles scattered around us. We were laughing ecstatically and talking about how we stress over such incredibly trivial things and instead of just letting ourselves live. Starting up at the swirling and morphing clouds and then the brightly blue twinkling stars, we were connecting as humans beings more than ever before. I started sobbing listening to ‘Let It Be’ and streams of happiness and contentment poured from my eyes. We lay there outside with nature at night on the blankets with dirt, makeup, and tears smudged all over faces. And you’re telling me experiences like these are illegal and ‘wrong’? A government preventing you from thinking differently rather than like a herd of blind sheep is scary. The restriction to not having the right to expand your own consciousness and not be able to dictate what we can and can’t put into our body is the only thing here that is wrong, especially since this tool has been used for thousands of years, when the law of nature was still encouraged.