high class society

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'you sound younger than you are and it's not okay' lmao that anon is talking complete nonsense. It's your personal blog and like you said all your original posts are properly tagged, people have no business coming up to you and going 'uhmmmm sorry this doesn't suit me :)))))' god forbid somebody makes a harmless post expressing their own wishes. Anyway your blog is amazing and so are you please keep up the good work 💕

Ahhhh thank you! But I completely agree. I don’t really understand why they were so offended. To blush in embarrassment from dreaming of high class society sounds more to me like something that would happen to someone who is young as well and unable to express their true feelings.

Anyway, I am still quite young and naïve. Maybe anon discovered my true identity…

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What clothes should I use for a orchid aura quartz and champagne aura quartz

Orchid Aura Quartz:

The outfit could mimic the shape of an orchid flower. The outfit would be a body tight dress, pencil skirt and top, or leggings and top to replicate the appearance of a stem. The gem could have an avant garde hairstyle or clothing piece shaped like the orchid flower itself. If you choose to incorporate the petals as a clothing piece, it could be attached to the collar of the top/dress and go behind the gem’s head. As an added detail, to the bottom of the dress/skirt/pant legs and/or the sleeves (if there are any), you could add small, round fabric balls to mimic the appearance of flower buds.

Champagne Aura Quartz:

Champagne is often associated with celebration and high class society. The outfit would be formal attire, such as a long dress or a suit. The outfit could also have circular details, such as circular buttons, circular sleeves, poofy hairstyle, or circle cut outs to represent the bubbles in champagne.

-Mod Stevonnie

This isn’t one of her more… traditional hits, but it pays just as well, though it’s an upfront kill. She does not often get the chance to watch the life leave someone’s eyes when they die anymore - her shots are taken from a distance, in the shadows. But this - this feels like home. Pretending to be someone, a high-class member of society - though, technically speaking, she is. The advantage of her day job.

Yelena lifts a glass of champagne to her lips and takes a small sip, looking around the room. She identified her target the moment she walked into the room, but it takes time to find the exact moment to lure someone away from those they’re enjoying themselves with, to drag them into a trap without them realising it is until it’s far too late. Besides, that way she can enjoy the night, too.

At least - that had been the plan, until the goddamn archer wanders up to her. How did he even get an invitation to something like this? “Healing up well, I hope, my little bird?” She asks him, keeping her tone sweet and light, the same as she’d used when they met, but she’s sure it doesn’t quite match the smirk on her lips.