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you broke my heart, anyanka. don’t be so dramatic, torg. you don’t even have a heart. six spleens, two stomachs, half a brain maybe, but no heart.

The 5 Types of Fuckboys

So a while ago, I came up with this theory. Because all fuckboys are assholes but not all assholes are fuckboys.
There are 5 types of fuckboys:

Type 1- The Prep
Usually includes MOST football players(and other sports), as well as most rich guys. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 2- The Stoner
Looks perpetualy high. Often has shit grades. Is probably higher than your self-esteem. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 3- The Mexican Fuckboy
(Subject to your area) Usually plays soccer, walks around saying Spanish cuss words. Sort of naturally short. Calls most teachers “Mr.” Or “Mrs.” Will deny to the ends of the earth that they are a fuckboy.

Type 4- The Lowkey Fuckboy
Possibly the most dangerous type. They don’t wear confidence on their sleeve nor are they cocky right off the bat. But don’t be fooled you won’t know they’re fuckboys till you been played. Will deny to the ends of the universe that they are fuckboys.

Type 5- The Wannabe
The most annoying type. Isn’t cute enough, smart enough, clever enough, or charming enough to be a fuckboy but they usually hang around them and act like a douche to everybody as if they are. Only there cuz they’re friends with a fuckboy.

Many guys can be two types so refer to them through slashes. EX: “He’s type ½”

Educate yoself kids