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Hello Acchan! I was wondering if you had any new ideas about Lord Sirius' identity? Do you prefer Sirius being iClaudia or the twin or even someone new?

Hello Anon! Ah, such a question xD But yes, I still think Sirius could be one of the two (unless they’re a completely new character indeed, which is less probable imo but still a possibility until we know Sirius’ identity). 

Okay so, before I answer, let me just say something. I reached a point in my life as a Kuro fan where I’m now convinced that the 2CT will very probably be made canon and, while I’m still not the greatest fan of this theory to say the least (’cause psychological trauma >> hidden twin as an explanation if I had to sum up roughly), I have made peace within myself about the 2CT being the main explanation for Ciel’s character.

Anyway, I have made peace with the 2CT as long as the twin died 4 years ago and his body burnt so badly (like Vincent) that UT can’t even try to bring him back. If it turns out Sirius is the twin however… well, as of right now, I’m envisioning to put Kuro on hold for a little while, as sad as it sounds.

Just so you understand though, this possibility (of putting Kuro on hold) isn’t me being childish because a theory I don’t like became canon. I’ve been a theorizer about series I liked ever since I was 12 and I was obviously wrong a lot of times (I actually prefer being wrong anyway), so this isn’t about accuracy but about logic and consistency.

Yeah, I know, I love these words xD But anyway about Sirius being the twin…

I can’t say there aren’t hints in different chapters, although I don’t necessarily agree with all the hints other bloggers mentioned for this theory throughout the arc, but I have one big problem with it when it comes to such a development (Real!Ciel being BD!Sirius) making sense as a whole in the series.  

Of course I’ll explain why just after, but just so you know, that’s part of why I was so unsettled by ch125 last week. I used to… be sure of a few things in Kuro thanks to what we had seen until now, but after a chapter using plot convenience tricks + Violet’s plan being ridiculous and hinting at a larger explanation maybe not making a lot more sense, I am not sure of anything making sense anymore (and I don’t mean that just for the current arc). :/

From the moment an author seemingly stops being logical (although this could still be a storytelling trick of course, never say never), that means the wildest explanation could waltz in at any moment and that’s particularly unsettling for me, since I have fun theorizing by adding things together (which is why I like logic in the first place xD).

So anyway, now you know the reason why I actually was so pissed off about the new chapter: if Yana was 100% serious with what she hinted at through Violet’s plan, that means there are possible plot holes in sight (when she was able before to write arcs without those) and that means we can’t really rely on anything that was introduced in the story before. 

Back to “is Sirius Ciel’s twin being brought back as a perfected BD?” here’s why I have a problem with this theory (knowing that again, I do think some hints are in favor of this theory + I’m now okay with the 2CT being introduced as the explanation to a lot of things, except when it comes to the current arc): 

  • it doesn’t really make sense with UT’s character
  • it doesn’t really make sense with Lizzie’s character either
  • it throws off the possibility for Ciel to get actual development
  • it basically means that Kuro is over because Seb has 100% already won and eaten Ciel’s soul

So, first thing first: let’s go back in time, 4 years ago, and decide that UT had the most surreal timing ever and that somehow he managed to find where the twins had been abducted just as our!Ciel and Seb were burning down the whole place -> UT retrieves the twin’s lifeless body on the altar before he burns. 

That’s the only way UT could have somehow experimented on the twin in order for him to become Lord Sirius because, considering his reaction in ch105, a completely burnt body apparently cannot be turned into a BD, which is the reason he was so sad when he basically admitted that he would never be able to bring back Vincent.

So, okay, UT had the most unbelievable timing when the twins were abducted for an entire month, but he somehow brought the twin back and experimented on him so that he would became a BD. Okay. 

But what about what it all means for the current arc?

Because if Sirius = the twin, then that means that Lizzie completely ditched our!Ciel (and her family) all for his twin’s sake two and half months ago, which basically depicts Lizzie as being the most shallow character of the entire cast (even more than Charles Grey 👍), when logic/good writing and characterization so far would have vouched for a different behavior [x].

But okay. I mean, Frances was literally depicted as an “I-give-no-fuck-about-my-children” mom in ch125 (or so it seems), so the principle “like mother like daughter” could definitely apply there.  

But then what about the implications of Lizzie’s behavior?  

‘Cause if Lizzie ditched Ciel, since she was one of the only characters whose influence could maybe lead to positive developments for Ciel’s character and since Ciel pushes far away everyone else anyway, well… Doesn’t that mean that Lizzie and UT taking care of his twin basically isolates Ciel from anyone who isn’t Sebastian?

Ah, but that’s okay! I mean, Ciel becoming more and more “evil” due to only having an emphasis on his relationship to Seb is a development in itself, even if it’s not the most logical one after 24+ volumes of Kuro in my opinion (since he canonly did good things before). But okay, why not.

……………But then what about everything we saw about UT’s characterization so far? 

Because you know, after 24+ volumes of Kuro, a few things were made clear about UT’s character, namely…

  • we know he started the BD project because he’s trying to bring back a few people in particular
  • he also has this chain that he calls his treasure, carrying the lockets of seven people, one of them representing Claudia Phantomhive + Ciel currently has it so it probably is plot relevant (right? right Sensei?)
    • however there is no locket for Vincent (or the twin by the way), even though UT was really close to him (and we don’t know about the twin), ‘cause his body burnt and he can’t be brought back ;_;
    • btw Claudia was introduced back during the Circus arc as probably having a lot of importance to UT :D + there is the strange lineage thing to explain (since it’s possible that UT has something to do with it)
  • which means UT has this big emotional link to the P family ever since Claudia’s generation at least, and his words of ch105 could imply that he wants to protect her successors (even if he failed once when he lost Vincent).

So… UT somehow saving the twin and bringing him back to life -> A+ okay, after all the twin is Claudia’s grandchild too and maybe they knew each other before Vincent’s death, so it’s definitely possible and I really don’t have a problem with that.

But UT making Lizzie ditch her cousin (our!Ciel) so she can take care of BD!Real!Ciel instead?
It is basically equal to our!Ciel only having Sebastian by his sides and focusing on his revenge, with Sebastian who’s waiting to eat his meal (aka Ciel’s soul) once the revenge is taken care of.

So UT, man….. where are your priorities? 
I’m not kidding, where is the logic?! Why is he focusing on a dead kid who already lost his soul (especially since in the 2CT the twin is the sacrifice Ciel made in order to have Seb “cross the river”) when our!Ciel still has his soul but it’s endangered by his contract to a very real and serious demon?

Of course, maybe UT just favors the twin instead of Ciel because:

  1. it seems everyone does anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
  2. also UT showed before that he cares in his own way about our!Ciel but it’s not like Yana gave logical explanations recently so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  3. btw, just saying but I don’t get why Tanaka is still working at the Phantomhive estate? Lizzie should have written to him so that he should have moved into the Sphere music hall with her, UT and the twin. 

…And I think you get the point. 

I know I’m being a bit savage with my irony right now, but I feel that it’s important I completely explain why I don’t like this plot twist at all at least once (especially since Anon asked). 

Really, I don’t have any problem with people liking this theory, but still, it doesn’t satisfy me because it doesn’t add up with a lot things that were introduced before in the story + it throws off the characterizations of both UT and Lizzie, making them shallow when… they totally weren’t before the current arc.  
…Which is why I’ve been bitching about Kuro recently. xD

So again: 

  • UT bringing back the twin is okay if he managed to retrieve the body before it burnt; characterization-wise it makes sense because the twin is of Claudia’s family
  • however it’s involving Lizzie and making her choose the dead twin that’s throwing off the entire subplot on the aspects of characterization (2000% shallow) and logic (what about our!Ciel’s contract to a demon?)
  • but again since the last chapter gave us kinda wonky explanations, I’m kinda fearing that it will be the truth behind the arc anyway, with Yana not caring that it doesn’t seem to make sense on the points I mentioned 

TL;DR Anon, there are hints that can direct us towards Sirius = the twin, definitely, but I just… can’t see this as a clever plot twist, even if I gave up months ago and accepted the 2CT happening at some point. 

Just for explanatory’s sake though, here’s why Sirius = Claudia (the other likely possibility for me) pleases me more:

  • UT currently focusing on bringing Claudia back and involving Lizzie isn’t equal to Ciel being left alone with his soul contracted to a demon with no one caring.
  • Because Lizzie staying in the Sphere music hall isn’t equal to her ditching Ciel for Claudia, but to her learning about something big threatening our!Ciel (since the scene of ch113 would be about our!Ciel in that case) which means that she’s staying there to maybe find a way to save him, so it’s all for his sake.
  • it also adds up, considering that Claudia was first introduced during the Circus arc but was more emphasized on with every arc ever since the Campania (Campania -> Ciel gets the locket, Weston -> grandma confirmed, Green witch -> the family tree and the strange lineage)
  • and it promises big developments about the main plot, like Mr. K said would happen (since there is a high chance that Vincent is not the only one who ended up killed) + it’s a good way to possibly delve more into UT’s character and what he’s really after, especially with Othello being involved.
  • Finally about this scene

Please excuse me since I might be biased, but in the theory that Sirius = Twin, what about UT looking so at peace here…? Was he in love with Real!Ciel or something?
I just don’t like the Kelvin-like vibes I get from this scene if I imagine that the hand he is holding belongs to a ten year old dead kid (and I say that as someone who calls UT an obsessed stalker when it comes to the P family, but that doesn’t mean he’s on Kelvin’s level when it comes to being a pedo :/). 

TL;DR of the whole post: if I had to sum up roughly, Lizzie’s reasons for being involved (thanks to UT if he’s really the mastermind) and her reasons for staying/going back are kinda what decide if the subplot will make sense with the rest of the series.

In one case, by choosing to remain completely dedicated to the twin with no care to what she lived through with our!Ciel for the last 4 years, she appears as shallow and I don’t like it at all.
In the other case, she’s doing it all for our!Ciel’s sake and I personally think it makes more sense with what we’ve seen of her character so far. 

Again though, that’s for me. As I said, if people are enjoying the possibility of Sirius being the twin or the explanations we got so far, then I’m very happy for them, but I personally haven’t been following Kuro for the last 6 years to end up with a big explanation that doesn’t make sense by my standards (and contrarily to what you could think, it’s not hard to please me. As long as there is logic, I’ll accept everything haha :)). 

Sorry for the super long answer Anon but I hope maybe it managed to convey my thoughts correctly (sorry that I don’t have much to say in case Sirius is a new character though xD). 

Have a nice weekend! ^_^

The signs as things in the black butler movie

Aries: Sebastian has to deadass makeout with Ciel to save his life in a very dramatic fashion. 

Taurus: Sebastian leaning against a wall with a cat (which he somehow found in a high security building??) while Ciel runs away in a panic because the building is about to be gassed out. 

Gemini: Sebastian leaning in really really far like nose to nose to tell Ciel he’s a brat 

Cancer: Ciel’s angst 

Leo: Ciel is a 17 year old girl pretending to be a boy

Virgo: James Bond opening

Libra: Sebastian eats maybe 12 poison ball things but he does it like really fast for some reason like he’s poppin pills

Scorpio: Ciel is dying and Sebastian has the antidote in his pocket but just chooses not to use it until Ciel is literally on the verge of death.

Sagittarius: Ciel throws a bomb off of a building in slow motion. 

Pisces: Random inexplicable cut scenes to a church full of white people in this Japanese movie 

Aquarius: Sebastian watching a dying Ciel climb up a flight of stairs with a bomb

Capricorn: Sebastian honest to god tells Ciel to kill himself within the first fifteen minutes 

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  • <p> <b>Ciel:</b> *makes a sassy comment to someone else*<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *smirks* Young Master is such a difficult person isn't he?<p/><b>Sebastian (internally, thinking to himself):</b> oooooOOOOOooooohhhhhhHHHHHH did YOU SeE THAT BURNNNNNNNNN THAT'S RIGHT YOUNG MASTER BURN THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PERSON JUST LIKE HOW THE FIRE BURNT YOUR PARENTS WAIT WUT<p/></p>