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Don't Keep Me Waiting. // Zach Dempsey

This is my first imagine on this page. I’m very nervous I hope it doesn’t come out shitty. And I hope you guys like it! :)

Warnings: Cussing.
Zach x Reader

Zach’s POV

“Get your approach Sarah!” Coach Matthews screamed. I heard that his wife divorced him so he’s not the happiest. Not to mention that volleyball championships is coming up so he needs the girls focused and ready.

“If we are going to take that City Championship trophy home we gotta focus. Half of you are not even paying attention.”

By him saying that, a bunch of girls snapped out of wherever they were thinking about.

“I don’t get why we have to sit here and watch them practice.” Justin sighed.

“Well that’s what happens when you stick every sport in sixth period and volleyball gets the gym first.” I stated. I didn’t mind that they had the gym though. Especially since Y/N was on the team. Something about her made me think different. She wasn’t your typical girl. She’s hilarious, every where she goes there’s always somebody standing right next to her laughing their ass off. While she chuckles beside them. She’s somebody who has caught my interest for a while now but I don’t have the balls to tell her anything. You would think I do…but you’re wrong.

“Y/N! Why don’t you show these ladies how it’s done.” Justin yelled. Making everybody turn in his direction.

Coach Matthews nodded. “Well it looks like your friend wants you to demonstrate what a proper approach and hit looks like. So why don’t you show them.”

A look of fear washed upon her face. As outgoing as she normally is, she hates when everybody has their attention on her.

“Uh.. s-sure yeah I guess.” She stuttered. She walked over to the other side of the court. We were sitting on the bleachers right next to her and she glared at Justin.

“Shove your dick in an ant hole.” She whispered. The whole basketball team started laughing. She was pissed now but she’ll get over it.

“Four, Four, Four!” She yelled. She jumped up and hit the ball extremely hard over the the other side of the net. We all cringed at the sound of the ball hitting her hand. As she landed back to the ground from jump her ass and ponytail bounces as if they were in unison.

“Good job Y/L/N. Since Y/N just made a great example. I’m pretty pleased now. I guess we can end practice here. You’re all dismissed.

Y/N was just about to walk out the gym doors when Justin interrupted. He knows I like her, that’s the only reason he’s being so talkative.

“You hit that ball super hard. Didn’t know you had it in you.” He chuckled elbowing my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Yeah normally I don’t hit that hard but this time I just imagined that the ball was your head.” She said with that big goofy smile wiped across her face. I laughed as Justin formed a fake pout.

“Ouch.” He said grabbing his heart.

“It’s all tough love Foley.” She said grabbing her volleyball bag.

“Bye Foley, Bye Dempsey.” She said turning around heading for the door.

“Y/N wait up!!” I said grabbing my backpack jogging to her. She turned around, stopping in her tracks and smiled at me.

“Yeah what’s up Dempsey?” She questioned releasing her hair from its high ponytail. Her hair cascaded down, passing her shoulders and she tucked a few strands behind her ear. The smallest things she did made her look like a goddess.

“I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out sometime?” I smiled, rubbing the back of my neck with my sweaty palm.

She slowly raised and eyebrow, knocking down any confidence I had in the process.

“Only if you want to you know, i’d understand if you wouldn-” I was interrupted by her soft voice.

“I’d love to Dempsey. I kinda have to go right now but text m- actually..” A small smile crept up on her face.

“Facetime me and we can talk about it more.”

I smirked in response. “I’ll take you up on that offer.”
I stated cockily.

“Great!” She said, flustered. She made her way to the door. “Don’t keep me waiting Dempsey!” She shouted as she exited the gym doors.

I chuckled to myself. I couldn’t keep her waiting if I tried. A dim shade of red crept upon my face as I replayed the situation in my head.

“Is Dempsey blushing?” Justin hollered slapping my shoulders. He gained a couple stares in our direction. “Shut the hell up Foley.” I laughed grabbing my bag getting ready to go home. Y/N’s smile never leaving my mind.


AN: I don’t really like how this went but who knows maybe i’m just being my own hater. Lmao let me know if you guys liked this because K kinda wanna make a part two. Thanks for reading ;)

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Drabble: I saw her

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Spilled this out in like 20 min. I just needed a break from all this work. Hope you guys are doing fine. I am dying.

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I saw her laid there all alone, body resting on the soft pillows of the couch, the little purse she loved protected with her long fingers with her red nails freshly painted. She told me once she loved how her nails looked covered with such passionate colour; it reminded her of the little red star I had on my arm, and she found funny the fact that we could actually match somehow. I saw her eyes wandering around the place, worry cleaving through her face, millions of light spots running over her thanks to the disco ball above our heads. 

 I saw her bottom lip trapped under her teeth, as she chewed it like a gum, looking careless, yet so tense. I knew something was going on that precious little mind of hers. 

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Cole Navin puts his foot down with a large no-comply. Peep the footage in the HCSC Session 4 Recap video then check out the rest of the photos from Session 4 on Snowboarder Mag.

Photo: Marc O’Malley


Crater Lake is an incredible place. One of the High Cascades’ numerous stratovolcanoes, it was, at one time, the base of a mountain that stretched as much as 12,000 feet skyward. About 7,000 years ago (5200 BCE), a catastrophic eruption blasted the mountain skyward, and in a massive event that lasted for days and days, the entire mountain sank into the earth, leaving behind a massive caldera. 

For the next 720 years, sporadic small eruptions and landslides were contained within the caldera, which filled with amazingly clear water (usually 30-40 meters of visibility) and left behind a lake that would astonish people for centuries. The eruption was witnessed by the local Klamath peoples, and remained in their legends as a battle between the sky god Skell and the god of the underworld, Llao. It has remained a place of great spiritual meaning ever since. 

When Theodore Roosevelt first saw the lake, he immediately became infatuated with it, and when he became president he declared it a national park in 1902. The first white men to see the lake were perhaps a trio of prospectors in 1853, and the lake was officially surveyed in 1886 by a USGS expedition which hauled a boat up and over the crater rim to perform depth soundings of the lake. 

The lake is 1,949 feet deep, and is the deepest lake in the USA, and the tenth deepest in the world. 

I last visited on September 17th (birthday!) 2016.


Vršič Pass, Soča Valley, and Solčavsko


The next few days were about to become extreme in terms of beautiful landscapes and stunning weather. Summer seemed to blossom overnight, the green flora ramped up a notch, and the landscape took our breath away. But first, it got cold. Super cold.

Awakening the next morning in front of the waterfall to blasting sunshine but chilly temperatures wasn’t exactly a surprise – every night in Slovenia had been nippy so far. As the sun crept round the horizon and eventually touched the van it was time for us to leave so the dashboard heaters warmed us up instead as we made our way up to Vršič pass.

Speaking to Tourist Info they informed me the road may be slippery and appropriate tyres were recommended. Initially I balked at the idea of attempting the road now, our summer tyres were in no way equipped for this, but we did it anyway. And it was fine. Not a drop of winter remained on the road itself; the snow was piled in 6ft walls at the edge. Our Slovenia video blog includes our journey over the mountain in all its 4K glory.

The road was windy and bumpy, but in no means boring. Pulling up mid-way for lunch we couldn’t believe our eyes, this pass was by far one of the best we’d driven through and by now we’d driven through a lot. The snow covered mountains were rugged and enchanting, blue skies and white capped peaks took over the landscape in a 360° panoramic view. We were reluctant to continue on in case the road diminished from here, but our socks were knocked off as we crested the pass and were greeted to a full frontal mountain extravaganza directly in front of us.  

The Julian Alps are not to be messed with, they’ve got ‘Awe Inspiring Mountain Range’ plastered all over them and contain a whole lot of amazing stuff within them too. The other side of the pass leading towards Bovec was a sharp contrast temperature wise to the beginning of the pass, almost all snow had melted here and the climate was a lot more pleasant. The Soča River cuts an emerald streak through the valley, powering its way through deep and winding gorges where Marble trout meander in the clear waters. We stopped on the outskirts of Soča to walk along the gorge itself, pausing repeatedly to take in the beauty of the place – we overheard a tourist exclaim it was paradise and we couldn’t agree more. There’s a video of our time in the valley here.

Carrying on along the road we stopped in Bovec after finding a camper spot in the public car park on the periphery of the town: free water and waste dumping facilities, as well as power for a small fee depending on length of usage. We stopped there for a while to give the leisure battery a charge and Theos laptop a chance to recharge, it worked out cheaper than a coffee and we could stay in the van so we were happy.

We drove back over the pass to the panoramic location we’d stopped at for lunch – perfect for the night. Temperatures dropped to -8°C during the night and we awoke to a frozen interior, something we hadn’t encountered since Scandinavia.

Rising to watch the sun come over the mountains we then retraced our steps over the pass one last time, continuing onto Tolmin before venturing northwards for Solčavsko. Haze obscured the mountain range preventing us from getting a decent view of the area we were heading towards. We pulled over nearby Igla (The Needle) – the oldest needle in the world. It stood overlooking the road between Luče and Solčava with an interesting background: a girl the size of the giant once lived in the area and whilst sewing a garment her needle broke, causing her to drop it into the valley where it is found today in the form of a 40m high rock separate from the surrounding rocks. The Savinja river flows past the rock and we crossed over into the alpine forest by the bouncy wooden bridge connecting the two sides, having an impromptu balancing session on the protruding cables in the forest (footage here). Whilst the river was absolutely freezing it was the perfect place to have a wash so a wash in the river happened in the sunshine, feeling refreshed for the rest of the day.

The area was quiet; we only passed a few vehicles during the entire day. Driving along the panoramic road was fantastic, we saw a couple of nervous deer dart off the moment they heard our engine, and had our lunch overlooking the mountain range and valleys. We ended up going further than expected, ending up in Austria briefly before turning back and taking the correct road back into the valley.

Driving into Logarska dolina Theo spotted an A-frame cabin, immediately pulling up and diving out to have a look, accidently ripping the cabins door off its hinges in his haste. After reattaching the door he had a good look at the structure and size of the cabin before taking a few snaps and continuing on. Theo’s love for cabins grows each time we pass a unique one like this. The road took us to Rinka  waterfall, nestled amongst the mountains a ten minute walk opens up to a high waterfall cascading down into a huge pile of compacted snow. A closed bar stood high up a steep set of stairs protruding from the rockface, the balcony was still open allowing us to walk up and sit down overlooking the waterfall and surrounding area.

Not far down the road stood an out-of-the-way, secluded, car park with a softly flowing river in the background where we pulled up for the night, messing around with the pinecones in an impromptu game of baseball with the monopod.

•Girl Next Door•

                                             Chapter One:

                                 ‘You know I wouldn’t ever dip out’’


 It was August; the closing of summer was just around the corner as the Georgia heat still stood strong. A gentle breeze began to flow in; a subtle nod that fall would be here shortly. The backyard was full of family and friends as the smell of charcoal filled the air, music and laughter accompanying it. Rick gently twirled around the contents in his cup, nervousness setting in as he rubbed his hand against his jaw line, the stubble of his beard felt course against his fingertips. It had been about three years since he had last seen her and about ten since she had left for school, her absence caused an indescribable void in his life, something he could never truly fill. Whether he wanted to admit it or not he was excited, he had been counting down this day since March…the day she finally was coming home.

Rick stood by the grill chatting with Uncle Ray and Cousin Charles, the men he had looked to as family over the years, along with the rest of her family had accepted him openly and without question many years ago. That acceptance and love from them was something that stayed with him all throughout his adult years.

Rick excused himself from the conversation, heading over to the refreshment table to refill his drink. After filling the cup he wandered anonymously towards the large spread of cookout foods; ribs, hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, potato salad and more. His eyes scanned over the dishes before he settled on a overstuffed deviled egg, popping the entire thing into his mouth, he licked the remnants off of his fingertips as he discretely bopped his head to the music coming from the speakers positioned behind the tables.

“Rick?” a melodious voice filled his ears from behind, the familiarity of it caused him to twist his head around in a quick motion, his eyes meeting hers. A smile spreading across his face as he slowly chewed and swallowed the remaining pieces of egg. He turned his body towards her, placing his hands on his hips as his eyes traveled the length of her, he took in her ebony skin that was on full display in an orange halter top maxi dress that hugged her curves sinfully, a side split showed off her toned legs as she wore her locs crimped in a high ponytail that cascaded down her shoulders, framing her face gorgeously as gold hoop earrings, bangles, rings and flat sandals adorned her skin and feet, completing the look. She was truly a sight to behold and after all of these years, Rick couldn’t help but relish in it.

“God Michonne…You look fantastic” he breathed out in his southern drawl as he continued to study her

The sound of his deep raspy vibrato caused a chill to run down her spine “You don’t look to bad yourself Reece…just a little thicker in the waist…” she poked at his side, a giggle escaped her as she watched him flinch away bashfully “but it looks good on you” she assured through a bright smile.

”How have you been?“ He asked softly as he stepped closer to her, filling the small distance between them

“I’ve been good…things have been good. I’m just so happy to finally be back home and done with school… It’s been a long time… too long” she chuckled out, “How about you…How have you been?”

“Good…thangs have been good. No complaints but today ain’t about me…it’s all about you Miss. Harvard graduate! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been doing well… I am so proud of you Michonne. This was your dream for so long and you made it happen” he smiled out as he showered her with admiration

“Oh stop it Reece” she blushed out as she nudged him playfully in the chest. “It’s not happening just yet…It won’t until I’m employed and can save up enough to open up my firm” she said in a more serious tone as she dropped her gaze

“Hey…Hey… it will happen and that’s all that matters” he countered encouragingly as her gaze met his

A pleasant silence fell among them, an occurrence that happened time and time again since they were younger. This silence was so much more then the absence of words, it was a reflection of how deep their connection was; it was the act of sharing a space and significance in solitude, without the constant dread or worry of saying the wrong thing. They simply vibed, something that had been evident since meeting on that park bench 18 years ago.

“CHONNE-MICHONNE!!! Mommy’s looking for you” a voice yelled from the house, abruptly interrupting that silence. Michonne winced as her eyes traveled towards the back door that her little brother Noah hung out of as he impatiently gestured for her to come in to see what their mother wanted. Michonne frowned slightly at the teenager’s rudeness before acknowledging the statement, “Okay” she said through clenched teeth, he quickly retreated knowing that look all too well. She turned her attention back towards Rick a gentle smile forming as their eyes met again.

“I’m going to go see what she wants…I’m sure she’s in her feelings because you’re the first person I came to see” she chuckled out, “I’ll be back over in a few okay? Don’t leave…promise?” she asked as she held her pinky out

Rick smiled at the cute gesture, his mind traveling back to the many times that same cuteness had him agreeing to her sometime lavish ideas, it usually ended up being something to get them or him in trouble.

“Yeahhh I promise” he drew out with a smile as he took her pinky into his

“Okay…it’s really good seeing you Rick” she gushed out before dropping her hand to her waist, flashing him with another gentle smile as she headed towards the house. Rick’s eyes followed her until she disappeared into the home; butterflies filled him as a content smile crept across his lips. He turned back towards the food table, piling a few deviled eggs on to a plate and heading to find Uncle Ray and Cousin Charles so they could finish their conversation from earlier.

A few hours had passed as the sun began to set; guest began to disperse into the home as the grills and music began to die down. Rick sat perched on the Robinson’s front stoop, his back resting against the top step as he rubbed his hands together anxiously. He glanced down at his watch, 6:30 he said to himself as he scanned the yard for her. As much as he wanted to stay and catch up it was getting late and he had to get Carl home at a decent hour, the two hour drive to and from Lori’s parents house was a massive inconvenience but it was one worth it, if he could spend as much time as possible with his son. So with that he looked across the yard once more before he began to stand up

“Taking off so soon? I thought you made me a promise that you would stay?” Michonne cheeked out as she playfully pouted from behind the screen door

“Hey now…I gave you my pinky promise. You know I’m a man of my word but after the first hour or so I did think you dipped out on me” he bantered back cheekily as he looked across his shoulder to her

Michonne chuckled as she opened the door and walked out of it, the screen door clanking loudly as it closed. She made her way to the stoop, piling the bottom of her dress into her hands as she sat down on the top step, her bright brown eyes took him in as a bashful smile crossed her lips before a relaxed sigh escaped her. Rick watched her before he took a seat next to her, his eyes meeting hers

“I really wasn’t trying to leave. I gotta pick Carl up from The Rouses tonight and the two hour drive coming and going is hell” he drew out  

“Oh I’m sorry. If I knew I wouldn’t have kidnapped you for so long” she smiled playfully. He nudged her playfully as he shook his head, a gentle smile on his face.

“How old is he now?“she questioned as she studied the length of him

“Five…he’ll be six in October"he gushed

"A Handful?"She questioned knowingly

"You know it. He gets into everything….that boy is too damn smart for his own good. He questions everything under the sun…at his age I was not that inquisitive…I was still learning my damn abc’s” he chuckled out, “he’s a rascal but he’s a good kid” he beamed as pride filled his tone

“Like his daddy” she teased before continuing, “hopefully I can meet him soon” she responded softly

“I’d like that…I’m sure Carl would too” he nodded fighting back a smile

Michonne nodded with a smile as she took him in, seeing him filled with so much love and pride as he talked about his son moved her deeply. She never thought in a million years that the short tempered, cursing, brawling, bow legged, curly haired boy with the southern twang she knew growing up would be someone’s father one day. That he would grow into the mature, handsome, sweet, good man that sat in front her today. A bittersweet feeling came across her, yes on one hand she was so damn happy to see her best friend again but on the other so many years had passed, so many events were missed that they both needed one another for, a small part of her was afraid that they could not get those years back, that too much time had passed. Michonne took a deep breath as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on her thighs. Her thoughts causing a little insecurity to set in, “You know I wouldn’t ever dip out on you…right?”

“I know….and you know I would never break a promise to you” he assured with a smile

“I know…plus you wouldn’t want to get one of these” she playfully shook a balled up fist at him.

They both erupted into laughter as he took her fist into his hand and brought it down across his lap. She stretched out her fingers, resting them from their balled form; Rick gently patted her palm before interlocking her fingers into his own, as he looked towards her with a content smile. Michonne’s eyes traveled from their interlocked fingers to meet his gaze, seeing the same love in his eyes that she saw so many years ago was a feeling of bliss. She soon felt bashful under his gaze; she turned away from him as warmth filled her cheeks.

“So you staying here or you found a place?” he questioned as he tightened the hand hold

“This is home….so I’ll probably stay here for a little while…it’ll be just like old times” she chuckled 

 "Yeah…except we won’t have to sneak out now” he gushed

“Tell my dad that” she joked

Rick chuckled softly as he down casted his eyes. Michonne winced as she tightened their hand hold to get his attention; he brought his eyes back up to her and was met with a gentle smile as she rubbed her thumb along the curve of his hand. He cleared his throat, in an attempt to fight back the sudden emotion he felt, “I’m proud of you Michonne. I always admired you and knew you would get outta here and do something…be someone. You have been my inspiration for so long” he gushed out

“Awww Reece….you know you have always been my biggest supporter. Thank you for that and everything” she countered as she bit her lip happily.

Rick nodded happily as he looked towards the street and then down towards his watch, 6:50pm. He sighed knowing he had to leave her soon. He ran his free hand along his face before looking back towards her.

“I better get a move on before it gets too late…catch up soon?”

“Of course…you know where to find me” she beamed as they both began to stand up and walk down the steps hand in hand. Once they reached the pavement, Rick pulled her into a tight embrace as he soothingly rubbed her back and she snugly wrapped both arms around his waist

“Call me to let me know you made it in alright” she replied in a stern yet lighthearted tone

“I was planning to do that anyway” he responded playfully as they stayed in their embrace for a little longer before he stepped back, gazing at her one more time before he trudged over to the white picket fence that surrounded the house. He popped the lock and closed it behind him as he walked next door to his own home, fishing the keys to his pickup truck out of the back pocket of his black jeans. He unlocked the door and hopped into it before cranking up the truck and closing the door behind him. He rolled down the window and looked towards Michonne, she waved at him happily as he waved back, their eyes meeting one another’s once more before he backed out of the driveway and headed south towards I-85, he looked at his side view mirror, catching sight of her. He didn’t take his eyes off of her until she was no longer in sight, a bright smile crossed his face as he thought about her, hopefulness filled him at the thought of being able to make up for all of the years lost.