high booys

all i s f orgiveon baby!!! come on, get dressed…. you;;;re my datee to the pep rallly tonnight!!!!! u chucked me out like i was trash,,,, for that u should be ddead— but!! but!!!! but!!!!!! then it hit me like a flash,,, what if high school went awaay instead’ those aas shholes are the key!!!!! theoy’re keepin u away from ME! THEY madde u bl ind,,,, meusseddd up your mind but i can set u free!!!!! u left me and ii fell apart,,,, i punch ed the wall and cried— bbbam!!!! bam!!!!! bam!!!! then i found u changed my hea rt and seot loose all that truthful shit inside!! and so i built a BOMB TONIGHT our school is vietnam!!!!!! let’s guaranttee they’ll never see the ir seunior prom!!!!! i was meaont to be yo urs!!!! we were meant to be one!!!! don’t give up on me now!!!!!! finish what we’vei begun!!!!! i was mean to be yours!!! so when the high schooil gym goes booi m with eiveryone inside— pchw!!!! pchw!!!! pchw!! in the RUBBLE of their tomb we’ll plant tthis note explaiinin why they dieed!!!! we,, the students of weesterburgg high will die…. ouir burnt bodies may ffinailly get through to you… your society churns ou t sslaves and blanks no thanks… siigned the students of westerburg hi gh ‘goodbye……’ we’ll watch ttthe smokee poor out the doors…. brin marshmallows,, we’ll make ss’mores!!!!! we ca n smile and cuddle whileo th e fire rroars!!!!! i was meaent ttto be yours!!!!! we weure meant to be one!!! i can’t maoke this ailone!!!! finish what wwwe’ve begun!!! u were meant to be mine!! i am all that u need!!! u carved open my h eart!!!! can’t just leave me to bleed!!! veronica, open the—open the do or,, please’ veroniaca,, open the d oor.. veronic a,, can we not FIGHT anymore’ please,,, cain we not fight anymore’ veronica,,, sure,, you’re scaredd,, i’ve been there… i can set u free!!! ve ronica, don’t make me com e in therea!!!! i’m ggonna couennt to three!!!! one!!!!! two!!!! FUCK it!!!! ohhh my god!!! ‘no!!!!! ‘veroniccc a’!!!!! pls don’t leave mei alone’ u werea all i could trus t’ i can’t do thi s alone’ still i will if i MUST!ust!!!!!

Why You (Probably) Should be Watching Starmyu - Part 1

It is inevitable that it would come to this, but here I am, writing about a musical anime and why it’s one of the best shows this season (yet).

Highschool Star Musical (or Starmyu) is directed by Shunsuke Tada and written by Sayaka Harada, animated at C-Station. It’s set in a musical school where the musical department essentially narrows down those ‘worthy’ of joining their department through various screening performances.

Starmyu isn’t  just good, it’s actually pretty great. The writing is thematically cohesive, the characters have depth to them and the visuals (especially the musical performances) are ambitious and leads to some really great looking numbers. It’s really more than what I’d expect from a show of its ilk, but above average shows don’t make me write posts like this. Great shows do.

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FINALLY AFTER TWO YEARS OF LOVING THIS BOY I GOT TO MEET HIM AND IT WAS AMAZING . The moment I saw him I started to cry . He looked different in person but in a very good way! Like he looked like someone I had already met idk it was just weird but he is just as beautiful in person omg ❤️ I ran up to him and he hugged me. Boy was super nice 😌 i could immediately smell the fucking weed on him 😂😂 booy was high AF. I told him how I had been a fan for two years and that I took a 8 hour bus ride to come see him and he was blown away by that! He said to me “you look too good to be coming from a bus” or something like that 😫😫 then I asked him if we could do something crazy like a pose and He put his arms around me like that 😫😫😫 it went by so fast i forget to ask him any questions I had for him lmao bUT IT WAS AMAZING