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Why You (Probably) Should be Watching Starmyu - Part 1

It is inevitable that it would come to this, but here I am, writing about a musical anime and why it’s one of the best shows this season (yet).

Highschool Star Musical (or Starmyu) is directed by Shunsuke Tada and written by Sayaka Harada, animated at C-Station. It’s set in a musical school where the musical department essentially narrows down those ‘worthy’ of joining their department through various screening performances.

Starmyu isn’t  just good, it’s actually pretty great. The writing is thematically cohesive, the characters have depth to them and the visuals (especially the musical performances) are ambitious and leads to some really great looking numbers. It’s really more than what I’d expect from a show of its ilk, but above average shows don’t make me write posts like this. Great shows do.

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