high blogging

Sometimes I wonder why no one has ever celebrated me - like really promote and adore me. I always spill my soul into everyone I know - everyone I love, and I never receive the same love in return. sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever bragged about me - like started stories with “idk man.. I think I found the one” and ending stories like “nobody in here compares.” I’m always quick to wear my lovers on my sleeve - show everyone how and why they’re meant for me. I always wonder if anyone has ever prayed for me - to stay. like I prayed for them. Sometimes I wonder how long till I can stop wandering - and wondering about love.
—  Reyna Biddy

So has anyone else noticed the urge to announce that you gotta pee when you need to? Where did this come from? I’m an eighteen year old girl. I should not have this urge. Is this left over from the potty training years? Have we all been trained to announce the need to pee? Have our parents brainwashed us? Someone tell me! It’s not just me right? Other people get this urge too right??

: joe blo.

If I were drunk right now, i’d.. i’d say it.

of all the ways to express lust.. I chose to pray it

I’m getting tired of these 3 a.m. cravings

and these sleepless nights where we stay in

Sometimes I wonder where you could take me

Same nights I feel i’m attracted to who you are potentially

I’ve watched you grow into a person slightly suitable for me..

but i’m not really sure what it is i’ve been looking to see

in anyone.

If I were high right now, I’d probably say it

your laughs so fucking annoying, but that smile.. I can’t take it

I can’t remember what it’s like to feel this vacant

I’ve been waiting on your heart to come back from vacation

How many times are you going to tell me you can’t make it?

How many signs of pathetic till you give me some attention?

How many silent nights of lonely have I missed? 

Tired of being over bearing but n the midst of stripping me without unfolding

I can’t help but miss your hands and how they mold me.

If you were mine right now.. I could say it

you ever wonder why life takes love the same way it gave it?

easily friends, complicatedly lovers

we made sense before you touched me and made me feel sure

we were meant to be, you were meant for me, forsure

as many seasons have passed, leaving “us” in the past

If you were sitting beside me and I were faded..

I could still get you fucked up on my love.

because some nights I know how much you crave it, too..

i like that post that is always going around that says “reblog if you’re still mad about the library of alexandria” because its very clearly just a bunch of people that watched and enjoyed National Treasure with nick cage but are in the closet about it.