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Stress Management Techniques for Reducing Test Anxiety

Technique #1: Challenge yourself–defeating thoughts

“If you knew you could handle anything that came your way, what would you have to fear.”
— Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

The way you think about a situation dictates how you will react to it. If you are thinking about test situations in a negative, worried, or fearful way, you will likely have a high degree of test anxiety. You are scaring yourself by telling yourself you cannot handle tests. These thoughts are self–defeating.

To challenge yourself–defeating thoughts, first identify what you say to yourself about tests. These statements typically have “catastrophic” overtones. Once you recognize what you are saying to yourself, come up with a realistic coping statement. Coping statements allow you to problem–solve instead of panic.

Example : “I could never study enough for this test.” -> “I have a lot to study for this test, but if I stick to my schedule, I can do it.”

Technique #2: Thought Stopping

When you feel anxious, listen to what you are telling yourself. Interrupt your anxiety-producing thoughts by yelling “STOP” to yourself. Take a deep breath, and make yourself come up with a coping statement. Do this as often as necessary before and during a test. Use the following procedure to learn this technique.

Practice the thought–stopping technique any time you begin to feel anxious. Eventually, it will become a method that feels comfortable and almost automatic.

Technique #3: Recognize your control in the outcome of a test

It is self–defeating to tell yourself that your test performance is not in your control. These thoughts create anxiety and prevent you from studying effectively. Focus on what you can do to improve your test performance.

Technique #4: Deep breathing

Deep breathing is one of the simplest techniques you can use to reduce anxiety before, during, and after a test. Breathing provides you with oxygen necessary to think clearly and releases physical tension at the same time.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breath through your nose. Breathe in deeply into your abdomen. Pause before you exhale.
  3. Breathe out from your abdomen slowly.
  4. Use each inhalation as a moment to become aware of any tension in your body. Use each exhalation as an opportunity to let go of tension.
  5. Repeat once, then return to the test.

Technique #5: Imagery and Visualization

Use this technique before a test to calm yourself and improve your concentration. Create a visualization that works for you. Remember, the purpose of visualization is to help you relax and cope.


  • Imagine a scene that feels pleasurable and relaxing.
  • Let  yourself stay with that scene for a few moments
  • Once you feel relaxed, imagine going in for your test.
  • Imagine yourself calmly sitting down, waiting for the professor to pass out the test. As you receive the test, you say to yourself “I am prepared. Relax. Concentrate.” You turn the test over and read the directions, planning your time carefully. You read and answer the first question…

Visualization: “Quick pics”

  • Think about something melting when you want to relax. “Melting” evokes many images:
  • snow melting in the sun
  • a flame melting candle wax
  • marshmallow melting in hot chocolate
  • butter melting in a pan
  • chocolate chips melting in Toll House cookies

Technique #6: Muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a very effective technique, which you can use daily as well as before and after a test situation

Technique #7: Avoid stress triggers

Avoid people or situations that create anxiety.

  • Avoid discussing course material with other students immediately before the test. Last minute cramming generally causes more anxiety and concern about how and what you studied.
  • Pay  attention to the time allotted for the test, but avoid excessive     clock–watching
  • Avoid getting to the test “just in time.” Plan to arrive early to settle in and  relax.
  • Avoid food or drinks that are stimulants and increase “jitters.” (This varies by individual).
  • Avoid believing rumors you hear about the test. Check it out with the person who really knows – your professor!
  • Avoid talking about your test grade with other students if this increases your anxiety. If you feel uncomfortable with being asked “How did you do”, respond with “I did as well as I expected.” or “I’d rather not talk about my grades.”
  • Avoid checking the progress of other students during the test. Remember: it doesn’t take long for someone to complete a test when he/she hasn’t studied.
  • Conduct your post–test review by yourself if discussion with your classmates increases your anxiety.
Sing me to sleep

(A/N): I was feeling sad so I wrote some Bucky fluff to cheer myself up…. 

Summary: Bucky can only fall asleep when (Y/N) is singing to him. 

 Warnings: none

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    It had started out when (Y/N) had started singing on a mission to calm their nerves. They were out in the middle of nowhere, out in the open, giving anyone the perfect opportunity to sneak up on them during the night. Everyone’s anxiety was high, especially (Y/N)’s, to the point they had began to gnaw on their nails, biting them down into nubs but they could only do that for so long before their fingertips began to hurt. Then they gnawed on their lips, taking good chunks of skin off as they dragged their bottom lip through their teeth. But not even that sufficed their nerves so they resorted to fidgeting and constantly looking around their miserable little camp in fear. 

   "(Y/N),“ Steve grumbled from his sad sleeping bag. "Stop, no one’s gonna ambush us out here," 

   "but what if-”

    “no what it’s, now get some sleep god knows you need it-” But no matter how valiantly they tried to ward off their anxiety they simply couldn’t do it. So they took up the last measure in their book; singing softly to themself. It had always been a comfort for them (something they weren’t happy to admit) but drastic times called for drastic measures. 

   "Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City-“ (Y/N)’s voice quietly filled the silent night air, slowly but surely lulling everyone into a much more relaxed sleep.

    Their voice was so soft and so sweet that it was impossible not to immediately melt- something Bucky himself was struggling with. He blinked sleepily as (Y/N ) continued to sing, gently tapping on their thigh in time with the music. 

    "I’m a thousand miles away but girl Tonight you look so pretty yes you do, Times Square don’t shine as bright as you,” Bucky allowed his head to rest against the tree behind him, his eyes finally slipping shut as he listened to (Y/N) intently.

    (Y/N) sang through the entire song, their eyes closed as they desperately willed themselves to rest and by the end of the song their last resort seemed to work as they slipped to sleep, even if it was a rather fitful one. That’s when Bucky’s little predicament had started; the one where he positively couldn’t sleep unless (Y/N) was singing or humming to him. 

    That night had to Have been the best night of rest Bucky had had in ages even if it was on some terrible Forest floor surrounded by all Of his teammates. Even with all of his medication, the special aroma therapy Bruce wanted Bucky to try, even with all the pre-bed meditation and tea, even with the nicest mattress anyone could find It still wouldn’t compare to falling asleep listening to (Y/N)’s voice.

     It had been the day the team returned from the mission, sore and thoroughly wiped out. Everyone was practically falling asleep as they walked through the doors- well, everyone but Bucky. Even despite his exhaustion he didn’t lag like everyone else, he didn’t drag his feet or yawn every 30 seconds, he simply wasn’t holding himself to the level of exhaustion that everyone else was. So when everyone branched off to bed and Bucky was left in his dark, cold room it was no surprise he couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned, tried yoga and sleeping pills, he quite honestly tried everything but then suddenly there was a quiet voice in the room besides his, the soft voice from just a few days prior.

    “There is a house in New Orleans they call the rising sun,” Bucky listened intently a he lay comfortably on his back, pulling the blankets up over his chin as the voice sweeper through the thinner walls. “And it’s been the ruin of many a good boy and god I know I’m one-” The voice stops suddenly, coming to a close much to Bucky distaste.

    “Hey, I was listening to that, put it back,” Bucky smirked as he knocked on his wall, knowing (Y/N)’s bed was positioned directly on the other side, aligning with his.

    There was silence for a few minutes, a spine tingling silence in which Bucky thought that perhaps something had happened to (Y/N) and that’s why they stopped so suddenly or maybe he had scared them off with his commentary? But just as Bucky began to doubt himself the voice began again.

    “My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans. My father was a gambling man, down in New Orleans,” Bucky smiles sleepily as he nuzzles into his pillow, allowing his eyes to slip shut as (Y/N)’s pleasant voice was ringing through his ears. “Now the only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk-” (Y/N)’s voice got quieter with each word, slowly becoming part of the background as Bucky finally fell asleep. 

    From then on out it had become a sort of routine for the two, Bucky would lay on one side of the wall and (Y/N) on the other while the latter sang songs to Bucky, any number or style of them. Sometimes it’d be 1 song or other times it’s be 15, sometimes it’d be contemporary and other times it would be classic rock. Either way it was gorgeous and how Bucky couldn’t sleep without it.

    Their little game of beat around the bush blasted months until one night (Y/N) suddenly walked into Bucky’s room, took a seat on his bed and began to sing. That night Bucky had curled up in (Y/N)’s sweet embrace as they sang to him, soft sweet melodies that eased his worried nerves. That night Bucky also figured out there was another thing he couldn’t physically sleep without; (Y/N) themself. So now here he was; nearly a year and half later with his head in (Y/N)’s lap as they sang sweet songs to him.

    “He’s got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain, I’d hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain,” (Y/N)’s fingers glide through Bucky’s hair, only making the soldier that much sleepier. “His hair reminds of warm safe place where as a child I’d hide and wait for thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by, oh, oh, sweet child of mine,” (Y/N) smiles at Bucky as he nuzzles into their stomach, smiling sleepily to himself. “Oh, sweet love of mine.” (Y/N) concludes their little preview quietly, their voice barely above a whisper as they finish. 

   "Can you sing me one more?“ Bucky asks just as quietly if not more due to the fact he had buried his face in (Y/N)’s clothes and stomach.

    "I’ve already sang to you all of the classic rock songs I’ve been able to- to ‘lullabize’,”

    “please?” Bucky’s voice was sleepy, it was evident that he was on his way out- perhaps he really did just need one more song. So with a tired albeit happy smile (Y/N) begins another song. 

   "Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better,“ Bucky smiles as (Y/N) sings to him; a song they had sung a million times but it was still his favorite. "Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better,” Bucky begins to drift off to the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, each note soothing him into a restful sleep. He was so at peace he didn’t realize (Y/N) had even finished their song until they had leaned down, pressed a gentle kiss to Bucky’s nose, and pulled the covers up over his body. 

    “Goodnight my dear,” Is the last thing Bucky remembered hearing before he fell fast asleep, nestled in (Y/N)’s safe and warm embrace.

HC that the matsuno bros all have different forms of ADD/ADHD

Osomatsu-impulse/inattentive, has trouble with blurting inappropriate things, spends money impulsively, procrastinates but still fears being left behind, issue with controlling emotions

Karamatsu- Classic with severe perseveration/hyperfocus. Repetitive and focused on trivial things, mostly concerning himself. (Ex: using his mirror for extended periods of time, fixing his appearance, using English vocabulary etc)

Choromatsu-Over-focused. High anxiety levels, always worrying but doing nothing, likes to argue/is oppositional, likes things done “his way”, obsessive (with idols especially lol).

Ichimatsu- inattentive/low grade depression with severe rejection sensitive disorder (fear of being rejected by others to the point where it’s debilitating) Low energy levels, feels worthless, negative/apathetic.

Jyushimatsu-hyperactive/restless “tigger type” (obviously) No volume control, lots of energy, constantly moving/hyperactive.

Todomatsu- possibly classic, moderate rejection sensitive disorder. Takes stimulants (hence the job and social skills)


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Awkward. 😂😂

Someone make me study tomorrow. 🙃 It’s almost April and I didn’t learn shit because it’s too early to learn in the morning, during noon it’s too hot or the AC is running so I get a headache and in the evening, well…I’m tired. Anxiety is high right now. 😅 I’ll really really really try to sit down and try to learn that stuff, but man do I have a bad feeling about it. I’ve never been a good student. 🤔

And I’ve got a protein shake to chug down. 😷😝


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My anxieties are high and I just need to cuddle with Sonny right now. 

Requested by native-snowflake~

Coming home to Sonny was something you needed right now. And he knew it by the tired look on your face. His arms opened up wide; a clear invitation for you to come close and let him chase away the hardships of the day.

Your head fell against his shoulder, instantly letting out a small sigh at the contact. Above you, Sonny smirked and instantly wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you so close that it was almost hard to breathe.

“Welcome home, doll.” He mumbled from above, and it felt so good to hear his voice. Low and soft and full of love.

gomboc123  asked:

For that drabble thing you reblogged, could you do royai in 53 or 85 please?

My week has been full of stress and worry and high anxiety and it’s just been bad and I needed some fluff so I wrote some fluff.

Sorry this took, like, two months to write? I have so many prompts that have been sitting in my inbox for months and I feel really bad that I wasn’t motivated enough to write for any of them until now. I’m sure you even forgot you sent this to me. lol But here it is. Enjoy.

Also on FFNet and AO3.


A loud bang followed by a muffled curse jolted Riza awake. Black Hayate was already on high alert, ears perked, standing by the window and growling as Riza reached for her gun in her bedside table. Whoever was trying to break into her bedroom window at this hour would be in for a surprise if they thought she would be an easy target.

She moved quietly off of her bed and crouched low in the shadows behind her bed, waiting patiently for whoever was breaking in. They sure were taking a long time and were not being as quiet about it as they probably thought they were. The window finally opened and the person climbed in only to lose their balance on the window sill and fall unceremoniously onto the floor.

“Ow, damn,” the figure muttered, rubbing the back of his head.

Riza blinked and lowered her gun, realizing who it was by the sound of his voice. Hayate seemed to recognize him too as he trotted over to the man sprawled on the floor and licked his face.

“Colonel?” Riza stood from her position behind her bed and flipped on the light. She was met with Roy’s lopsided grin and messy mop of hair.

“Lieutenant! Sorry to wake you. I meant for this to be far less embarrassing and much more fun and spontaneous, but um, would you like to grab some ice cream with me at the twenty four hour mart down the street?”

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doubels  asked:

So I was listening to I was feeling down, found a nice witch we're friends (amazing song by the way) and just wanted to know the feeling you got once finally completing that song (or the whole healing ep) and I also wanted to know if you honestly had a story about either the album in and of itself or that song (was feeling down find a nice witch) on why it or they were made. Love the music and you :) P.S was also wondering your favorite music but I got to many questions as is

hey, yes i have a huge story i want to tell, and healing is only a chapter

when i was doing i was feeling down, i was experiencing an episode of derealization and high anxiety, so i don’t remember it well but i didn’t sleep all night because i was happy i made the song

i don’t know if i have a favorite song but flowers ans i was feeling down really mean something for me