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Spreading the word and making it clear how serious the net neutrality issue is is one thing, but yall really for actual have to stop with that fear mongering bullshit. Like a good chunk of people don’t even understand that even if it does get passed in congress, it still has to go through the courts, and even after that, there’s already been talk of counter measures from a ton of different states. 

People are in a panic and thinking that if it doesn’t fail today than tomorrow the internet is just going to be fucking gone because thats the narrative being pushed, and I don’t think that kind of message is good for anyone, especially the people with high anxiety, who have a hard problem speaking out on these things, which is the exact audience these kind of scare posts are aimed towards.

You know whats the easiest way to get people with anxiety to do something that would otherwise set off their anxiety hardmode like? Fucking tell them the entire truth of the situation, and reassure them that their part in it matters, without saying “If you don’t fucking do this, your life is goddamn over idiot.”


NEW VID: “MOVING ON, Part 2/2: Moving Forward” Losing important people in our life can have an incredible effect on our moods and outlook. After delving into Patton’s room and exploring nostalgia in order to try and improve my outlook on the future, it seems to have the opposite effect for me and my high anxiety. With a grieving heart and logic out of the picture, what is the next step to take in order to try to move on? Hope you all enjoy this part 2! https://youtu.be/m-PMR1TDMQk

Doctors, students, and an angry patient.

This happened several years ago, but it still makes me smile.

Many hospitals here in the US have students that follow the doctors like puppies, taking notes, ignoring the well-being of the patients, and intruding on privacy.  It’s humiliating to us patients. 

I had an appointment for a pap smear and was already in my hospital gown just waiting on the doctor.  When I had arrived I was informed that my regular doctor wasn’t there due to being ill, and I was asked if I’d be okay with a male doctor to do the examination.  I had just ridden the bus for half an hour to get there (no car at the time), and the next bus that would take me home wasn’t due to arrive for at least an hour.  I told the receptionist that so long as a female nurse was in there with me I would be okay, if only just barely.

So I’m sitting on the examination table (they don’t qualify for being called a bed, trust me on this) in my hospital gown, waiting for the doctor.  The nurse is in there with me, frequently checking her watch, and when I voice how annoyed I am she says she was expecting this because he’s an a**hole.  Great.  Wonderful.  My day is just going grand now.

He arrives, opens the door WIDE, and brings in at least half a dozen medical students.  Didn’t ask me for permission regarding having an audience.  The nurse has this horrified look on her face and asks me if I’m okay with having them in there.  F*** no.  I tell the doctor in no uncertain terms that there will be no examination if the students are in there.  Instead of talking to me he looks at the students and tell them “sometimes we have difficult and uncooperative patients”.  All of them look equally uncomfortable now, none of them dare make eye-contact.

I’m near tears.  I have PTSD and this situation is bringing on a panic attack.  I can feel the nurse holding my hand, trying to be reassuring, but it isn’t working because I’m shaking all over.

When I’m especially anxious I curl my toes hard and tight.  This causes all ten of them to pop.  Guess what I do.  Yup, they pop, and due to my high level of anxiety it’s especially loud.  Sounds like a bunch of dry sticks breaking.  The doctor turns an odd shade green, pushes all the students out of the way as he bolts out the door.  All the students leave, but one woman stays behind just long enough to give me nod of respect and a thumbs up.

After they leave the nurse informs me that the sound of popping joints makes that particular doctor vomit.  A lot.  She leaves the room for a minute and returns with a warm a blanket, a clipboard with some paperwork, and a pen.  It’s for filing a formal complaint.  I’m unable to hold the pen because I’m shaking so badly, so she helps me fill it out. 

There was no way I could get an examination now.  I’m in no condition for handling this.  They reschedule with a note stating that it must be my regular doctor, and to call me if there are any changes.  I arrive two weeks later, the nurse is there and she has this shit-eating grin on her face as she brings me to my room.  My regular doctor arrives and has that same smile.  Both inform me that my complaint got that ***hole suspended pending investigation.  I was complaint number nine from just that one day.  Neither one could tell me how many complaints had been filed against him, but they made it clear he will likely be fired.

Oh, and there were no students in the room because my doctor ASKED me before opening the door wide enough to even walk in. 

I never found out if he got fired or not, but I sure hope he did.

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Sanders Sides as things I’ve heard in school (part 2):

Virgil: “take a drink every time [Roman] sounds like a little bitch”

Patton: “i didn’t read [lord of the flies] do you know what its about?”

Logan: “uh, yeah, some kids…. they die.”

Virgil: “i mean, if i come out [of the closet], i could get hit by a bus”

Roman: “yeah, we could perform wicked in two days”

Virgil: “i’m not trying to be a dick but…”

Roman, to Virgil: “there are those things that you definitely don’t need in life and you’re one of them”

Virgil: “i can’t, i have anxiety.”

Patton: “what’s a bedbug’s favorite season?”

Logan: “they don’t really have a particular season–“

Patton: “spring.”

Virgil: “it’s not bullying if it’s about yourself!”