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Banana bread No 2. (”The best”)
• vegan
• only consisting of whole foods coming out of nature
• hclf (high carb, low fat)
• no refined/processed sugar, only natural sugar (coming from dates)
• the absolute best! Really delicious and fluffy and sweet with a perfect moisture and flavor!! My whole family and friends love it!! 
-> Decided to post the recipe because I got quite many asks about it and I promised lovely Danielle from sweeterthanabumblebee to publish it! Oh and it really is the bomb!! :) 

Ingredients: (remotely based on a recipe by thesimpleveganista)
- 1.5 cups flour
- around 4 teaspoons baking powder
- sprinkle of salt
- round about 1/8 cup coconut oil (can be replaced by milk alternative)
- round about 1/3 cup soy rice milk (or any other plant based milk)
- a tiny bit of vanilla extract
- 1 small handful finely chopped dates
- 4 - 5 bananas (preferably overripe, number depends on how extreme you want the banana flavor)
- toppings: I used oats, cinnamon and whole almonds

- Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl
- in a separate bowl mash the bananas - it’s easier if they are overripe and the bread will get sweeter when the bananas are really ripe
- While mixing together the dry ingredients, slowly add the mashed bananas and chopped dates, as well as the milk, coconut oil and vanilla extract 
- stir the dough till it gets really smooth and place everything in an oiled bread pan + top  with all your pretty toppings
- put into preheated oven for maybe an hour, baking time depends on how moist you want your bread, at 200 °C
- enjoy this beauty!! Eat it just like it is or top it with anything you want, I topped mine with creamy peanut butter! Heaven! :)

xx Amber 

Note To Self

I am who I am, nobody can change me
I am not the kind of person you can easily push around
I want to live confidently just the way I am
Don’t expect me to just be a girl who lives in the shadows

Girls On Top - Boa

I want to take care of myself
The other girls may have rich parents or a rich boyfriend
And live comfortably but I’m not interested in that
That is why I am proud of myself

I Don’t Need A Man - miss A

The world sees what they want to see
But I’m more than just what you see
What you see is just the half of me
Iron girl, is what’s inside here

Iron Girl - HA:TFELT (YE EUN) Ft. Hyelim

I won’t ever break
I won’t ever fall down
Even if the story tries to swallow me
I’m unbreakable

Unbreakable - B.A.P

I can fly higher without fear, even when I’m trapped in darkness
Any kind of scar is beautiful to me
I’m just happy, I’m happy to be myself
Beautiful - Amber

You’re not ugly
The world’s standards are too high
You are beautiful
New Beautiful - Epik High

Mirror, mirror, please tell her
Scale, you too tell her
You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty
You look perfect just the way you are

Just Right - GOT7

Adding my Never Give Up soundtrack, because it’s related
8track playlist
YT lyric MV playlist

Famous Artist’s Confessions!

“I Wanted To Break Stereotypes Against People Like Myself.” - CL 

“Girls Don’t Need To Have Space Between Their Legs.” - Zico

“I Dedicated That Song To All The People Who Are Lonely." Tablo

"Never Hurt Others Because They Don’t Fit Your Standards.” - Amber

“I Don’t Really Judge By Appearances.” - Seohyun

“Female Exposure Shouldn’t Be Called ‘Cheap’.” - Lee Joon