high alcohol

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drunk hcs for Guzma, Plumeria, and Olivia?

* He can be pretty moody when he’s drunk. He’ll start out all happy and energetic, and then a few minutes later he’ll start yelling about something little, and sometimes he’ll just cry for no reason. He passes out at this point, and Plumeria makes sure he gets in bed.

* She has a high alcohol tolerance, so she can keep a pretty level head even after a few drinks. If she has a few shots of something hard though, such as whiskey, then she loses a bit of her composure. She gets really giddy and giggly when she reaches this point, and will burst out laughing at anything.

* She can’t hold her alcohol too well and she knows this. So when she drinks she’ll only have one or two cocktails, no more than that though. When she’s drunk, she’s overly-friendly and invades people’s personal space.

She’s smart, but nobody really knows that. She wears turtleneck sweaters and scrunchies and hides her glasses at the very bottom of her backpack. She twiddles her thumbs when she gets nervous and bites her nails upon impending doom. Her room is filled with polka dots and a modern day princess bed. She’s her dad’s favorite and they go out to lunch every Sunday, just the two of them. She has five beautiful best friends all willing to give her the world, yet she settles simply for Saturday brunches and Friday nights in an unknown basement. She loves the ocean more than anything. She kisses boys in the dunes and forgets their names the next morning. She goes on highway adventures with her sister every Wednesday. She studies, she drinks, she laughs, she cries, she smiles, and she writes.
—  it’s my very own love story, and for once, he’s not the subject