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Is the murder going to be a major plot now?

No, believe it or not, the murder will not be a major part of the plot now. Yes, Kai being killed will hit North Shore very hard when the news breaks, but the students will (sadly) move on from this. 

We also want you all to know that yes the murder was a student at North Shore (a taken character). Also, no, you all will probably never find out who the murder was until the very end of this RP.

Fingers crossed we get one more app so that we can accept early! Our space is getting limited here at North Shore, so we have put in place a stricter activity rule to help make sure every fabulous character is being used in full activity and cared for! 

  • We have changed our activity rule. We have changed from 5 days of inactivity to 4 days of inactivity before a character is unfollowed.
  • We will be asking anyone who we feel is unable to play more than one or more than two characters to drop them so that others may apply for them or so that more OC spaces open up.

Thanks, loves! Let’s get some apps in!

We are so excited to drop information on our little “school-wide event” tomorrow! Monday through Friday next week is sure to be stressful and exciting for all students (and teachers) at North Shore. Before all the fun starts, I would love to have you join our family, or if you are already with us, why not pick up another character to love?  

Also keep in mind that we only have one OC spot left open for our Charlies!

High school stress? Closed RP

Serenity sat in class before the bell rang staring blankly at the front of the classroom, seemingly thinking hard about something. She was unaware of anyone walking in or out of the classroom or around her.
She kept her long sleeves pulled down, hiding her ugly scars and marks from her father and her own self. Her hair let down to conceal anything else on her neck that may show, when she typically wore her dark brown curly hair up.



“Don’t count the days, count the memories instead.”

Time shouldn’t be a concept that exists when it comes to memories, but with the clock always ticking and the seasons always changing, it isn’t easy to forget that all they have are mere months now. People say that friendships last forever, but with graduation just on the horizon, it isn’t easy to remember that they could conquer both time and space.

Meet the kids with the wildest hearts in the graduating class of 2016 of Alden High School. The popular kids, as you would call them. Bonded together over a table that they claimed as theirs in the school cafeteria, twelve of the most popular senior students this year are ready to make the most of their last school year.

This time around next year, they’d be living their big city dreams out of this town. This is where life as a suburban teenager ends.

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