higgs boson like particle

Knox College Gothic
  • You instantly snap awake one night when the plaintive cry of the trains falls silent for too long. You listen but hear nothing and tremble beneath your blankets at the horror of what is coming.

  • Flunk Day does not exist before spring term and after spring term arrives it is always tomorrow no matter how many days pass. Not even the hollering of the friars in the early hours of the morning will bring it before its appointed time.

  • The squirrels are friendly. Some say they are too friendly and that they are lulling all into a false sense of complacency. It remains to be seen what their plan is but you have seen the squirrels organizing themselves into military formations and you suspect that you can identify their leader on sight.

  • There are reportedly tunnels beneath the ground connecting some of the residence halls. You do not know how to enter or exit these tunnels or even if they do indeed exist or what they contain. You only know of one student who gained access to the tunnels and you have not seen them in months.

  • Alumni Hall has a secret. The lights flicker on and off at night and you think you have seen shadowy figures at the windows with their hands pressed against the glass. (What you do not know is this: the alumni are forever contained here. At Knox you have the freedom to flourish but you do not have the freedom to leave.)

  • Just as do other buildings on campus, Old Main possess its share of horrific wonders. The third floor is a distant land requiring physical sacrifice and those who find themselves in those distant regions are unlikely to come down from such heights. Perhaps they will venture as low as the second floor when hunger strikes and feed on touring prospective students and coffee in the secret kitchen.

  • Abraham Lincoln is nowhere and everywhere. He is sitting on his chair outside the college president’s office. He is in the library giving history lessons and sits in the theater attentively watching plays. He is still on the lawn outside Old Main, still debating with Douglas.

  • Reliable sources say that the Old Jail is haunted but by what no one knows. You could ask the Archery Club (they used to store their equipment in its basement) but no one has heard from them in over a year.

  • The basement of the science building is filled with compartments with labels like “Narnia,” “Higgs-Boson Particle,” “unicorns,” and “your face.” You saw light emanating from beneath the door of one once but shied away from opening it. It was just as well. From around the corner, you could hear their guardian approaching. It is always around the corner.

  • A prairie burn takes place annually and one year it does not regrow. The college whips itself into an existential panic. Who are we without the prairie fire? they ask. You do not know the answer.