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Signore e signori: The panel from The Legend of Korra/Avatar panel at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on November 19th, 2016.

It was a charitable event done to benefit the Cartoon Art Museum, Friends for Benefits, and The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

The panel was moderated by Andrew Farago, and the panelists were Janet Varney, Dante Basco, Mindy Sterling, John Michael Higgins and Dan Parsons (who illustrated Avatar: The Last Airbender Legacy Edition). (And I should add, Mindy was absolutely hilarious and stole the show here).

Here’s a little something you can listen to get your mind off of how depressing the past few days have been (though they did touch upon the election here, if only in a peripheral manner. Thankfully, it was left to a lot of lighthearted jokes and didn’t go any deeper).


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