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For the October artsnacks box , I sketched Edith Cushing, from the last movie I have watched, the Crimson Peak, which was, esthetically beautiful! Then I used the cool stuff in the box, I specially enjoy the Higgins black magic ink and the cretacolors, oh and the Carandache pencil too, I struggle a bit using the Pigma brush pen cause I need more practice with it, I worked on a color brownish paper, it was fun, now waiting for my November parcel

INKTOBER 2016 • Gwyndolin, from Dark Souls
Croquil pen nib | Kolinsky Brush | Higgins Black Magic | Higgins India Ink

Pray to the altar… praise the dark sun

This was a commissioned INKTOBER piece!
Send me a message if you want one for yourself!
Also read the details about my INKTOBER 2016 process here!
[I will take requests up until the 20th and Commissions to the 31st]

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December ArtSnacks Challenge - This month is super busy, but I couldn’t wait to finally try out watercolor pencils 😀 This box was great. I already bought a set of Stabilo pens in preparation for my future bullet journal.

Supplies: Caran d'Ache Discovery Set, Higgins Black Magic ink pump marker, Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner, and a Magnesium Long Point sharpener. I also used a Derwent waterbrush.

I got a few questions about what i normally use to illustrate/whether it’s traditional or digital and i thought i’d just answer in one post quick.

i primarily draw w/pen and ink and i’m not very precious about how i work. sketches typically start out on regular lined paper and i just throw it under a sheet of cheap white cardstock on a small light table i own (not pictured) and tape them in place with any masking or painting tape i have lying around.

any 2b pencil is fine, i just sharpen it with a knife because i get a longer pencil-edge. any white eraser i can get my hands on. i like inking with a hunt 513 EF nib and a regular black speedball pen holder. i’ve heard from a lot of people that nibs are a little annoying to get the hang of, but in my experience they’re pretty great because you get really wonderful, sensitive lines and a whole bunch of variation. nibs are also pretty cheap and typically last you a good while provided you’re cleaning them (about $0.90 a pop where i buy them). the black micron pen is any 0.1 for inking ittybitty details. higgins black magic ink is super black and super opaque, i like it a lot.

i just throw everything into photoshop after scanning the inks, hit threshold, remove any greys, and put a multiply layer on over it at about 20-30% opacity to slap some shading on with any rough/not entirely round and smooth brush.

your tools aren’t really magic, just literally draw with whatever you have lying around.

edelwood  asked:

Hey your art is really RAD! I get so inspired looking through your blog! Your art varies so much and comes in diff shapes and sizes! But I especially love how you ink, can I ask what you use to line your art?

Ahh! Thank you so much 

Here’s a list of my favorite (most used) supplies for inking:

1. Pilot Pocket Brush Pen (Soft):

  I use this pen almost every day! I LOVE the variety of lines you can get with it, and it’s so easy to go from feathered strokes to more crisp, brush-like lines that this is my go-to pen for most of my inked drawings. The  felt tip has not lost its firmness, nor has it frayed or dried out since I first bought it. When I draw, the ink is dark and consistent! I have not had any problems with ink bubbling at the tip or seeping from anywhere the pen is put together.

Its $5.00 over at Jetpens.com - a bit pricey for any pen in my opinion (I can be cheap hehe..) but It’s lasted me since May, so like five months!) It’s just now starting to dry out, and like I said I use it almost every day (granted, I’m not filling in large black spaces with it but yeah)

My only issue is that there are no refill cartridges available for this pen. I’m looing into trying to refil it with ink from the bottle though so we’ll see how that goes - maybe I’ll do an update. 

Overall, I think the Pilot Brush Pen is fantastic - great for the small doodles and even pages.

2. Zebra Brush Pen (Hard)

Great for filling in medium black spaces with ink. 

3. Zig Cartoonist Magaka Flexible ( Medium )

Got this from Artsnacks! I highly recommend an artsnacks commission if you can~

This pen has been pretty good so far. Again, the nib has yet to wear out - it’s still good as new. 

I don’t really like that when I hold it from the side the line is not consistent at all. I normally draw at an angle so this is kind of a turn off for me. You have to hold it exactly upright to get the crisp lines it offers. I use it for quic hashes for shading or for thick outlines. It’s alright - I’m glad Artsnacs sent it to me! It’s got its uses I suppose.

4. Speedball White Calligraphy Ink

I’ve recently started using white ink with a fountain pen and I love it! Now my white lines can be as crisp and even thinner than the black ones - it really makes the illustration pop.

The ink is very bold. It doesn’t fade to a near-transparent gray when it dries like my white pens did. I prefer these over white pens, but a good gel pen alternative would be the Uni-ball Signo!

5. Pilot VPen

  Great for when I want consistent , sharp lines. The VPen feels just like a regular fountain pen. It doesn’t offer the range of line thickness a regular fountain pen does, but its fantastic when I’m inking on the go~

6. Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder

  My favorite pen nib holder. I’ve been using these since highschool. They are very small and portable - durable and they fit in my pencil case! Also my second favorite color - so cute! ^-^

7. Zebra Brush Pen ( Fine )

  Meh, not my favorite pen out of the bunch. It’s got this hard, dry texture when I use it. Pretty good for shading and medium sized outlines, but that’s about all I use it for. Honestly I don’t use this pen much, and again, to get a line that doesn’t fade you have to be holding the pen exactly upright. The tip is stiff and holds its shape though.

8. #6 PROtege 522 Round Brush

  I’m just learning how to ink with a real brush so I can’t say much about this one except that I got it from Artsnacks and I’m not used to nice brushes - The brush holds its shape great and is very springy - I like it. I us it for thick, bold and swoopy lines. But again I’m still practicing. :)

9. Higgins Black Magic Ink

  My favorite ink since highschool. I like how dark it is and how easily it flows of the fountain pen nib.

10. Mitsubishi Vermillion/Prussian Blue Pencil

  My new favorite pencils to make an undersketch with! This was just an experimental buy. Honestly any old crayola does just fine I just like the vibrancy of the red and blue colors~


As you can probably tell I get most of my supplies from Jetpens.com

It’s just a great place to make a one-stop-shop purchase of quality inking and comic making supplies and I would highly recommend them. If you know of any other places to get great inking supplies though, I’d love to hear about it! ^_^

Haaappy inking~



Inktober2015 Day13 – Jack Frost

Oh! Jack Frost, please come and smite the ragweed. I mean, seriously, this Fall allergy season has felt like a low-grade flu for a couple of weeks now. Shit’s gotta stop.

This was part of an @artsnacksblog challenge, too. Higgins black magic ink, Connoisseur bamboo watercolor brush, Cretacolor colored pencil, and Sakura brush pen.